No Matches on Hinge? (7 Reasons Why)

No Matches on Hinge

Even though, as they say, there is someone for everyone, another angle is that you cannot be everyone’s cup of tea.

With this understanding, it may start to make sense why getting matches on Hinge is generally a lot harder than getting matches on other dating sites.

However, there are simple things you can do to increase your chances of getting matches on Hinge without compromising too much on your personal preferences and your chances of finding the perfect first date.

Why Am I Not Getting Matches on Hinge

The truth is, for all you know, it could be that you are not getting matches on Hinge because the people that are most likely to match with you just aren’t active in your area. This is an often-overlooked fact.

However, try making the changes below to increase your chances of getting great matches on Hinge

1. Bad Pictures

It is true that ideally, nobody truly wants to be chosen or discarded because of their looks. We all want someone to find more substance in us and be attracted to us for more than just our looks. But the truth is that, especially on a dating site, pictures make some of the most powerful impacts on people.

Your pictures – even if not accurately – give people impressions about your personality and lifestyle. Not to mention the general tendency that people have to go for better-looking photos.

So, if you wish to get more matches on Hinge, bearing in mind that most people are there to find dating partners and life mates, you need to put more thought into the pictures you post on the site. Also, you need to appear as close as possible to the way you want people to perceive you.

Fix – Use Better Pictures

We are not advocating using beauty filters and other photo editing pictures to appear a certain way to viewers of your profile.

If you are serious about dating on Hinge, doing such will only backfire when you get to meet in person. You may already see the many memes about “what I ordered vs what I got”.

No, when we say use better pictures, we simply mean that you should be more intentional about the photos you put up on your Hinge profile. Here are a few hints:

  • Many people are turned off by blurry or low-quality pictures. There is really no excuse to upload poor-quality photos on Hinge given the fact that most smartphones today have generally-good picture resolution. So, make sure that your photos are sharp and clear to viewers.
  • Do not look unkempt. As much as you probably do not want to feel as though you were auditioning for people, it is important to look clean in your photos. People generally find it not only off-putting but also a red flag when you make no effort to look presentable.

The only exception is perhaps where you want to use your photo to tell a story about a job you do or some project or hobby you’re involved in. But if it’s a standard photo of yourself, then looking good is good business on Hinge.

  • Make eye contact. Especially in your main profile photo. This is important to get the attention of people who are intentional about finding a date…which is what Hinge is all about anyway.

Eye contact is scientifically and statistically proven to make you more striking and elicit more interest from people viewing your profile. It makes them more interested in viewing your other photos and reading your profile bio.

  • Include full-length photos. Again, people on Hinge are generally looking for the perfect date; they want to know what you really look like. While headshots are great to show off your looks, full-length photos are even more important for people to have a complete mental image of you.

If you have experienced people asking you for a full-length photo after a minute’s conversation, you realise just how important it is.

  • Be real and don’t try too hard. The bathroom photos have had their day in the sun but they are no longer cool. People don’t take them seriously now. Same goes for the staged gym photos and the designer sunglasses.

People who want to date seriously are looking for relatable people, so you need to keep your photos simple and real.

Fix 2 – Use More Pictures

The other thing you can do about creating that great first impression with your photos is to add more. Every social media psychologist and platform researcher will tell you that “more is better” …as long as you are not posting the same or similar photos all over your profile.

In fact, that’s why Hinge places the photo minimum at 6. The more, diverse photos you upload, the easier it is for people to create an image of who you are, what you are about, and perhaps the things that matter to you. You can use the hints below:

1. Where possible, upload group photos. One group photo is more than enough. No more than two. It doesn’t matter if it’s family (this will increase your chances by about 7%), friends, work, volunteering, or any other group moment.

Group photos subconsciously tell people that others get on with you and that you get on with others. While it is true that some people are loners, people generally feel safer around people that they know can do well with others when necessary.

2. Upload photos that tell a story about you. Whether it’s your hobbies and interests, or your talents, or social work you may be involved in, uploading such photos go a long way in giving people a better idea of who you are, and what to expect out of dating you.

So, if you are a gamer or you’re outdoorsy and sporty, or you love art, post photos that show these different, relevant sides of you if you want to attract more matches from like-minded or otherwise interested Hinge members.

