Nissan Radio Keeps Turning Off? Try These Fixes

Nissan Rogue Radio Keep Turning Off

One of the most common issues to encounter with your vehicle is the radio turning off on its own. This can be frustrating and, in some cases, dangerous, as it encourages you to pay attention to turning the radio back on while you are driving.

Nissan Rogue owners have reported encountering these types of radio issues frequently, causing many to wonder what is causing their radio to keep turning off. This guide will help you accurately identify the cause of your radio issues and provide detailed troubleshooting methods so that you can resolve your issue.

While this guide focuses specifically on radio issues encountered by owners of the Nissan Rogue model of vehicle, it is likely that these troubleshooting methods could resolve your radio issue if you own another model of Nissan.

As this guide will show, there are several different reasons that your Nissan Rogue radio might keep turning off on its own. Some of the common causes for this include bugs, faulty hardware, and power issues.

All of the causes will be discussed in detail in the guide below along with troubleshooting methods that apply to the specific cause of your issue.

Why Does My Nissan Rogue Radio Keep Turning Off

The next part of this guide will focus on the causes of Nissan Rogue radio issues, along with some common troubleshooting methods to resolve these problems. You should use the list below to help you accurately identify and resolve issues regarding your Nissan Rogue radio.

Keep in mind that it is vital that you accurately identify the root of your issue so that you have a better chance of applying the proper troubleshooting method to fix it. This guide can help you pinpoint the root of your issue with your radio.

As this list will show, there are several different reasons that your Nissan Rogue radio might keep turning off on its own.

Some of the common causes for this include bugs, faulty hardware, and power issues. All of the causes will be discussed in detail in the guide below along with troubleshooting methods that apply to the specific cause of your issue.

1. You Have Encountered A Bug

Bugs and glitches are a common cause of Nissan Rogue radio issues. These types of errors are typically caused by some type of internal run-time issue that the software that controls your radio has encountered. All software applications are subject to the occasional bug or glitch that causes errors with functionality.

When you encounter bugs and glitches, they quite often resolve themselves. Because of the random nature and ambiguity of the causes of these types of errors, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of your issues.

That being said, persistent issues that are attributed to bugs or glitches can be solved using the troubleshooting methods listed below. All of these methods have been proven to resolve issues with your Nissan Rogue radio that are being caused by bugs and glitches.

Fix One: Perform Key Cycle

A cycle key is the best way to fix your Nissan Rogue radio software when you are experiencing issues with it turning off on its own.

To do this, you will first need to turn your vehicle all the way off. This includes accessory mode and the engine. If your vehicle does not turn off until you exit the vehicle you should open and shut your door to simulate this.

Once you have ensured that the vehicle has shut down completely, including all radio functions, you should leave the car off for at least 2 minutes before starting it back up. After you have done this, you will have successfully key cycled your Nissan vehicle. This is the best way to encourage the resolution of display issues caused by bugs and glitches.

If this simple fix did not solve your issue, you may need to use one of the other troubleshooting methods contained in this list to resolve your issue.

Fix Two: Perform A Soft Reset

A soft reset is another way that you can help encourage your Nissan Rogue radio software to resolve any internal issues that could be causing your issues. To perform a soft reset on your vehicle, you will first need to press and hold the Volume button while also pressing and holding the Back button.

You should continue to hold down these buttons until the screen goes black and the radio turns off. This will usually take around five seconds. This will automatically start the soft reset process which can often resolve software errors that are causing your radio to not stay powered on correctly.

After the soft reset, your radio should stay on without issue. You will not lose any of your saved user settings by initiating a soft reset. Unlike a master reset, all of your user settings will be restored after the process is complete.

Fix Three: Perform A Master Reset

If you are experiencing persistent errors with your Nissan Rogue radio software, you should consider doing a master reset of the Nissan radio system. The process to do this is extremely simple. All you need to do to perform a master reset of the Nissan radio system is to hold down the Audio button for ten seconds.

Once you have held down the Audio button for ten seconds, you will see the system reset notification on your touchscreen console. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the Master Reset process.

This will perform a complete reformatting and refresh all of the files associated with your Nissan Connect software. This can usually resolve most issues that you are having with your Nissan Connect.

Keep in mind that after a master reset, any user settings that you have saved will be deleted. This includes saved radio stations, settings, and cellphone connectivity settings. You will need to manually add all of these back after the process is complete.

Fix Four: Wait For A Few Days

You could simply attempt to wait out your issue. Bugs and glitches usually resolve themselves without any additional action from the user. If you simply wait for a few days, there is a possibility that your issue will resolve itself.

This may not be an ideal solution but it can save you time and a headache when trying to resolve your Nissan Rogue radio issues. If you are able to wait for the problem to resolve itself then this could be your best option for dealing with bugs and glitches.

Even if you wait for just a few hours, it could help resolve your issue with no additional action. If you are not planning on using your vehicle for a few hours or days, it can be a good idea to simply wait out the issue.

That being said, if waiting out the problem does not resolve your issue, you will need to consult the other troubleshooting methods in this guide to help you.

Fix Five: Update Nissan Connect

If your vehicle uses Nissan Connect to implement the radio features for your vehicle, it is possible that you might need to update the Nissan Connect software.

Your Nissan Connect software depends on updates to help ensure that it functions properly. If Your Nissan Connect software has not been properly updated in a while, you could encounter bugs and glitches more frequently.

These bugs and glitches are typically patched out in updates released for your Nissan Connect software. You can check your Nissan Connect for updates in the menu by scrolling down to the System tab.

