LG TV WIFI Is Turned Off? Try These 10 Fixes

LG TV WIFI Is Turned Off

When your LG TV says WIFI is turned off, it simply means that the TV is unable to connect to your WIFI router or to the internet, not that your WIFI device or the WIFI feature on your LG TV is turned off.

There are a number of reasons why this could happen but they are almost always about minor glitches or settings. We will guide you through all the known causes of the WIFI is turned off error, and provide solutions for them.

We recommend that you try the solutions in the order that we have listed them, from the simplest to the more complex. This is to save you time and effort on performing complex actions for an issue that may have been resolved by, say, a mere restart.

Why Does LG TV Say WIFI Is Turned Off

Before starting any troubleshooting, the very first thing to do is to confirm that your LG TV is actually connected to the WIFI, and to the correct WIFI at that. To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Press the Settings button (gear icon) on your smart remote

2. If there is no Settings button, please press the Home button and then select Settings

3. Select Network

4. Select WIFI Connection

Confirm that your TV is connected to the correct WIFI. After doing this and the error remains, you may then start the troubleshooting steps below one after the other.

1. Glitch In TV

Your LG Smart TV is a complex electronic device that runs on electric signals, software codes, radio wave technology and lots more.

Occasionally, any one of these components of the TV may suffer a sudden, temporary malfunction that could cause errors such as the WIFI is turned off error.

Glitches usually either go away on their own or require a minor action from the user such as a restart. Therefore, when troubleshooting an error like this, it is always best to start with a restart.

Fix 1 – Soft Restart

The first kind of restart to try is the soft reboot. This reboot does not completely power off the TV but simply disables most of the background programs and reloads them afresh. This is just like using the restart function rather than shutdown on your PC.

It works best when the glitch was caused by a software error in the TV operating system. In many cases, a soft restart has cleared the WIFI is turned off error on LG smart TVs.

To do a soft restart:

1. Make sure the TV is on

2. Press and hold the power and volume down (-) buttons simultaneously for about 12 seconds

3. Hold until the TV temporarily powers off and then back on, and loads the LG logo

If the error persists, try the method below:

1. With the TV on, press and hold the on/off button for about 3 seconds until the TV powers off

2. Press the button again to power the TV back on

Fix 2 – Cold or Hard Reboot

If the two kinds of soft restarts above do not work, it is possible that the problem has to do with underlying hardware such as issues with circuits on the LG TV main board or excess electric charge stored in the TV.

It could also be that some of the software programmes that control wireless connectivity were not loaded properly when your LG TV booted.

In this case, you would have to perform a cold or hard reboot. This will completely power off the TV, clear excess charge, reconnect circuits, and load all the programs properly.

To do a hard reboot:

1. With the TV on, press and hold the on/off button for about 3 seconds until the TV powers off

2. Unplug the TV from the power socket

3. Wait 5 minutes

4. Plug it back in and then power on the TV.

2. Poor Signal Strength

If restarting the LG TV does not correct the error, it may be that the TV is not getting enough WIFI signals for a good internet connection. There are many reasons why this can happen such as:

Cause – Distance between the TV and the WIFI router

If the distance between the TV and the router is too far, the signals reaching your LG TV will not be strong enough for a good connection and will cause the WIFI turned off error. LG recommends that you place the router at least 10 meters and at most 30 meters from the TV for optimal signal strength.

Fix – Reduce Distance or Use a WIFI Booster

For best results, your LG TV should be no more than 30ft from the WIFI router. If it is, then reduce the distance. If this is not feasible, then you could use a WIFI booster.

There are different kinds of WIFI boosters and we would like to explain them to you so you can make the best choice for your situation

  • Wireless Range Extenders – they stand in the gap between your router and the target location such as where your TV is located. Range extenders can only rebroadcast the strength of the signal that they receive from the router. This increases range but does not boost signal strength.
  • WIFI Network Extenders (wired) – These are the best kinds of WIFI boosters because they use a cable connection to communicate directly to your WIFI router and then broadcast maximum signals to every corner of your home.

Therefore, when buying a WIFI booster, it is recommended to buy a WIFI Network Extender so that it will serve not only your LG TV but other areas of your home without having to sacrifice signal strength and internet speed.

Cause – WIFI frequency in use

Your WIFI router transmits signals using radio frequencies. The main frequencies in most routers are the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz frequencies.

The 2.4GHz frequency supports less connection speed (450 to 600 Mbps) but has greater coverage in terms of distance (up to 150ft indoors). The 5GHz frequency supports a lot more speed (1300 Mbps) but has a lot less coverage (about 40ft indoors).

Many users prefer to use the 5GHz frequency because of the speeds it offers, as long as they play their connected devices near enough to the router.

However, LG TVs do not yet have strong support for the 5GHz frequency. So, if your router is on the 5GHz router, or if it is on dual-band (2.4 and 5), you are likely to encounter the WIFI turned off error on your LG TV.

