Today, the majority of our day can be spent looking at a phone. You may be doing a quick Google search or viewing directions to your next destination. Either one of these mundane activities might be completed a few times a day.

If you find yourself squinting at your screen while doing these activities, you may be getting headaches and experiencing bouts of sore eyes. Usually, you can try lowering your brightness or changing the theme of your phone to a darker one.

One of the easiest ways to remedy this issue, however, is to increase the font of all the words that appear on your screen. Below you will find the directions to increase the font to a size of your choosing.

1. Launch your Settings app. In your Android device, the Settings app icon usually resembles a gear in the middle of a gray background. If you can’t locate your Settings app, you will need to swipe up on an empty part of your screen. This will reveal a search bar at the top of your screen that you can use to locate the app in your phone.

Select Display

2. Once you open the settings in your device, you will have to scroll through until you see Display. This should be located about halfway through the Settings menu. Tap it once you see that option. This will open a new settings menu for your display.

3. In the options in the Display menu, you will need to find “Font and Style” located at the bottom of the options. Tap this option to enter a new settings section.

check how your font will look like

4. Here, you will be able to alter many aspects of your font. At the top of the screen is a sentence that says, “Your font will look like this.” This helps you understand what your font will look like as you make changes.

Beneath that you will see a ruler under the heading that says, “Font size.” You will need to drag your finger along this ruler to the right to increase the size of the font. As the size increases, the size of the font of the sentence at the top of the screen will increase.

When you are done you can press the back arrow in the upper left side of the screen, but before you exit this section, you should consider changing a few of the other aspects of your Display to make it easier for your eyes. You may want to consider the following:

  • Change the font. Tap on the font style which is located beneath the ruler that you used to increase the font. This will open font options. Choose the default font for a simple thin font or choose Gothic Bold for a more distinct readable font.
  • Put your phone’s font in bold. There is a switch at the bottom of the font section that you can flip on to bolden the font and make it stand out more. This will allow you to not have to squint when you’re reading.
  • Go back to the Display section and change your phone to night mode. If the lowest brightness setting is not enough, you may want to consider night mode since you will have a black background with white font. This will decrease the headaches that you get if you look at your phone for extended periods of time.