The majority of Android users have minimal storage because it’s taken up by bloatware apps. Furthermore, after adding your own apps, your storage will start running out of the small storage it has left.

Luckily, a large number of Android devices allow you to have microSD cards which allow you to expand your storage. However, most apps are stuck on your internal storage and you don’t know how to move them to your SD card or some apps won’t allow you to move it your SD card.

How to Move Apps from Internal Storage to SD card

From the home screen:

1. Go to apps and tap on settings

2. Scroll up and tap on storage and USB

Currently, your SD card is used as a portable storage which means you can’t use it for apps or games. To be able to use it for apps and games, you need to format it as internal storage.

To do this:

1. Under portable storage, tap on SD card

2. Tap on the three dots on the top right side of the screen

3. Tap on settings

4. Tap on ‘format as internal’. Formatting erases all the data currently stored on the SD card such as images and videos. To avoid losing the data, consider backing it up first.

5. If you’re ok to do this, tap on arrays and format. It will take a few seconds for the formatting to complete. You might get a notification that your SD card is slow, in this case, consider buying a high-speed card such as a UHS 1.

6. Once completed, you can start moving photos to your SD card by selecting Move now

7. Tap next, then tap done.

To move apps or games from your phone to your SD card:

1. Tap on internal storage

2. Tap apps

3. Choose the app or game you want to move

4. Tap on change on the top of the screen

5. Then, select SD card

6. Tap on the move button, and your app will be transferred to the SD card

Note that with this method, some apps can’t be moved to the SD card as they are part of the system. For example the calendar, you can see that the change option doesn’t appear.

Move ‘Non-Movable’ Apps to an SD Card (Rooted)

Is your phone storage full and you’re trying to move some apps from the internal storage of your phone to your SD card but it’s not allowing you? Now the only option you have is deleting important files like pictures, videos, and even some of your favourite apps.

Of course, there are certain apps that your phone might let you move to the SD card but there are others like the ones that come pre-installed in your phone that can’t be move such as Gmail.

First of all, you’re going to need to download two free apps, but most importantly, your phone needs to be rooted. If your Android device isn’t rooted, used the next method below.

Here are 5 other methods you can use to root your device if you haven’t got a Samsung device. KingoRoot, iRoot, King Root, FramaRoot, and Towel root. They are very popular and safe so one of these methods might work with your phone.

Assuming that your phone is already rooted, you can start by going to:

1. Go to Google Play and download AParted

2. Download it and install it

3. Once it’s done, look for another app called link2SD and install it on your device. You also need to unmount and format your SD card. Scroll up and you can find out how to do this.

4. After that, open AParted. This app creates partitions in the SD card and you’re going to need 2 partitions. One partition is for things like pictures, videos, and music, and the other partition for the apps that are going to be linked to the SD.

5. Tap on the Add at the top and leave this partition as ‘fat32’. This is going to be the partition that is going to store your regular data.

6. Slide the blue bar to the right until you get to the amount of space desired for your SD card. If your SD card is 16 gigabytes, for example, leave it at 14 GB

7. Tap on the Add button change this to ‘ext2’ rather than leaving it at fat32

This is going to be the partition dedicated for apps to change the size accordingly to the number of apps that you’re going to be linking to your SD card. If you don’t have large apps like mobile games, or huge social media such as Snapchat, change the size to around 2 GB, then just tap apply and ok. You’re going to receive a pop up which says “processing partition”.

8. After the partition has finished processing, open link2SD and you’ll be asked to select the file system of your SD card’s second partition

9. Select ext2

10. Check ‘don’t ask again’ then hit OK

11. After that, tap on ‘Reboot device’

12. When your device turns back on, open Link2SD again

This is when the fun part begins. Just look for the apps that you want to move to your SD card. You’ll see that it says that the app located in the phones internal storage. Since your phone doesn’t support moving apps. Just hit ‘Link to SD card’ then hit OK.

The app should now be moved to the SD card.

You’ll receive a message that says application “files linked and moved to the second partition of your SD card”. When you use this method to transfer an app to your SD card, only a large percentage of it will be transferred. This percentage is usually around 60%. This is going to save you a decent amount of space.

You can also link the apps that come pre-installed on the phone like Google Play services and Google Play Store. With pre-installed apps, you can expect to see up to 100% of the app being transferred.

1. Just click on the app

2. Click ‘Link to SD card’

3. Then click ok

From here, you can also delete apps that by default, the phone won’t let you uninstall.

Move ‘Non-Movable’ Apps to an SD Card (Non-Rooted)

There are some apps that you won’t be able to move to your SD card. Whenever you try to move these apps to your SD, the ‘move to SD’ card button is un-clickable. If you want to move a particular app to your SD card, you have to follow some steps.

1. First, download and install APK editor

2. Open APK editor and tap ‘Select APK from app’

3. Choose the app you want to move to the SD card

4. Tap on ‘Common edit’

5. Set the install location to ‘Prefer external’

6. Tap on save at the bottom. This will take some time so just be patient. When it’s completed, you’ll see a message saying “succeed”. This means that it’s been a success.

7. Next, uninstall the previous version of the app you’re trying to move to the SD card

8. After you’ve done this, you need to install the new modified app by tapping Install at the bottom of APK editor

9. Finally, go to settings to check whether the app has moved to the SD card or not. If this was successful, you’ll see that the ‘move to internal storage’ button is no longer inaccessible and you can finally click on it.