The Nintendo Switch is a portable hand-held game console that was released in 2017 by Nintendo. The console comes with two gamepad like accessories that can either be attached on to the Switch display, used as a separate gamepad, or used as Wii like handheld controllers. Nintendo has had a huge success with the Switch and it has shipped over 32 million units since its launch. However, every electronic equipment is susceptible to problems. Some users of the Nintendo Switch have complained that the device doesn’t charge when plugged in. In this post, we are going to let you in on some fixes for the Nintendo Switch won’t charge issue.

There are plenty of reasons why the Nintendo switch won’t charge, and we’re going to take a look at some of those and hopefully fix the issue to get you back to gaming. The Nintendo Switch is a fun gaming console and comes with several titles that you’d love. It can be really frustrating when the Switch won’t charge. Usually, the console will last for about 3-4 hours on a single charge, and that’s not a lot of gaming time.

Some users have complained that their Nintendo Switch will turn on, but it won’t charge when connected. It is always best to start charging the device when the battery gets low, and not after it is completely drained. At first, you may think that the issue could be with the charger, but that may not be the case. Let’s take a look at some of the fixes that could make your Switch charge again.

Turn Off and disconnect everything – First thing you’ll want to do is to power down the Nintendo Switch. Next, disconnect both wires from the included AC adapter. It should reset the AC adapter. Now, connect it back, turn on the Switch, and see if it charges.

Use the official Switch AC Adapter – Make sure that you are using the AC Adapter that came in the box. If you use a third-party adapter, chances are it may not charge your Switch properly. It’s also bad for the battery. The original Switch AC Adapter carries the model number HAC-002. You can get the official adapter from Nintendo or other online resellers.

Connect directly to wall outlet – If you’re using an extension, then disconnect the adapter from it and connect directly to the wall outlet. It is possible that there might be a loose connection with the extension or it could be spoilt.

The Switch battery could be completely drained – It is possible that you have managed to completely drain the battery on your Nintendo Switch. In this case, if the device is connected to the AC adapter and isn’t turning on, then it needs more charge. Wait for half an hour or more to check if the device turns on. A battery indicator should be available on the top left corner showing that the device is charging.

If the battery is completely discharged, then you will see a lightning bolt at the top of the screen and again, you will have to wait at least half an hour before you can switch on the console.

Try another Nintendo Switch adapter – If you have access to another AC Adapter, then you can try to use that and see if it charges the Switch. If it does, then your adapter may be busted. If not, then try the steps below.

Try testing the console by connecting to a TV – If the Nintendo Switch isn’t turning on, then connect the AC Adapter to the console, and connect the console to the TV via HDMI. Now see if the console is working or switching on.

Force Shutdown the Switch – You can also try to do a force shutdown. Hold down the power button for about 10-12 seconds to force shut down the console. This should reset the console and hopefully fix the charging issue.

Send it to the service center

If none of the above works, then it’s time to take your Switch to the nearest service center. No one wants to do this, but this is the only choice you’re left with. It is highly likely that the issue could be with the hardware and that’s why the Nintendo Switch won’t charge. You can contact Nintendo support and they will guide you with the entire process.

Those are some of the fixes and suggestions for when your Nintendo Switch won’t charge. We hope you’ve managed to fix your console and didn’t have to take it to the service center.