Minecraft PS4 Not Enough Space 2022? Try This

Minecraft PS4 Not Enough Space

There is an incredible amount of people that play daily, from you and your friends to even your grandma, but as of late PS4 players have been having problems with a storage errors. On that note, let us break it down and offer some fixes.

What Does Not Enough Space Mean on Minecraft Mean?

The error being experienced on PS4 Minecraft titled “Not Enough Storage Space” is relatively self-explanatory; it means that there is not enough “space” on your PS4’s hard drive storage unit.

While the PS4 uses a SATA HDD hard drive, which is quite similar to a hard drive you might find in your laptop, you may also have an external hard drive, which serves to expand the storage space of your PS4.

With that said, many folks with an external hard drive for their PS4 have reported still encountering this problem, which certainly puts it into an “error” category.

Since external hard drives only provide more storage capacity for the system that it is attached to, it makes no sense that you would be out of storage space.

This means that the Minecraft software is “bugging out,” glitching, or malfunctioning any way that you may put it; it means it is an error that should not be occurring, resulting in the game misreading your PS4’s storage capacity.

Now, while it is a big bummer to load up one of your worlds in Minecraft only to receive this error message and be sent back to the main menu, you will also want to be sure that it is indeed incorrect.

You can do this by checking your PS4’s storage space, which you can reach by pressing the PlayStation symbol on your controller, which will take you to the PS4 home page.

Then you can go to the overhead options and proceed to “Settings,” then select the “System Storage Management” option to view your PS4’s storage space.

If your PS4’s storage capacity is full, then this is clearly the problem; in such a scenario, you will want to do one of two things.

Either clear some space on your PS4’s storage by removing/deleting some apps or games, or you could use/purchase an external hard drive for your PS4, with most external hard drives going for roughly $26.99 (US) and can be bought at Amazon, electronics shops or some department stores.

Now, this is a good time to mention that a PS4 has an impressive internal hard drive capacity of 500GB.

However, you will only be able to utilize 407 GB out of the 500 GB for apps, games, ect. The other 93 GB of storage space is used for the PS4’s OS (Operating System).

Though, in the scenario that you may need to make some space on your PS4’s internal hard drive by deleting some apps and or games, but you are not sure how to go about it, you can follow the steps provided below.

How to Clear Up Storage Space on PS4

Step 1. First, turn on your PS4 if need be; then, from the PS4 home screen, go up to the overhead options and select the “Settings” option, which is indicated by a briefcase symbol.

Step 2. Once you are under the settings menu, you will want to scroll down until you see the “System Storage Management” option and select it by pressing the “X” button.

Step 3. Here, you will find a few options such as Applications, Capture Gallery, Saved Data, Themes, and Free Space with their respective percentages beside them. In this scenario, you will want to select the “Applications” option.

Step 4. The “Applications” section is where your apps and games are stored on the internal hard drive. To delete the app or game, scroll to the game or app and press “Options.”

Step 5. Next, select the “Delete” option to remove the app or game and to make more space on the PS4’s internal hard drive.

That is how you can clear up space on your PS4’s internal hard drive. Depending on how much “Free Space” you have on the PS4 storage, you may have to delete more than one app or game.

Why Does Minecraft Say ‘Not Enough Space?

Minecraft shows this “Not Enough Space” message due to an error in the program’s software. However, this error issue has been acknowledged by the game’s developers (Mojang).

Still, unfortunately, there has been no word on when an update fix will be released, although it is good to know that a solution is in the works and will eventually be available.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing this storage error, there is a fix for it. Now, this fix will consist of uninstalling the Minecraft game and reinstalling it while making sure to keep your saved files so that you will not lose worlds or saved data.

Fix – Save Files, Backup Data on PS4

This may not be the most convenient fix, but it is an excellent answer to the problem until an updated fix is released. Plus, it will get you back to creating worlds and structures and surviving with your friends on Minecraft.

When you delete/uninstall a game on your PS4, all data and saved game files will be lost, so you will want to make sure that you back up your files so that you can retrieve the files after you have reinstalled the Minecraft game.

If you are to back up your data on your PS4 without a USB extended storage (USB Flash Drive), when you restore the backup data, your PS4 will reset, and all of your data saved on the console will be erased.

To avoid having your PS4 reset and erase all of your on-console saved data, you will want to use a USB flash drive that can plug right into your PS4.

To back up your saved data, you will need a FAT32 or an exFAT-formatted USB drive with at least double the storage space of the PS4 backup file.

