Missing Eye on TikTok Profile? [*Guaranteed Fixes]

Missing Eye on TikTok Profile?

If you’ve noticed the eye on your TikTok profile is missing, maybe it was there before and now it’s gone, or you’ve never had it; whatever the situation, there are a few reasons why it’s disappeared and exactly what to do to get it back.

Down below are reasons why the eye is mission on your profile and exhaustive ways to get it back.

Why Is The Eye Missing on My TikTok Profile?

1. TikTok Profile Views is Disabled

If someone how you’ve disabled tiktok views, or you never knew it had to be enabled in the first place, then you’ll need to enable it. Once enabled, the eye icon should appear on your tiktok profile.

Tip: Remember that once enabled, you likely have to restart the app to get the icon to show on your profile.

Fix – Enable TikTok Profile Views

  1. In your TikTok app, tap Profile in the bottom right.
  2. Tap the 3-line menu icon in the top right to go to your settings.
  3. Tap Settings and Privacy.
  4. Tap Privacy, then tap Profile views.
  5. Tap the toggle icon next to Profile view history to turn on or off.

2. You’re Using An Account Where It’s Been Disabled

If you’re using an account that you forget had profile views disabled, you’ll need to enable it. Sometimes when switching accounts, you don’t realize that you’ve done so, and if you’ve enabled it for one account and not for the other, if you switch to the other, then you may have forgotten to enable it.

3. There’s A Bug

The first thing you want to consider if you notice that the eye is missing on your TikTok profile is that the app may be dealing with a bug or some sort of software glitch.

Because these bugs and glitches are so common, there are quite a few ways to troubleshoot the bug and find the root of the issue causing you not to be able to access the eye on your profile. 

The next troubleshooting methods will guide you along the way to getting rid of the potential bug that is in your TikTok app.

Fix 1 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of TikTok Bugs

In order to start with getting rid of any sort of bugs that the TikTok app might potentially have, you will want to start off and try to clear the app’s cache.

Clearing an app’s cache essentially removes the short-term memory that the app has.

In order to clear the app’s cache, you will need to be able to follow the next steps in order to perform this process successfully.

  1. Head over to your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Once you are on your phone’s settings menu, scroll down the menu and look for the option that says Apps.
  3. After you have found the apps option on your settings menu, find the TikTok option in the menu.
  4. Under the app’s page, you will see an option to clear the app’s cache.
  5. Go ahead and clear the cache for the app.
  6. After you have cleared the cache for the app, try opening the app again.
  7. Open up the app and see if the TikTok eye is still there.

Fix 2 – Update TikTok to Get Rid Of Bugs

Another simple fix that can be performed to see if you can get rid of any potential bugs or software glitches that TikTok may be dealing with is to go ahead and try to update the app to see if this will get rid of any bugs.

When you go ahead and try to update any kind of app, if the app does have any sort of update available, then the app will get updated to the most recent software that the app’s devs team has created.

This means that if the app previously had any kind of glitches or bugs and the team was able to get these fixed, then when you go ahead and download the most recent software update for the app, these bugs should be taken care of and should be resolved after that.

Try the next steps in order to move forward with downloading an update for the app and try to get rid of the bugs that the app could have had previously.

  1. Use the search function in the app store in order to look up TikTok.
  2. This search will take you to the TikTok page in the App Store.
  3. Here you will be able to see if there is an update available or not for the app.
  4. On the left-hand side of the page, you will be able to see two options depending on what is available for the app at the time.
  5. If an update is available, you will be able to see the option to Update the app. If this is here, go ahead and click on this option. Once you have confirmed this, the app will go ahead and automatically update on its own and will let you know when it has updated.
  6. If you only see the option to Open the app, then this means that there is no recent update to the app available in the App Store. This means that the app version that you currently have downloaded on your phone is the most updated version

Fix 3 – Contact TikTok Support

If, after trying all of the previously mentioned troubleshooting options that were provided, you still have not been able to resolve the issues you were having with the missing eye icon on your profile, then it might be time to go ahead and try to contact the TikTok support team in order to get their input as to what might be the reason you are having these issues.

The TikTok support team is easy to get ahold of, and a simple search for the right contact information will lead you to be able to get ahold of someone who will be able to help you.


4. TikTok Is Down

One thing that you do have to consider in order to have an idea of how to fix the fact that you cannot access the eye on your profile is that the app itself might be down

This often happens to all kinds of apps, and TikTok is no exception. When an app is down, many of its features that would normally be available suddenly are not accessible by all users. 

Check if TikTok is down.

Fix – Wait For TikTok To Go Back Up

Once you’ve verified that tiktok is down, all you will need to do now is simply wait and see until it comes back up. Waiting might not be the easiest thing to do when it comes to an addicting app such as TikTok, but most apps are not down for a long time, so don’t worry too much.

In order to see when the app is up and running again, use the previous methods you used to verify the status of the app and see if it is back up.    ,.

5. Poor Internet Connection

Another possible reason that could be causing the issues that you are having with the missing eye icon on your profile is that you are experiencing a poor internet connection.

As much as this is something that could be considered a given when using any social media app, having a weak internet connection can cause you to be experiencing various kinds of issues.

There are various troubleshooting methods you can follow to try to resolve the issue and ensure that your internet connection is strong enough to support the TikTok app and its features.

Fix – Get Into an Area With Better Signal

Sometimes when Wifi networks are unavailable, and all you have to connect to the internet is the data that your mobile carrier provides, you might notice that your signal might not be as strong as it used to be.

In order to try and get the best signal possible, you should try moving into an area that you know has a better signal. This might mean moving into an area that is free from any obstructions and is open in order to receive the best signal you can.

Fix 2 – Switch from WI-FI to Data Vice Versa

You will also want to try playing around with whether the internet signal you are receiving is stronger when you are connected to Wi-Fi than when you are connected to your mobile data.

Play around with disabling both sources of internet connections to verify which one can provide a more stable and stronger connection depending on where you find yourself at the moment.

There are a few steps you can take in order to switch between connections to find the best one for you.

  1. Head over to the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Once you are at the Settings menu of your phone, head over to the option to see the Wi-Fi connections available for your device.
  3. If your Wifi is enabled, click to disable it and go ahead and confirm your action.
  4. Once you have disabled the wifi connection, wait a few seconds before enabling the connection to turn the wifi back on your phone.
  1. Once the Wi-Fi is back on your phone, head over to the TikTok app once more to verify if you can see the eye icon on your profile. 
  2. If the signal is still not stable and you wish to verify if your mobile data is stronger than the Wifi connection, then you will need to follow the previous steps again.
  3. Once you have disabled the Wifi connection, head out of your Settings and open up the TikTok app.
  4. Verify if switching over to your data connection has allowed you to see the eye icon in the upper right corner of your profile. 

Fix 3 – Turn Off VPN

When using a VPN, you need to consider how some features can be disabled when the VPN is turned off, and this might be the case if your VPN and you cannot see the eye on your profile.

Try the next steps in order to turn off your VPN.

  1. Head over to the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Once you are at your phone’s Settings menu, head over to the option to see the VPN options available for your device.
  3. If your VPN is enabled, click to disable it and go ahead and confirm your action.
  4. Once you have disabled the VPN on your device, wait a few seconds before opening the TikTok app and verifying if this has fixed your issue.
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