2. Bad Bio

Researchers are split over the question of which photos or bios is more important on a dating site. That in itself says a lot about the importance of bios.

A bio, which is a loose use of the word to be fair, does tell people a lot about who you are, what you’re about, and what you want. Well, ideally. Many studies reveal that people on dating sites are a lot less likely to swipe right on profiles that either have no bio or have unattractive bios.

The thing about bios, however, is that there is no golden rule for what you should put on there. Something that may turn some users off may intrigue others

. And this is why people often struggle with what to put on as bio on their profiles. But that’s okay. Find below some general guidelines that have been proven to work in most cases.

Fix – Make Sure Your Bio is Intriguing and Can Be Used As A Convo Starter

One unique thing about Hinge is that one can start a conversation by commenting on parts of a profile. So, you can start a conversation by commenting on a photo, profile prompt response, or bio.

So, already, there is enough pressure to make your bio interesting enough. “I’m friendly and easy-going” certainly does not cut it.

1. One thing you need to bear in mind about bios is that you should not make it all about you. Sure, it is important to say a piece about your person. But it’s also important to say something about what you are looking out for in the other person.

That way, people viewing your profile can make a quick analysis of what you stand for, what your intentions and priorities are, and if they buy into them.

This level of detail gives you greater chance of not only attracting more matches, but attracting the right kind of matches.

2. Also, you should consider not sounding too rigid, picky, conceited, or condescending. If people feel like they need to work hard to impress you or that you think too highly of yourself, they will be reluctant to match with you.

Instead, even though you need to be clear about who you are and what you want, you need to be fun, friendly, and respectful about it. There is plenty of time later to get serious and strict as you get along.

3. Resist the urge to try to say something paunchy. While most dating sites encourage you to try to say something particularly impactful, it often makes users at a loss for words and end up sounding cheesy.

Be yourself, say something that you believe will attract the type of person you would love to match with, and keep it honest.

4. Make extensive use of the profile prompts on Hinge. Hinge has about 75 prompts from which you can choose and answer 3.

Choose prompts that tell the most about your person, and make your answers original and fun. Also, since you can only answer 3 at a time, we recommend that you change your answered prompts from time to time to keep your profile fresh and increase your chances of meeting different people.

3. Your Distance Setting Is Too Restrictive

When you set up your profile, you have the chance to create your Member Preferences around the people that get shown to you for potential matches.

One of these preference settings is the Maximum Distance. You can even choose how important distance is to you. So, if you set it to Dealbreaker, you will not be shown people that are outside of your chosen radius.

While it’s more convenient to date someone who is relatively close to your location, it can also be very limiting.

You see, Hinge is already set up to narrow down your potential matches using all the information you provide about yourself and your preferences. Now, what are the odds of you finding people with the specific qualities you want within the small radius you have set?

Fix – Increase Maximum Distance

There are 2 things you can do to reduce the limitations placed by your distance settings. You can either increase your maximum distance or do not set it as a dealbreaker.

This will allow you to see and be seen by more people in a bigger radius, and increase your chances of finding and being found by the type of people you are looking for.

Every individual is unique. And as much as we easily box people into certain personality classifications, the differences from one person to another can be quite significant.

So, to find the perfect person based on your preferences and Hinge algorithms, you need to widen your search radius.

1. Simply tap on your profile

2. Tap on Preferences

3. Scroll down to Member Preferences and tap on Maximum Distance

4. Remove it as a deal breaker, then increase the maximum distance. Already, the minimum distance is fixed at 10 miles.

4. Your Hinge Preference May Be Too Picky

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being clear about what you want in a match. In fact, that’s the point of Hinge. However, just like we explained earlier, the restrictions can get too much.

It is enough to put your preferences: Hinge will use algorithms to show you people that are close enough to these preferences but with some allowance for people who are either side of your preferences.

However, if you use the dealbreaker function, you are only shown people who exactly fit your preferences, no more, no less.

Sure, we all have things that we simply cannot tolerate in a partner. And it’s good to lay down that marker. However, the less qualities you make dealbreakers, the better your chances of getting a match.

Having a rigid profile of what we want in a partner is only idealistic and often different from reality. People almost always have to make a compromise of sorts to find a partner. Also, some of these preferences do not truly define who the person is.

