Minecraft Marketplace Not Working 2022. Try This

Minecraft Marketplace Not Working

Occasionally, users encounter situations where they are unable to purchase items from the Marketplace or even access marketplace in the first place. The common error messages that users get when this happens are

  • We’re having trouble connecting to the marketplace right now. Please try again later
  • We’re having trouble connecting to the Marketplace. Maybe check your internet connection?

When this happens, you will not be able to purchase any items in the marketplace which is quite frustrating. This error usually occurs on PC and Nintendo Switch. But users often encounter the second error detailed above when playing on mobile phones.

But not to worry. In this article, we are going to cover all the possible reasons why you may encounter these errors, and show you how to resolve them whether you are using PC, Nintendo Switch, or mobile phone.

Why is Minecraft Marketplace Not Working

To be clear, there is no singular reason why Minecraft Marketplace may stop working and returnany of the errors listed above. However, the accompanying error codes help to narrow down the possible causes which we have exhaustively researched and provided below.

1. Minecraft Data Settings On Phone

If you are playing Minecraft on a mobile phone when the Marketplace error occurs, you are likely to see the “we’re having trouble connecting to the Marketplace. Maybe check your internet connection?” error message.

When this happens and you are using cellular data, it is likely because the data settings on your phone do not allow the game to access Marketplace using cellular data.

By default, Minecraft Marketplace prioritizes connection using WIFI connection. So, if you are using cellular data to play when you encounter the error, you need to change your Minecraft data settings using the steps below:

1. First, ensure that your cellular data connection is strong.

2. Then, go to Settings on the Minecraft app (not your phone Settings)

3. On the Settings menu on the left side of the screen, scroll down and select Profile

4. On the Profile options to the right of the screen, go to Auto Update Unlocked Packs and click on the dropdown menu under it

5. From the dropdown menu options, select On with WIFI or Cellular Data

6. Then, under Use Cellular Data, toggle to turn it on

7. Then select OK to confirm

8. Then, go back to Marketplace and you should be able to access it now.

2. Poor Internet Connection

One of main causes of Minecraft Marketplace not working is poor internet connection. Your internet connection may be generally strong, but if it drops when you try to access the marketplace, you will not be able to access it to make any purchases.

The reason is this. Minecraft Marketplace is a lot like the app store on your Android or iOS phone. However, the marketplace is not hosted on servers around the world and then delivered to you using server mirrors.

Instead, the Minecraft Marketplace is located on a few dedicated servers and is made available only within the Bedrock versions of Minecraft.

This means that you would require even stronger internet connectivity than you would when accessing your phone’s app store. Not just strong, but stable connection…because any break in connectivity, no matter how temporary, would result in the We’re having trouble connecting to the marketplace right now, please try again later error message.

To troubleshoot internet connection problems, try the fixes provided below:

Fix – Restart Internet Connection on Device

When trying to fix internet issues, the first thing to do is restart the internet connection on the device. This resolves the connection problem quite often.

The reason is that the network switch on your device may run into a temporary glitch or develop a minor bug. The switch may also disconnect after prolonged use. Restarting the connection will allow the device to shed any glitches that may have occurred and then reconnect the network switch so your device starts receiving signals properly again.

To restart internet connection on Windows PC:

1. Click on the WIFI icon to bring up the WIFI menu

2. Click on Airplane Mode to close network connections

3. Click on Airplane Mode again to reconnect and retry connecting to Minecraft Marketplace

To restart internet connection on Mac:

1. Click on the WIFI icon from the Menu at the top of your Mac screen

2. Click on Turn WIFI OFF or toggle to turn it off, depending on your interface

3. Click on the icon again and select Turn on WIFI or toggle to turn WIFI on

To restart internet connection on Nintendo Switch:

1. Press the Home button to access the home screen on your Switch

2. Scroll to the right to select System Settings (the gear or cog icon)

3. Select Airplane Mode and turn it on

4. Then select it again to turn Airplane Mode off

We are using Airplane Mode where possible because airplane mode is more thorough when disconnecting all network resources and reloading them from scratch. This is a more reliable way to clear glitches and bugs that may have occurred on your connection.


Fix 2 – Restart Router

If you restart the connection and the connection issue is not resolved, then you can be sure the issue is not with the connection on your device. So, the next thing to consider is that the bug may have occurred on the router.

From time to time, WIFI routers require a restart to discharge excess stored charge, reconnect broken circuits, and allow the main board to cool a bit. Any one of these could cause the router to stop emitting strong signals, causing poor internet connectivity on your connected devices.

To restart the router:

1. Unplug the router from power supply

2. Wait 2 minutes. This is to also allow the main board to cool

3. Then, plug the router back into power supply and retry connecting to Minecraft Marketplace

Fix 3 – Reset Router

If you restart the router and you are still having internet connectivity issues, it may be that your router has run into a serious bug that a restart cannot fix. In that case, you would need to reset the router to factory settings. Please note that this reset will also delete your WIFI name, password, and all settings and customizations.