Fix – Use 2.4GHz WIFI Frequency

As at the time of writing this article, LG TVs do not have good support for the 5GHz frequency. Therefore, you need to set your router to use only the 2.4GHz.

If you have both frequencies enabled, your LG TV may try to switch between the two frequencies when looking for the best connection. And because it does not work well with the 5GHz frequency, it will be losing connection a lot of the time, causing the WIFI turned off error.

The method to force your router to use 2.4GHz varies by WIFI manufacturer router interface. But below is a general template:

1. Connect your PC to the router using an ethernet cable

2. Enter the admin IP address of your router to open the administrator page (usually or

3. On the login page enter the admin credentials. This usually comes with the router manual. For most routers, username and password are both “admin”. Or, admin and password for username and password respectively

4. Navigate to the Wireless Settings Section.

5. Under the 5 GHz, uncheck to disable the wireless radio frequency. You may find this setting in the Wireless Settings advanced tab.

Cause – Too Many Devices Connected

Having too many devices connect to your WIFI router at the same time will impact signal strength on each connected device.

The amount and quality of signals that your router can give off is limited and when devices connect, they have to share these signals. Heavier devices like your TV will need greater signal strength than smaller devices like your mobile phone.

This is why Internet Service Providers always state limits on the number and kinds of devices that can connect to your network at a time. This does not mean that more devices would not connect, but that signal will be significantly affected. A general rule is to count your LG TV as 2 laptops.

Fix – Reduce Connected Devices

When disconnecting devices from your router, it is best to start with the heavy ones and check your LG TV status after each disconnection. The idea is to find the optimal number of devices that allow a strong WIFI connection on your LG TV.

3. Interference From Unconnected Devices

As explained earlier, your WIFI router uses radio frequencies to broadcast signals, and your LG TV also uses radio frequencies to receive these signals for connection.

If there are other devices that use radio signals within your location, their signals may interfere with the WIFI signals that your router is broadcasting.

Such devices include baby monitors, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, and microwave ovens. And they all use the same 2.4GHz frequency that your smart TV uses.

This interference will impact the quality of signals reaching your LG TV and may cause the WIFI is turned off error.

Fix – Keep Interfering Devices Far From Router

As much as is possible, all the devices listed above (including garage door openers) should be kept at a good distance from the router. Or, bring the router much closer to your LG TV to limit inference from these other devices.

4. Poor Internet

Another reason why you may be having the WIFI is turned off error, is that the internet connection on your router is poor.

Earlier, we talked about the signals reaching your LG TV from your router. In this case, we are talking about the signal reaching your router from your internet service provider.

You may be aware that for your LG TV to connect successfully to the internet there are two connections that have to take place:

  • LG TV connects to the WIFI router
  • WIFI router connects to the internet

So, if the router’s connection to the internet is poor, it could also cause your LG TV to return the WIFI is turned off error. There are many factors that could cause a poor internet connection on your router, and we will address them one by one.

Fix 1 – Restart the Router

The poor internet connection may be a result of a glitch on your router such as overheating, stored electricity, or some other temporary software or hardware malfunction. A timed restart will fix this:

1. Unplug the router from the power socket

2. Wait 2 minutes

3. Plug the router back in and wait until the Connected indicator shows

4. Then check if the WIFI turned off error is cleared.

Fix 2 – Contact ISP

It may well be that the issue is not with the router but with your ISP. To test, connect your phone or PC to the router and try to stream a video.

If you are unable to stream, then it is likely that your ISP is having issues delivering internet access to your location. In that case, you would need to contact them for support

Fix 3 – Change DNS and IP Configuration

If you were able to stream successfully in the test above, then the problem may be that the DNS settings on your router are not compatible with your LG TV. In that case, you would need to change the DNS settings on the router. Please follow the steps below to do that:

1. Press the Menu button on your LG TV remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Select All Settings.

4. Select Network.

5. Select WI-FI Connection.

6. Select Advanced WI-FI Settings.

7. Select Edit

8. Change the Network type from DHCP to Static and then enter the IP address as (this is assuming that your router uses the usual 192.168 range. You may contact your ISP for guidance on this)

9. Enter the DNS servers as and for DNS 1 and DNS 2 respectively

10. Press OK

After doing this, please confirm that your other devices can still connect to the internet. If they can’t, please reverse the changes and move to the next step.

5. Wrong Date & Time Zone

If the date and time zone on your LG TV are wrong, the TV will be unable to connect to the internet. In most smart devices, date and time are part of an integrated security feature designed to make sure that connections are genuine.

Websites, applications, Internet Service Providers, and routers all use date and time as a security check for devices that connect to them.

When your LG TV wants to connect to the router, for example, the router has to issue a trust certificate to the TV after you have inputted the WIFI password.

