The internet is so massive that 3 out of 4 people in this world are users or connected online. If we think about it in global numbers, that’s more than 2.8 billion people using the internet.

They may not be online all at once since half of the globe sleeps while half is awake but that’s still quite a number. In this world, everything is growing and changing, thus, even communications have evolved together with the massive adoption of the internet, mobile technology, and more.

This evolution that I’m talking about is the widespread use of video calls and video conferencing that connects more than just calls.

Through a video call, you don’t need to verbally describe an object, you need only point the camera towards a direction and there you have it. Video calling has made calls easier to do.

Here are 4 ways to make a video call on your Android phone:

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

Messenger is Facebook’s chat feature which allows you to make video calls as well as audio calls. It supports direct and private messaging, emojis, video calling, video conferencing and sending voice notes.

On top of that, Messenger lets you post to “your day.” This is the social feature of Messenger where your posts, photos or short videos, can be seen publicly by your Facebook friends, and followers.

Video calls for Messenger is great. The quality of the video is good, so long as you have a fast and capable network provider, and the sound is high definition. Just scroll through your contacts list on Messenger and tap the Video Camera icon to start a voice call with someone.

Another feature of Messenger is voice conferencing. In order to pull up this feature, you start by making a group of the people who you want to be in the call.

Once you’ve placed them all in a chat group, you can tap on the Video Camera icon located on the upper right portion of the screen. The call will go through immediately when the other party/parties taps to answer the call.

The fun thing about messenger video calls is the fun backgrounds and filters you can all play around with.

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2. WhatsApp


One of the longest standing messaging apps is WhatsApp. It’s now 11 years old and has over 1 billion registered users. With this app, you get free calls and messages, so long as you’re connected to a network service.

Most of the time, I use WhatsApp for my work-related messages because the app dashboard is clear and voice notes sending is easy. When you tap on a WhatsApp contact, you can immediately see the microphone icon on the bottom. Tap and hold it to send a voice note so it’s really easy.

On the top right portion of the message screen, you can see the video camera icon which is your way to start making video calls with WhatApp.

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3. Google Hangouts

google hangouts

Google Hangouts and Hangouts Meet are great video conferencing and productivity tools. The features for Google Hangouts include free instant messaging and video conferencing over the app’s platform, as well as scheduled meetings via Hangouts Meet.

For instance, if you’re sending a meeting invitation via Gmail or Google Calendar, you can sync this with your Google Hangouts account and have the meeting be pre-set a few moments before the actual time. It actually feels like you’re stepping inside a virtual board room.

I especially prefer to use this to connect my calendar meetings in order to have the virtual room set up before we actually start. In a way, we get over the preparation of agendas and network connectivity.

Google Hangouts and Hangouts Meet support adding members to join in once the conference has started.

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4. Zoom


If you’re looking for a professional video conferencing app, you can check out Zoom Cloud Meetings. The app is easy to use for work-related matters because its features include screen sharing and conference recording.

On top of that, if you share the meeting ID of the video conference to a new member, that person can just jump in anytime and join in the video conference.

Zoom is really a great way to improve productivity through video conferencing if you’re working in remote areas or in different locations.

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Bottom Line

No matter what situation you are in, you can be sure that a video call can actually help you in one way or another.

Just make sure you have your mobile network activated or you’re connected to WiFi in order to successfully make these video calls.

In the end, you can be really selective about the service you want to avail or use them all like me. If you found this guide useful, subscribe to our newsletter and share our articles.