To reset your router:

1. First go to the website of the router manufacturer to download the user manual. This will provide you with details like login credentials and IP address when setting up your router again

2. Leave your router turned on

3. Use a paperclip to press and hold the Reset hole at the back of the router for 10 seconds. This will reset the router

4. Then, log into the router using the details you obtained and set up your WIFI again

2. Only Allow Trusted Skins is On

Only Allow Trusted Skins setting on Minecraft is a feature that blocks the use of skins that are not vetted and permitted by Minecraft in the marketplace. This feature is On by default. Normally, it should be a good thing because it prevents you from making use of skins that may adversely affect your playing experience.

However, there are times when the Only Allow Trusted Skins feature may glitch and then totally block access to all of the Minecraft Marketplace. Another common glitch on the feature is that it sometimes switches between off and on, on its own.

So, if your Minecraft Marketplace stops working, especially if the error is We’re having trouble connecting to the marketplace right now. Please try again later with a D or L error code, it is likely that the Only Allow Trust Skins feature has run into a bug.

Fix – Turn Off Only Allow Trusted Skins

To fix the bug, you simply have to turn off Only Allow Trusted Skins using the steps below:

1. Open Setting on Minecraft

2. Select Profile from the left of the Settings menu

3. Scroll down to Only Allow Trusted Skins. Toggle to turn it off

4. Then go back and try to access Marketplace to see if the issue is resolved

3. Minecraft is Down

Another possibility when you are unable to access Minecraft Marketplace is that Minecraft services may be down. We explained earlier that the Marketplace is hosted on dedicated servers.

If the servers develop a bug or have an unplanned shutdown, Marketplace will not be available to users until the issue is resolved. If Minecraft is down, you can only wait until the servers get back up.

Already, users across the world experienced authentication problems on Minecraft on 29 June 2022, so Minecraft service outage is far from a remote possibility,

Fix – Wait for Minecraft Servers to Resolve

The great thing is that Minecraft actively monitors the performance of the Marketplace. According to them, they have dashboards that constantly monitor to understand when any error occurs on the marketplace so that they can make improvements for players on all platforms.

In the meanwhile, you can check Mojang’s Twitter support page for updates when such issues occur. You can even write to them on the platform.

You can also check websites like Down Detector and Down Inspector for user reports on Minecraft to make sure that the problem is not particular to you alone.

4. Bug with Minecraft

But then, the issue may not be on Minecraft servers, but on the Minecraft instance on your playing device. Applications are bound to develop minor bugs or run into glitches at some point.

Several things could cause your Minecraft app to glitch, including integration with your PC, phone, or Nintendo Switch, errors on the app’s cache, a corrupt login session, and so on.

To troubleshoot a bug, you need to try different fixes until you arrive at the one that works for you. Each of the fixes listed below have worked for different users, and one of them should work for you.

Fix – Restart Minecraft

The first step to take when troubleshooting bugs on an app is to restart the app. When you restart the app, you are unloading all the programmes and temporarily saved data on the app, and then reloading them afresh. This process fixes most instances of corruption that may have occurred on the app’s software.

Follow the steps below to restart Minecraft on your playing device:

On Windows PC

1. Exit Minecraft

2. Go to the app tray at the bottom right of your PC screen, right-click on the Minecraft icon and click Exit

3. Wait 30 seconds, then relaunch Minecraft on your PC

4. Open Marketplace again to download your items

On mobile phone

1. Exit Minecraft

2. Swipe it away from recent items

3. Then launch Minecraft again and try to access marketplace

On Mac

1. On the Minecraft home screen, click on Command + Q

2. Confirm to quit Minecraft

3. Then relaunch the app and go to Marketplace to see if the issue is resolved

On Nintendo Switch

1. Exit Minecraft and return to the Nintendo Switch home

2. Use the cursor to highlight Minecraft and then press the X button

3. Confirm to Close the game

4. Then, click on Minecraft again to open it and retry accessing Marketplace

Fix 2 – Log Out Then Log In

If restarting Minecraft does not resolve the Marketplace issue for you, the next step is to log out of your account and then log back in. In fact, Minecraft recommends that you log out of all your Minecraft accounts including the attached Microsoft account and then log back in.

The reason is that when you log into your Minecraft account, you create a login session. Minecraft checks your account details against their database and assigns a token to you for that session.

This token allows you to access the available features and purchases on your account. Basically, the token controls what you can and can’t have access to on Minecraft, including the marketplace.

Normally, every registered and logged in user should have access to Minecraft Marketplace. But if a bug occurs on Minecraft servers which affects your token, you may lose access to even basic features like the marketplace. To fix this, you need to log out of your account and then log back in.

