Fake Facebook profiles are more popular than you would think. Some have a fake Facebook because they do not want to disclose certain aspects of their life with some of the people on their main Facebook.

Some began work under a pen name and their entire brand is under that name instead of their new name. Others may create a whole new persona under a different account. if you are signing up to play games, you do not have to follow all of the steps below.

Whatever the case may be, take the steps below to make a fake Facebook account that seems real.

create new account

1. Create a new account. You can do this through the app or online through your browser. Either way, instead of signing in you will need to create a new account by entering new information.

2. You will need to choose a name first. Choose a name that seems real. Pick names that sound good together and don’t make them too unique. Use an email that is new and that you haven’t used for anything else.

If you use an old one, then people may be able to see where else you have used this email and they will be able to tell who you are. If your goal is secrecy, then use a new email.

upload profile picture

3. Upload a profile picture. Without one, no one will believe that your account is real. Do not steal someone else’s photos since that is illegal. Try a filtered selfie, a nature photo, a scene from a movie or cartoon, or an animal.

4. Fill out the profile because this will be used by others to find out who you are. The details of your account should be realistic. For example, choose a hometown based on a city that you know well and would be able to talk about. Make sure you also have an age that matches your education and job.

post a status

5. Use your timeline. People will check your timeline to get an idea of who you are. This is important to use if you will be interacting with others. Share anything that you like on your timeline, like videos, articles, memes, or photos. Make comments on them or just give a general update about life.

like pages

6. Like pages that you are interested in. You can see the “Like” button at the top of the home of the pages. Also, if you use the search bar at the left of the screen to search for specific pages, you will see this button to the right of the name.

People who are viewing your profile will use your likes to understand your interests. It is important to use this function daily so that they see that your account is active. If you would like, however, you can hide the “Likes” section in your profile.

7. Next, add new friends to your account. Be careful about this. If you add too many friends quickly, Facebook will detect that you are fake. It would be beneficial for you to wait at least a week before adding friends.

After some time has passed, begin searching for friends. Search for people that are interested in the same thing that you are and add them as a friend. Visit new pages by exploring your different interests. Join Facebook groups about subjects that you like, and you will be able to add people from there too.

They will be likely to add you back since you have interacted in their Facebook group. If people do not add you back as a friend, be ready to send them a message explaining why you friended them. You can ask someone people you trust in your life to add your fake account if you would like.

8. Interact on public pages. Your friends can see what you like and post. Comment on what they like and post so that you can begin to build a community. If you see topics that you know about or shows that you enjoy, feel free to dive into public conversations so that visitors to your profile can feel comfortable interacting with you. Also, the more that you engage, the more friends you will have. This will make your profile look better.