Meta Quest App No Internet Connection? Do This!

No Internet Connection Oculus Quest 2

A lot of the enjoyment of using Oculus and any other VR system is hinged on having an internet connection. Internet connection allows you to download new games, play multiplayer games, join parties and other social games, experience VR on the web using the Oculus browser, and lots more.

So, it can be quite frustrating when you try to perform an action on Quest that requires internet connection and get an internet connection error message.

The error message may be in the form of “no internet” or “no internet connection” or “connected, no internet”. Whatever the form, it essentially means that your Quest 2 is unable to access the internet whether it is connected to your WIFI or not.

When this error occurs, you may be unable to access the Oculus Home, Library and Store screens. For some users, the error is rather bizarre because the Quest 2 is actually connected to the internet and can access websites through the Oculus browser.

In this article, we are going to provide detailed explanations on the possible causes of the No Internet error, and then provide solutions for it.

Why Does Oculus App Say No Internet Connection

The causes of the No Internet error on Quest 2 vary from user to user. So, this error has to be treated on a case-by-case basis. Outlined below are the known, possible causes of the error:

1. You’re Actually Not Connected to The Internet

When confronted with an error like this, it’s always best to start from the obvious. You know the familiar feeling of having the keys and looking all over for them.

When you get the No Internet error, it may just be that your Quest is really not connected to the internet…and this is even though it’s connected to your WIFI. Here’s how:

For your Quest 2 headset to have internet access, two connections have to be in place:

2. Your Quest 2 Headset Has to Be Connected to Your WIFI

Your headset and your WIFI have to be close enough to allow strong signals. If there is not enough proximity, the two devices may be connected but the signal may be weak, resulting in the No Internet error.

Another factor that can affect the connection between your Quest 2 headset and your WIFI router is the line of sight. WIFI uses radio signals to transmit internet connection to devices.

So, if a thick structure like a brick wall or metal door is between your playing area and the WIFI router, it may interrupt the signals and result in poor connectivity.

Also, if you have several devices like microwave ovens, phones, PCs, etc., all connected to your WIFI and in close proximity to your headset, their signals may clash with the signals coming from your headset and cause unsteady internet connectivity.

Or, the load may just be too much for your WIFI speed and result in poor connectivity for your headset.

Even a temporary glitch in either the router or the Quest 2 may cause a temporary disconnection between them.

3. Your WIFI Router Has to Be Connected to the Internet

Your internet service provider, ISP, provides your WIFI with connection to the internet. Sometimes, your ISP may be experiencing technical faults that cut off the connection in your area.

Or, the issue may just be from a glitch in your router which makes it to lose internet connection temporarily.

Whatever the case, if your WIFI router does not have internet connection, your headset won’t either, and you’ll get the No Internet error.

4. There’s A Glitch

The most common reason why this error occurs is a temporary glitch in your Quest 2. A temporary malfunction in the headset software or hardware could cause your Oculus to disconnect from the internet.

Another cause of such glitches is if your headset is installing an update. Our research has shown that some update installations cause your WIFI to display the No Internet error, make some apps to be unavailable, and make you unable to access Home, Library and Store on your Quest.

Most of the time, such glitches go away on their own. But on other occasions, you may have to perform a few actions to resolve them. We will detail such fixes later in the article.

5. Oculus Out Of Date

As a rule, if you encounter an error on your Quest or Quest 2, please ensure that your device is up to date. An Oculus device that isn’t up to date is always prone to running into glitches and other forms of malfunction.

On the one hand, updates are released by Meta to fix bugs that may be causing errors on your Quest 2. On the other hand, they also add features and enhancements that make your Quest 2 perform better and avoid running into errors from time to time.

Also, if your Quest 2 is not up to date, it will at some point develop compatibility issues with the apps, websites and even devices that you connect to your Quest 2. Therefore, updates are indispensable.

Please note that there are two major kinds of updates released by Meta: Build and Version updates. Version updates are the more long-term updates with the V number, such as v39. Build updates are released more frequently to fix issues.

So, even if you have installed the latest v39 update, you may be missing a more recent build update that fixes issues like the No Internet error.

6. 2.4GHz is Enabled on Router

Modern routers use two major technologies for internet connection: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The difference between the two is based on Speed and Range.

  • 2.4GHz (default) – more range, less speed
  • 5GHz – less range, more speed

From this, you can see that even though the 2.4GHz will reach farther distances in your space, the internet speed is much less. And speed is very important for VR systems because of the large amount of data that need to be transmitted to and from your Quest per second.

Therefore, it is often better to bring your WIFI router closer to your playing space and use the 5GHz technology instead.

7. SSID and Password Issue

SSID, Service State Identifier, is the public name of your WIFI connection. There are a couple of challenges that could arise with SSID:

1. You may have selected the wrong WIFI name when trying to connect your Quest 2 to the internet.

Also, if you have, say two different WIFI connections within range and you have previously connected to both of them, a glitch in the headset may cause it to connect to the former one, which may not have internet connection.

