42 Literal Band Names Quiz

Literal Band Names Quiz

This is yet another game challenge that has taken the internet by storm. It tests your knowledge of music bands by using pictures or actions to illustrate the literal meaning of these band names.

So, if you’re eager to jump on the challenge, I have provided you with numerous literal band name options you can choose from. Have fun!

  1. The Contortionist: A person or character contorting their body into unusual positions.
  2. I Killed the Prom Queen: A scene depicting a prom queen lying lifeless on the dance floor, with an image of the band member who “killed” her standing over her.
  3. Sleeping Sirens: Sirens, mythical creatures from Greek mythology, depicted asleep or resting on rocks or shores.
  4. Stick To Your Guns: A pair of hands tightly gripping a pair of guns, or a pair of guns taped to one’s body.
  5. Counterparts: Two identical figures standing face to face, Or someone talking about the different parts of a kitchen counter
  6. Devil Driver: A demonic figure, often depicted with horns, a tail, and a pitchfork, driving a vehicle
  7. We Butter The Bread With Butter: A large knife spreading butter generously onto a slice of bread
  8. Blink 182: A person’s eyelids rapidly blinking
  9. Sound Garden: A lush, verdant garden filled with various sounds, such as birds chirping, frogs croaking, and wind rustling through the leaves
  10. Rage Against the Machine: A raised fist against a backdrop of gears and cogs
  11. Falling In Reverse: A person falling backward while performing a backflip
  12. Bring Me The Horizon: A dark, apocalyptic horizon with a sense of impending doom
  13. My Chemical Romance: A red, heart-shaped vial filled with a bubbling, glowing liquid
  14. Lemon Demon: A cartoon-like demon character with a lemon for a head
  15. 100 Gecks: A large group of geckos, small lizards with sticky feet, crawling all over each other
  16. The Rolling Stones: A collection of different types of stones rolling around on the ground.
  17. The Beatles: A group of beetles, small insects with hard shells and antennae, crawling around together.
  18. Coldplay: A cold, wintry landscape with snow-covered fields and bare trees, conveying a sense of melancholy and introspection.
  19. Imagine Dragons: A group of dragons, mythical winged creatures, soaring through the sky against the backdrop of clouds
  20. Green Day: A field of lush, green grass with lots of people wearing green
  21. Red Hot Chili Peppers: A pile of red chili peppers, hot and spicy.
  22. Guns N’ Roses: A pair of crossed pistols with roses intertwined around them
  23. Linkin Park: A chain bridge linking two opposing cliffs
  24. Maroon 5: A group of five people dressed in maroon robes
  25. One Direction: An arrow pointing in a single direction
  26. Panic! At The Disco: A person experiencing a sudden and intense wave of panic in a lively and energetic nightclub setting
  27. Fall Out Boy: A group of boys playing in a pile of fallen leaves
  28. The Black Eyed Peas: A bowl of black-eyed peas
  29. Foo Fighters: A group of soldiers with UFOs above them
  30. Nirvana: A person reaching a state of perfect peace and enlightenment
  31. Pearl Jam: A jar filled with pearls, precious gemstones.
  32. Metallica: A collection of different types of metal objects, such as tools, weapons, and machinery
  33. U2: Two people standing under a large U-shaped structure
  34. Queen: A majestic queen wearing a crown and regalia.
  35. Pink Floyd: A large, pink diamond floating in space against a dark, starry background
  36. AC/DC: An electric circuit with alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) flowing through it.
  37. The Killers: A group of mysterious figures lurking in the shadows with weapons at the ready and a dead person lying beneath them.
  38. Oasis: A lush, green oasis in a barren desert landscape.
  39. The Cranberries: A bowl of fresh cranberries and tart.
  40. Aerosmith: A high-speed spacecraft soaring through the atmosphere, leaving a trail of fire.
  41. Bon Jovi: A young man standing on a New Jersey boardwalk, looking out at the ocean
  42. Kiss: A kiss emoji or a group of people throwing kisses

Have a look at these illustrations below, test your knowledge and use them as inspiration for your next Literal Band Names Quiz!

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