Once you have downloaded and applied the update, any issues that your out-of-date software has been causing will have been resolved. It is important to stay on top of the updates for your Nissan Connect Software.

Fix Six: Contact Nissan

If you are still experiencing problems with your Nissan Rogue radio software after resetting and updating your software, you should consider contacting Nissan to get additional support for your issue. Nissan can offer additional troubleshooting methods and suggestions for resolutions to the issue that you are experiencing.

You can contact Nissan by phone or on their website. You can also take your vehicle to the Nissan dealership to have them take a look at your Nissan Rogue radio. If you choose to contact Nissan online or by phone, then you will need to provide a detailed account of your issue.

A Nissan technician will be assigned to your case and they will help walk you through any potential troubleshooting methods that you may have overlooked. This is often the best course of action when you are having Nissan radio issues.

Having to take your vehicle in for repairs or dealing with customer support remotely can be frustrating. Rest assured that Nissan is the highest authority on your vehicle and the software that controls Nissan radio. They can offer you the best advice for resolving your particular issue.

2. Radio Is Faulty

There is a possibility that your radio has incurred some type of internal or external damage that could be causing it to not be able to maintain power and function properly. This could be caused by user damage or internal damage caused by faulty electrical components.

Whatever the reason that your radio has become faulty, it is important to figure out if the problem is software-related or hardware.

If you find that your radio hardware has become damaged in a way that keeps it from functioning correctly, you will need to consider the troubleshooting methods listed below to help you resolve the issue.

You should exhaust this list of troubleshooting methods before considering the possibility that your radio is faulty in some way. Most of the time issues with the radio in your vehicle will be caused by software issues.

That being said, if you find that you are aware of some internal or external damage that your radio system has incurred, then you should investigate this issue further. Depending on the extent of the damage, repair may be a possibility.

Fix One: Replace It

You should consider replacing your Nissan Rogue radio if you find that it is no longer functioning properly and you have not been able to resolve the issue yourself. You will have to replace your radio if it has become inoperable due to damage, old age, or electrical issues.

You can find a replacement radio for your Nissan Rogue online and install it yourself rather easily if you have prior mechanical knowledge. Keep in mind that if your vehicle contains the Nissan Connect infotainment center and uses it to provide radio functions for your vehicle, you will not be able to replace this yourself.

In this case, you will have to take your vehicle to the mechanic or dealership to be serviced before you will be able to resolve your radio issues. For most people, it will generally be better to simply allow a mechanic to replace the radio in your vehicle.

Suppose you have the prior mechanical knowledge to properly remove the radio and hook up the electrical components to install the new one. In that case, this could be the better option as it will save you money on labor costs at a mechanic.

Fix Two: Take Car To Dealership

You should consider taking your vehicle to the Nissan dealership to have your radio repaired or replaced. Your infotainment center display is not something that can be easily repaired at home and should only be attempted by a certified Nissan mechanic.

A Nissan mechanic will be able to examine your display and determine whether a repair or replacement is appropriate. If you are lucky, they will determine that your problem is caused by software issues, which will save you a lot of money on display repairs.

3. There Is No Power Going To The Radio

If your battery is running low on power or there is some kind of power transfer issue, it could cause your Nissan Rogue radio not to work correctly. If your radio is not receiving the proper amount of power, you will experience issues with the radio powering off on its own.

There are also fuses associated with your infotainment console that could have been blown and need replacing. Power issues are a common cause of radio issues and can be determined quite easily.

There are also a number of electrical components that make up the power system of your Nissan Rogue radio. If for some reason these parts have become damaged or can no longer transfer power properly, then this could potentially cause your radio to not maintain power while in use.

Fix: Check The Fuse Box

You should check the fuse box to ensure that any blown fuses are identified and replaced. This will ensure that your center console display has the proper power to function.

The fuse box for your infotainment console will be located in varying positions depending on the model of Nissan that you own.

You should consult your vehicle’s user manual for the exact location of the fuse box or take it to a mechanic and have them examine it for you. Since there are electrical components involved, it is very important that you access the fuse box carefully and only when the car is completely powered off.

Once you have located the fuse box in your vehicle, you will need to inspect each of the fuses individually and check if any of them are blown. Once you have determined which fuses need replacing, you will be able to install the new fuses and reassemble the radio.

This should cause your power issues to be resolved. It is important that you install the fuses properly.

Improperly installed fuses could potentially be an electrical and fire hazard. If do not have the required skill set to confidently replace the fuses in your vehicle, you should consider taking it to a mechanic instead.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating to deal with radio issues with your Nissan vehicle. The radio software that controls the radio functions of your vehicle is subject to bugs and glitches that could cause your device not to be paired properly with your vehicle.

When this happens, it will cause issues when using the radio, including power issues. It is important to resolve these issues as soon as possible so that you can regain the full functionality of your Nissan.

Using the information provided in this guide, you can resolve the radio issues that you are experiencing with your Nissan Rogue. Many of the troubleshooting methods in this guide can be used to resolve radio issues for other models of Nissans as well.

You should always ensure that you are undertaking any troubleshooting methods with your Nissan’s radio under safe conditions. You should not attempt to resolve any radio issues while you are driving. This guide can help you safely and easily resolve your radio issues.

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  1. I had this exact issue with a 2019 Rouge. It’s been happening for over a year. Nissan couldn’t figure it out. After updating the software didn’t help, their suggestion was to replace it (out of warranty $$$).

    There was a CD that stayed in the player at all times. After removing the CD, the problem was resolved. As soon as I re-inserted the CD, the radio rebooted. It could be that the CD is going bad and triggers a bug in the software.


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