2. Remember the 2.4GHz and 5GHz we mentioned above. Your Quest 2 may keep switching between the two frequencies as it looks for the best connection at each time. This constant switch could cause Oculus to totally lose connection between switches, resulting in the No Internet error.

3. Also, if you are trying to connect your Quest 2 to WIFI when you encounter this error, it is possible that you are entering the wrong password for the network.

8. Using A Public WIFI with Captive Portal

A captive portal is a web page that you are redirected to when you try to connect to a public WIFI…especially if it’s free.

The captive portal requires you to perform some kind of action on the web page such as agree to terms of use, scroll through some campaign or enter a provided username and password, before you are granted access to the network.

If you are trying to access such a network with your Quest 2, you would not be able to view this captive portal, therefore you would not have access to the network.

Oculus Not Connecting to WIFI? Try These Fixes

1. Fix the Internet Connection

The first thing to do when you encounter the No Internet error on your Quest 2 is to fix every aspect of your internet connection.

1. Make Sure the Router Has Internet Connection: Use your phone or PC to connect to the WIFI from within your playing area. This is to eliminate distance as an issue. Then, try opening web pages and see the performance of the connection. If there is no internet connection, please:

1. Unplug the router from power supply

2. Wait 5 minutes

3. Plug the router back in

4. If there is still no internet on your test device, please contact your ISP

2. Make sure that your Quest 2 is connected to the WIFI, and to the correct SSID when you get the No Internet error. Your headset may have lost connection to the router due to a glitch or because of the distance. To check for WIFI connection, please follow the steps below:

1. Press the Oculus button on the right controller to open the universal menu.

2. Select Quick Settings

3. Select Wi-Fi.

4. The WIFI you are connected to will be indicated.

5. If it is the wrong WIFI, simply select the one you want to connect to and enter the password

6. Then Select Connect

If you are unable to do this on your headset because of the No Internet error, please use the Oculus app on your phone to change WIFI connection:

1. Make sure that your Quest 2 is turned on

2. Open the Oculus mobile app on your phone.

3. Tap Devices in the bottom menu, then select the headset that you are currently using.

4. Tap Wi-Fi.

5. Tap the new Wi-Fi network you’d like to connect to and enter the password

6. Tap Connect to Wi-Fi.

3. Make sure that the WIFI signal is strong

  • Ensure that that your playing area and the WIFI router are in close proximity, and that there are no structures blocking the signals.
  • Disconnect any Bluetooth devices connected to your Quest 2. They are notorious for causing internet connection errors for Quest 2
  • Reduce the number of devices connected to your WIFI.

When you have fixed all these possible internet issues, please check whether the error has cleared

4. Forget and Reconnect to the WIFI

When you confirm that your internet is in order and you are still having the No Internet error, it could be that there is a certificate issue between your WIFI and your Quest 2 headset.

When you connect a device to a WIFI router, the router issues a connection certificate to trust the connected device. The trust is because you have entered the correct credentials.

However, a glitch may develop in the router and cause it to revoke the certificate to your Quest 2, causing the No Internet error. To fix this, you need to make your Quest 2 forget the WIFI so you can re-enter the credentials.

To do this:

1. Press the Oculus button on your right controller

2. Select Quick Settings

3. Select WIFI

4. Double-click on the WIFI you are connected to

5. Select forget

6. Then select the WIFI again and enter the password to reconnect

5. Wait It Out

We mentioned that sometimes, the No Internet error occurs when your Quest 2 is installing updates. Some updates, especially build updates disable user access to basic functions on the headset, giving the No Internet error.

Apart from this, the error may just be a result of a temporary glitch in your Quest 2 headset. Waiting several minutes and trying has cleared the issue for some users.

2. Connect Using Your Phone App First

When you confirm that your internet is in order, please use your phone to refresh your Quest 2 headset connection. This works best for users who are unable to access Home, Store, or Library.

To do this:

1. Make sure that your headset is turned on

2. Open the Oculus app on the phone that is paired with your headset

3. Open Store and launch a game you have downloaded

4. Exit the game

5. Put on your headset again and confirm whether the error has cleared

3. Turn Off 2.4GHz In Router

Given the explanation about 2.4GHz, it is clear that using the 5GHz frequency serves a virtual reality system better. Most WIFI routers use the 2.4GHz by default, so you need to force yours to use 5GHz by disabling 2.4GHz.