However, if the date and time zone on your TV are not correct, the router will deny the certificate because it does not trust the location of your TV.

Even if you are able to connect to some routers with a wrong time and date, most applications that you access on your LG TV like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO will also deny you connection. Any of these will result in the WIFI is turned off error on your TV.

Fix – Correct Date and Time Zone

Please follow the steps below to correct the Date and Time on your LG TV

1. Press the Settings button on your smart remote. It is the key with the gear icon

2. Select All Settings

3. Select General

4. Select Time and Date

5. At this point, if your LG TV is connected to the internet, select Automatic time and date

6. If it is not, select Manual. Then enter the correct date and time

7. Press OK

6. Quick Start Feature Glitch

The Quick Start feature is a function on your LG TV that puts it in standby mode when you turn the TV off. This is what makes your TV come on faster when you turn it back on.

This is achieved by disabling all the major functions in the TV, including the WIFI connection, and putting the TV in a very low power state.

However, there are cases where even after you power on the LG TV, the network function does not start. This also causes the WIFI turned off error on the TV.

Fix – Disable Quick Start

This is a known bug in the Quick Start feature and LG recommends that users disable the feature to eliminate the issue. To disable Quick Start:

1. Press the Home button on your remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Select All Settings

4. Select General

5. Select Quick Start and turn it off.

7. Simplink Feature Bug

Another feature on the LG TV that may cause the WIFI is turned off error is the Simplink feature. Simplink is a function on your LG TV that enables the smart remote control to control the functions of all connected HDMI devices.

A bug in the Simplink feature may also prevent your TV from connecting to the WIFI. LG also recommends disabling this feature when faced with the WIFI is turned off error.

Fix – Disable Simplink feature

1. Press the Home button on your remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Select All Settings

4. Select General

5. Select Simplink (HDMI-CEC) and turn it off

6. Switch off the TV at the socket and switch it back on

Then check if the error has cleared.

8. USB Device Interference

Another known issue with WIFI connection on LG smart TVs is that a USB device plugged into the TV may interfere with the TV’s attempt to connect to the network.

Please note that this applies only when the USB is plugged in at the time of the connection attempt. If your LG TV is already connected to the WIFI, plugging a USB device into it will not disconnect the WIFI.

Fix – Disconnect USB

Therefore, if you have a USB device on the LG TV at the time you are attempting to connect it to the WIFI, please remove the USB stick and try again.

9. Out of Date Software

The WIFI is turned off error may also be a result of your LG TV being out of date. A lot of the issues with connecting to the internet are known to LG and they are constantly releasing updates to fix them.

If your TV is not updated, it may not have the solution to the particular bug that is causing the error on your TV.

Fix 1 – Update TV Using Internet

If your LG TV shows the WIFI is turned off error even though it is connected to the internet, then you can update the TV firmware over the internet. Please follow the steps below to update:

For webOS:

1. Press the Home button on your remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Select All Settings

4. Select General

5. Scroll towards the bottom of the screen and select About this TV

6. Toggle to turn on automatic updates if it is off

7. Then select Check For Updates

8. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updates

For Netcast:

1. Press the Home button on your remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Go to the Others tab and select Software Update

4. Turn on Software Update

5. Select the box to automatically download and install updates

6. Click on Check Update Version

7. Click on Update (if there is one available)

Please ensure that your TV is not powered off during the entire update process

Fix 2 – Update LG TV Manually


  • A USB stick with no file in it
  • A PC connected to the internet


1. Go to the LG support page on your PC

2. Enter your TV model number into the search box

3. Select your TV model from the predictive text that appears as you type, then click Enter

4. From the page that opens, download the latest firmware update file

5. Navigate to the downloaded zip file on your PC and extract all the files

6. Open the USB drive on your PC and create a folder specifically named LG_DTV

7. Copy the unzipped file into the LG_DTV folder. The file type should be EPK file

8. Turn on your LG TV and insert the USB drive

9. The LG TV will pick the file automatically and display instructions for you to follow

10. Follow the instructions to complete the update.

Note: Please follow these steps exactly as they have been provided, otherwise the update will not work

After updating the TV, check if the WIFI is turned off error is cleared.

10. Permanent Bug in LG TV

If none of the solutions above fix the error on your TV, it may well be that the issue is caused by a permanent bug on the TV. Bugs may develop from incompatible settings, downloaded apps, or other changes made to your TV over time.

Fix – Reset TV to factory settings

To clear these bugs, you need to reset your TV to factory settings. This will clear all the user settings and data on the TV but will also solve the WIFI is turned off error message.

To reset:

1. Press the Home button on your remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Select General

4. Select Reset to Initial Settings

This process will take a while. When it is complete, you will be asked to select your country and language, and set up your WIFI. Please be sure to select Home for the first question. Then enter the other required information accurately until setup is complete.

This should allow you connect to the internet and stream with issues again.

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