How to Fix Missed Calls Not Showing Android

Missing a call from someone we’ve been waiting for is really frustrating. Moreover, it gets more stressful when you don’t see it notify on your phone.

The missed call feature is temporarily removed and all the missed incoming calls don’t appear on your screen. A quick way to resolve the problem is to do a system update for your phone to get the latest OS available.

You can do this for phones that are approximately 18 months old but you’re in for a challenge if you’re trying to upgrade a 24 month old device. So what happens if there isn’t any available update for your specific device?

1. Reset the BadgeProvider

You can refresh a system app named BadgeProvider to fix the missing missed calls notification on your phone.


  1. Open the Phone Settings.
  2. Open Application Manager.settings menu
  3. Tap on the top right menu.
  4. Select Show System Apps.BadgeProvider
  5. Search for the app BadgeProvider.
  6. Open BadgeProvide.clear data and cache
  7. Tap on Clear Data and Clear cache.
  8. Restart your phone.

After doing this you should be seeing the number of missed calls. There isn’t any data deleted so don’t worry about clearing the data and clearing the cache.

2. Turn on App Icon Badges

Here, you’ll need to turn on the App Icon Badges through the Display Settings.


  1. Open Settings.display
  2. Open Display.home screen
  3. Open Home Screen.
  4. Tap the App Icon Badges icon badges
  5. Toggle on the App Icon Badges switch.
  6. Tap Show with number.

This method lets you turn on the number notification on the specific app. Think of it like a numerical reminder that the app is telling you something.

3. Do a Factory Reset

Before you factory reset your device, you’ll need to back it up.


  1. Open your Phone Settings.general management
  2. Tap on General Management.factory data reset
  3. Click on Reset.
  4. Click Factory data reset.

This will reset the phone to its original factory default settings. There is a high chance that this can fix the problem but you will need to go through the motions of backing up your data, saving contacts, and importing files to secure storage in order to get back to how it was before you did the reset.

The factory reset will help remove parts of an old software that was left hanging around which affects the missed call feature of an Android Phone.

4. Using a Third Party App

This method involves using a third-party app like Truecaller. This app will help you resolve your problem with unable to notify for any missed calls.

truecaller google play store

  1. Install Truecaller via Google Play Store.launch the app
  2. Launch the app after it’s installed.change default calling app
  3. Set it as your default sms and dialer app.caller id
  4. Let it notify you through activated caller ID.

5. Remove any Related Third Party Apps

One possibility, if you haven’t done method 3, is that your device may have an app like Truecaller, Whoscall, Showcaller, CallApp, Hiya and etc which is failing to report any missed calls.

There may be problems with the app itself which ends up not being able to get push notifications about phone calls.

Sometimes having these apps will automatically override the default setting on your phone. Moreover, you can only choose one app to have the special default privilege so it’s a choice between the app like Truecaller and the default contacts dialer app.

You’ll need to uninstall the third party dialer or contact app and install a new one or use the default system app.

Bottom Line

These are the ways you could consider in order to fix your personal mobile phone problem. If this ever happened to you, then try using one of the methods in order to get your phone to notify you again of missed calls and other things.

The methods listed are simple ways to do basic troubleshooting. Sometimes, in order to get something fixed, you may need to upgrade your device as older hardware have a hard time keeping up with upgrades and new versions of apps.

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