Here is the recommended procedure to log out and log back in:

1. First, log out of all your Minecraft accounts

2. Then, exit all Minecraft applications that are open on any devices

3. Relaunch Minecraft and then sign back into your Minecraft and Microsoft accounts

Now, to log out of Minecraft

1. On the Minecraft home menu, click on Profile to the left of the screen

2. Then click on the Settings (gear) icon on the profile page

3. Select Sign Out of Your Microsoft Account

4. Click on Sign Out to confirm


1. Click on Settings on the menu page

2. Click on Profile

3. Then select Sign Out of Your Microsoft Account

4. Click on Sign Out to confirm

Fix 3 – Clear Cache

As we mentioned earlier, Minecraft Marketplace may stop working for you because the app’s cache memory is corrupt or has developed a bug.

The cache memory stores temporary data Minecraft loads from when you launch the app. Some of the data stored by the cache include your last game, your login details, cookies, and other usage data.

If this cache memory develops a bug, it can cause some parts of the game to stop working. So, you may be able to play the game without issue but the marketplace may become inaccessible.

To fix this you need to clear the app cache using the steps below:

On Android

1. Exit the Minecraft app and swipe it away from your recent apps

2. Long-press the Minecraft app

3. Select App Info

4. Select Clear Data

5. Select Clear Cache

6. Confirm to clear the cache when prompted

On iOS

1. Exit the Minecraft app and swipe it away from your recent apps

2. Navigate to Settings on your device

3. Select General

4. Select iPhone Storage

5. Select Minecraft

6. Select Offload app

7. Confirm the action

8. Select Reinstall app

On Nintendo Switch

1. Go to System Settings

2. Scroll all the way down to System

3. On the System settings to the right, select Formatting Options at the bottom of the screen

4. Select Clear Cache

5. Then select Reset to confirm

On Windows PC

1. Exit Minecraft

2. Press the Windows button on your PC

3. Type Disk Cleanup and select it from the results

4. The app will run for a bit and then display files that you may want to delete

5. Make sure to select Temporary Files

6. You may select any other files that you may want to clean up. It’s okay to select all of them

7. Then select Clean Up System Files

8. Then click OK

9. You will see a prompt to confirm the deletion. Click on Delete Files to confirm

On Mac

1. Go to the desktop screen on your Mac

2. At the top, click the Go button

3. Select Go to Folder from the options that appear

4. Enter ~/Library/Caches in the box and then click on Go

5. On the window that opens, press Command + A on your keyboard to select all the folders or click on Edit and then Select All

6. Then click on File and click on Move to Bin

After clearing the cache, launch the Minecraft app and check to see if you can access Marketplace

4. Minecraft Out of Date

Normally, updating an app can remove bugs that may have caused it to malfunction. However, our research shows that this is not the only scenario where updates fix issues on Minecraft. It appears that blocking access to Minecraft Marketplace is a way Mojang uses to force users to update the app.

This is because, the Minecraft app is set to update automatically, especially over WIFI. So, if a setting on your device prevents this update, access to Minecraft Marketplace is blocked.

And it makes sense. The items in the marketplace are constantly being updated, so using an out-of-date Minecraft app to run these items may cause integration issues. Therefore, if you have tried all the fixes provided so far and you still can’t access Marketplace, it is likely that Minecraft is telling you that it needs to be updated.

Fix – Update Minecraft on Device

Follow the steps below to update Minecraft on your device:

On Windows PC

1. Click the Windows button on your PC

2. Type in Store and select it from the results

3. Click on Library at the bottom left of the Store window


1. Click the ellipses in the top right corner of the Store window

2. Click the dropdown menu and select Downloads and Updates

3. Click on Get Updates

4. The Store will scan for updates for all your installed apps including Minecraft, and install available updates

On Mac

1. Open the App Store on your Mac

2. In the sidebar, click on Updates

3. Click Update next to Minecraft to update the app

On mobile phone

1. Go to the Play Store or App store

2. Search for Minecraft and select it from the results

3. Click Update at the top of the screen to update the app

On Nintendo Switch

1. Ensure the Nintendo Switch console is connected to the Internet.

2. From the HOME Menu, select or highlight the Minecraft icon without starting it

3. Press the + or – button on your controller, then select Software Update from the options

4. Then, select Via the Internet to start downloading Minecraft updates

6. Corrupt Minecraft Game Data on Nintendo Switch

If you are playing on Switch, another possible reason why Marketplace is not working is that the game files are corrupt.

You can simply use the Nintendo integrity check feature to repair corrupt game files for Minecraft. To do this:

1. Open System Settings on Nintendo switch

2. Scroll down and select Data Management Options

3. Select Manage Software

4. Scroll down and select Minecraft from the listed apps

5. Click on the dropdown menu and select Check for Corrupt Data

6. Switch will compare the Minecraft data on your device with the original Minecraft data on the servers and repair any corruption in your Minecraft app data

7. Then relaunch Minecraft and access Marketplace.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced tech writer and marketer who currently writes for Techzillo as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf. At Techzillo, he focuses on consumer technology in general with his interest being Android OS. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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