You do not have to back up everything on your PS4; with this in mind, you can choose not to back up application data. Also, you can purchase a USB flash drive on Amazon for about $5.99 (prices may vary); it should be adequate enough for only your Minecraft save files.

To Backup Saved Files for Minecraft (USB flash drive)

Step 1. The first thing you want to do is to sync your Trophies since they are not included in the backup data. Go to “Trophies,” then press the “Options” button, and then select “Sync Trophies With PSN.”

Step 2. Next, you will want to insert the USB flash drive into your PS4 console via one of the USB ports.

Step 3. After that, from the PS4 home screen, go up to the overhead options and select the “Settings” option.

Step 4. Next, you will want to proceed to and select the “System” option, then select the “Back Up and Restore” option.

Step 5. Afterward, you will want to select the “Back Up” option.

Step 6. At this point, you can choose which data that you would like to back up so that you will not lose the data, in this case, Minecraft saved files.

Step 7. After that, you can customize the file name to keep track of the file and then select the “Back Up” option.

Step 8. Once the file transfer process is complete, you can remove the USB flash drive from the PS4 USB port.

Fix Part Two – Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft on PS4

For the next part of this process, you will need to delete/uninstall Minecraft from your PS4. It is hard to determine why but this helps to clear the error on the Minecraft software.

So, when you reinstall Minecraft, the error will not occur again, which is exactly what you want. The process of deleting a game from your PS4 is relatively straightforward and quick, and you can do so by following the provided steps below.

Step 1. Start at the primary/home screen of your PS4, then move to and highlight the game you wish to uninstall (Minecraft).

Step 2. Next, on your controller, you will want to press the “Options” button.

Step 3. Then a menu should appear on the right of the screen, where you can select the “Delete” option.

Step 4. After that, a confirmation message should come up on which you will want to select the “OK” option.

Now that you have deleted Minecraft from your PS4 and have backed up your data, all that is left is to reinstall Minecraft and retrieve your backup data.

To Reinstall a Game to PS4

Step 1. Starting at the primary/home screen of your PS4, on the overhead options, you will want to go to the “Library” option, indicated by the bookshelf symbol.

Step 2. Next, move to and select the “Purchased” file option.

Step 3. After that, you will want to locate the game you want to download again (Minecraft).

Step 4. Once you have found the game, select the “Download” option on the content screen.

This will reinstall the Minecraft game on your PS4 console, and the next part is to retrieve your backup data.

Fix Part Three – Restore Your Backup Data

For this next and final part, you will want to retrieve your backup data. This ensures that you get everything you had in the Minecraft game back, which is excellent as nobody wants to lose all of

their worlds, structures, and skins. So long as you did back up the data before uninstalling the game, you should have no problem getting it back.

Important Note: When restoring data, your PS4 console will erase all data saved on your console.

This cannot be undone, even if you were to cancel the restore operation. Be sure that you have backed up all of your data so that you do not accidentally erase any critical information, as erased data cannot be retrieved.

To Restore Your Backup Data

Step 1. Starting at the home/main screen on your PS4 console, move to the overhead options and select the “Settings” option, indicated by the briefcase symbol.

Step 2. Next, go to and select the “System” option; after that, select the “Back Up and Restore” option.

Step 3. Then insert the USB drive that contains the backup into your PS4 console via the USB port.

Step 4. After that, select the “Restore PS4” option.

Step 5. Then you will want to select the backup file you would like to restore.

Step 6. Next, select the “Yes” option to initiate the restore process.

Once the restore process is complete, you will have all of your backup data restored back onto your PS4 console.

This may not be the most practical fix for this issue, but it does, in fact, work, and it is the best that can be done until Mojang can develop and release a fix for the error, which should not be too much longer, here is hoping.

Minecraft is genuinely an incredible game that has offered creative freedom to countless people from young ages to older generations as well.

Minecraft being implemented into school programs only speaks to its simple yet genius design; this is also what keeps all of its players coming back to create their own worlds again and again.

Remember, these tech problems are just temporary issues that can and will eventually be resolved; with this in mind, practice a little bit of patience when encountering these issues.

It is all too easy to jump to conclusions and get frustrated; however, with a bit of patience and logical thinking, almost any obstacle can be overcome. We hope you found an answer to your tech issue and are able to get back to the wonderful world of Minecraft.

If you did find a solution to your tech problem or possibly gained some tech knowledge in the process, consider sharing this feature with a friend or family member that could possibly use it too. Remember to keep your apps and device updated.

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