The interface to complete this task depends on the kind of WIFI router you are using. You may consult your ISP for guidance. However, we have presented a general guide for all WIFI routers below:

1. Connect your PC to the router using an ethernet cable

2. Enter the admin IP address of your router to open the administrator page (usually or

3. On the login page enter the admin credentials. This usually comes with the router manual. For most routers, username and password are both “admin”. Or, admin and password for username and password respectively

4. Navigate to the Wireless Settings Section.

5. Under the 2.4GHz, uncheck to disable the wireless radio frequency. You may find this setting in the advanced tab.

Please note that when you use 5GHz, your router should be close to your playing area, preferably 10 feet. Also, it works best on 5GHz using an AC or AX router. Please ensure that these requirements are met to avoid connection errors.

4. Hard Reset Headset

Another way to fix glitches on your Quest 2 is to perform a hard reboot or reset. A hard reset allows the headset to offload errors such as memory overload, software bugs, incomplete circuits, interrupted update installation, and so on.

To perform a hard reset or reboot:

1. Make sure your headset is on

2. Press and hold the power button on your headset for 10-15 seconds

3. Wait until your headset turns off, turns back on and loads the Oculus logo. Then, release the power button

After the hard reboot, please check and see if the No Internet error has been resolved

5. Update Headset

Using a Quest 2 headset that is not up to date is equivalent to using an old device to run latest technologies. Meta constantly releases updates which you must have installed to continue using your Quest 2 with minimal hassle.

Your Quest 2 is set to update automatically. However, connectivity issues, interrupted installation of updates, and glitches in the headset may prevent this from happening.

To update your Quest 2:

1. Put on your Oculus headset

2. Press the Oculus button on the right controller

3. On the Menu that appears, click the Clock icon

4. Select Settings

5. Select System

6. Select Software Update

7. At the top right corner, select to Update is there is any available.


1. Put on your Oculus headset

2. Press the Oculus button on the right controller

3. Select Settings

4. Select About

5. Select Download or Install Updates

Also, please ensure that automatic update is enabled for your headset using the steps below:

1. Open Oculus app on the phone that’s paired with your Quest 2 headset

2. Select Settings

3. Select your Quest 2 headset

4. Select More Settings

5. Select Advanced Settings

6. Select Update Software Automatically

Note: Please note that automatic updates work best when your headset is turned on but left on sleep mode for a while.

6. Unlink Facebook Account

You may have been required to sign up for Quest 2 using your Facebook account. This means that, if you have issues on your Facebook account, you would be unable to log in to Oculus, too.

Now, Meta have announced that you can:

  • Unlink your Facebook account from Oculus and still retain all your apps and other data from your Quest 2
  • And that soon, you would be able to use personal accounts other than Facebook to sign up for Quest 2.

Some users have reported that unlinking their Facebook account resolved the No Internet error for them. It is not yet clear why this is the case, but you may give it a try as well. Rest assured that you will not lose your Quest 2 data.

To unlink your Facebook account, you need to contact Oculus support.

7. Factory Reset Headset

A factory reset is the last resort to fixing the No Internet error or if your Quest can’t connect to the internet.

Before you perform a factory reset, you may want to back up your apps and game progress on the Oculus cloud. Please note that not all games support this back up, it is at the discretion of the app developers.

To back up your Quest 2 on the cloud:

1. Strap on your headset and press the Oculus button on the right controller

2. On the Universal Menu, select Quick Settings

3. Select Settings

4. Select System

5. Select Backup

6. At Cloud Backup, toggle to turn it on.

Please wait 30 minutes, then perform a factory reset of your Quest 2 using the steps below:

To reset using phone app:

1. Make sure your Quest 2 is fully charged

2. Open the Oculus app on your phone

3. Select Devices

4. Select your Oculus Quest 2 headset

5. Select Advanced Settings

6. Select Factory Reset

7. Confirm Reset

To reset using headset:

1. Make sure your headset is fully charged

2. Turn off your headset.

3. Hold the power and volume down button on your headset down simultaneously

4. Hold until the start-up screen loads on your headset

5. Use the volume buttons on your control to highlight Factory Reset and press the power button to select it

6. Use the volume button to highlight Yes, Erase and Factory Reset

7. Press the power button to select it

8. Try Another Router

This may seem a bit outlandish because not everyone has a spare router lying around. However, the source of the connectivity problem may just be a compatibility issue between your Quest 2 and the type of router you are using.

Users have reported particular issues connecting to WIFI 6 routers (802.11ax). You may try using a WIFI 5 router (802.11ac) instead to see if the issue is resolved.

Meta have stated that they are aware of such issues users are having and are working to resolve it. But, in the meanwhile, please remember these points:

1. Try using a WIFI 5 router that is AC or AX

2. Set the frequency on 5GHz

3. Place the router close to your playing area.

Alternatively, you may try using a mobile hotspot to see if you can bypass the error as some users have done.

9. Contact Oculus

If you still experience the No Internet error or your Quest 2 won’t connect to your WIFI even after a factory reset, then your headset may have a manufacturing defect. Please reach out to Oculus to get support on the issue.

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