It is true that relationship advice is not within the scope of this article or website for that matter, but a practical advice for getting more matches on an already restrictive Hinge is to have a bit more of an open mind, and play it by the ear.

Fix – Don’t Make Anything A Dealbreaker

If possible, do not make anything a dealbreaker. Stating your preferences is enough to narrow down your potential matches.

Be more openminded, have conversations with your matches and see how you feel. You may find that you are willing to make exceptions for someone who has a quality that you would have called a dealbreaker.

However, we understand that there are some things that one cannot just handle. And it’s okay to put the necessary restriction.

The general rule to follow is to consider whether you can make exceptions for someone who has a dealbreaker quality…if they could otherwise be your ideal partner. If there is a chance of this, then remove the quality as a deal breaker and see how it goes.

5. Bug

Then again, it could be that your profile is quite alright but the activities on your profile are not registering on the Hinge app on your phone.

If you have stayed quite a bit without getting a match on Hinge, it is possible that people are actually liking you but the notifications for this are not coming up on your phone.

When this happens, your Hinge app has very likely developed a bug that requires you to perform certain actions to fix it and get back matching.

Fix – Clear Cache

If the cache of your Hinge app gets corrupt, the app will stop functioning as it should. The bug may only affect some parts or functions on the app like profile activity notification, so it’s sometimes hard to tell when your phone’s app cache has developed a bug.

To be clear, the cache is a temporary memory that is allocated to every application on your phone. This memory is where all the information about the app’s data and your use of the app are stored. Whenever you launch the app, it loads information from the cache first. So, if the cache malfunctions, so will the app.

To fix this, you need to clear the Hinge app cache using the steps below:

For Android:

1. Exit the Hinge app and swipe it away from your recent apps

2. Long-press the Hinge app

3. Select App Info

4. Select Clear Data

5. Select Clear Cache

6. Confirm to clear the cache when prompted

On iOS

1. Exit the Hinge app and swipe it away from your recent apps

2. Navigate to Settings on your device

3. Select General

4. Select iPhone Storage

5. Select Hinge

6. Select Offload app

7. Confirm the action

8. Select Reinstall app

Fix 2 – Update Hinge

Also, you must ensure that your Hinge app is always up to date. Even if your apps are set to update automatically, there may be times where your app store or network circuits may glitch and not update your apps automatically.

Updating your app not only gets rid of bugs, it also ensures that your app has all the latest features and performance capabilities needed to function well. If your Hinge app is out of date, it may not integrate properly anymore with Hinge servers.

So, when it seems that you are not getting any matches at all, make sure you Hinge app is updated using the steps below:

1. Go to your phone’s app store and search for Hinge

2. Select Hinge from the results and click on Update at the top right

3. If there are no available updates, you will see Open instead

Fix – Log Out and Back In

Another reason why it may seem that you are not getting any matches is that your current login may have developed a session bug. Sometimes, a bug on the app may cause your account to lose access to Hinge servers. This usually happens due to a faulty login session token.

To fix this, you would need to log out of your Hinge account and then log back in using the steps below:

1. Launch the Hinge app

2. Click on your profile tab at the bottom right corner of the screen

3. Scroll down and select Account

4. Then scroll all the way down and tap on Log Out

5. Then log back in on the same screen and see if you start getting matches.

7. Hinge Could be Down

The final possible reason why you’re not getting any likes at all is that Hinge could be down. If Hinge servers are down, it may affect the entire Hinge service or just parts of it like the Like and Match features.

And the problem may even only be affecting your geographical location or certain groups of users that share the same logical space on Hinge servers.

The point here is that it is not always easy to tell when Hinge is down because some parts of the app may be working, or the problem you are experiencing may be particular to some users only.

Fix – Check If Hinge is Down

One way to be sure is to check Hinge’s Twitter feeds or check sites like Down Inspector and Down Detector where reports from other users are collated and displayed live. You will find user reports when you scroll towards the bottom of these sites.

In summary, Hinge is a site that is restrictive by default. So, to increase your chances of getting matches, you need to reduce the restrictions you set and put your best foot forward.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced tech writer and marketer who currently writes for Techzillo as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf. At Techzillo, he focuses on consumer technology in general with his interest being Android OS. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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