LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi? Try These 18 Fixes

LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

One of the most common issues that you can encounter when using an LG smart TV is Wi-Fi connectivity. There is nothing more frustrating than settling in to watch your favorite show or movie, only to be met with a notice that your TV has been disconnected from your Wi-fi.

Luckily, this issue is well known and easy to resolve. If your LG TV is consistently disconnecting from your Wi-Fi, there are several steps you can take to fix the problem. Like any technology, LG smart TVs are subject to the occasional bug or error.

This guide will help you identify the main causes and solutions for any intermittent internet connectivity you might encounter when using your TV.

LG Electronics is an industry leader when it comes to Smart TVs. They have a vast selection of models to choose from, all packed with the latest features. You can use the information in this guide to ensure that you are getting the most out of your LG TV.

Why Does My LG TV Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

Internet connectivity issues are a common problem among smart TVs. The latest models of LG TVs usually come with built-in Wi-fi, which makes them susceptible to slow or poor internet connection. Loss of connection could interrupt your viewing experience if you use your TV to connect to popular streaming apps.

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi disconnects while using your LG TV, several different factors could be causing it. The most common reasons are listed below:

1. Your TVs Firmware Is Outdated

LG Smart TVs rely on live updates to keep the applications and features it can access fully functional. Your LG TV likely depends on an internal wireless communicator to transmit signals to and from your internet router. When this wireless communicator is not up to date with the latest firmware version, it can cause issues such as disconnection from Wi-Fi.

Smart TVs add an extra layer of features that standard flatscreens do not offer. With that comes the extra responsibility of keeping your LG TV updated to the latest firmware version. This ensures that you are always operating with the most current working version of your TV software.

2. You Have No Internet Signal

It is possible that the problem is not with your LG TV, but with your internet connection. If you are experiencing internet outages, you will likely be notified that your LG TV has been disconnected from the Wi-Fi. Without a valid internet connection, you will not be able to access your smart TV’s network features and applications.

This can be frustrating, but if you come to find that the problem lies with your internet connection and not your LG TV, luckily the problem will likely resolve when your internet is back.

3. Wrong Date and Time

Your LG TV depends on an accurate representation of time and date to access network features properly. You can expect to have issues with disconnects if you find that your LG TV’s displayed date and time are significantly different than that of your location.

It might sound strange, but this is one of the most common causes of connectivity issues surrounding many brands of Smart TVs. If the time is only a few minutes off, you should not experience any issues, but if your date is wrong, or your time difference is several hours, you are at risk for connection issues.

4. You Are Using 5GHz Frequency

The frequency of your internet connection can also affect the stability of your LG TVs Wi-Fi connection. If use keeps your LG TV close to your router, then you could likely use a 5GHz frequency with no issues. This is the preferred frequency if you keep your devices near your router, as 5GHz offers the most speed for your TV to work with.

The trade-off is that when using a 5GHz frequency, the range of your internet connection will be far less. This means that if your router is positioned too far from your LG TV you could be at risk for disconnection issues.

5. Your Router Is Overloaded

If your router is processing too many tasks at once, then you are at risk of router overload. When your router becomes overloaded you can expect a slow, unstable internet connection that could cause your LG TV to disconnect from the Wi-Fi.

Extensive tasks such as large downloads, 4k streaming from another room, or playing online video games can add to the workload of your router. If you are having issues with your LG TV disconnecting it could be due to internet activity from elsewhere in your home.

Other Items Causing an Interference

There could be an item in the vicinity of your LG TV causing interference. This can result in your TV disconnecting from the Wi-Fi sporadically. Common items that cause internet interference are cell phones, tablets, and other objects currently using an internet connection.

In some cases, having too many objects in the path of your LG TV and the Wi-Fi can affect connectivity. If you keep your router or LG TV in an area with a lot of clutter, you can expect some intermittent connection issues.

1. You Have Encountered a Wi-Fi Bug

Sometimes your LG TV can be disconnected from the Wi-Fi due to a random bug encountered when communicating with your router. Bugs and glitches happen from time to time. If you do not usually have problems with your LG TV Wi-Fi connection, then you could have experienced a temporary bug that disconnected you.

There is usually no action required to resolve this type of error. A temporary bug or glitch in functionality can be expected when using any type of modern technology.

2. Your LG TV Quick Start Setting Are Blocking the Wi-Fi

If your LG TV uses the Quick Start feature to help streamline setup for new users, then you could experience disconnection from your Wi-Fi. There have been reports of being unable to connect to the network features while Quick Start is enabled on LG Smart TVs.

Not all LG TV models include the Quick Start feature, but if you find that yours does it could be the cause of your connection issues.

3. Simplink Is Blocking Your Wi-Fi Connection

LG offers a specialized application called Simplink that allows users to control all of their compatible devices from one remote. This is a neat feature that can help drive down the number of remotes needed for households with multiple HDMI-connected devices.

Unfortunately, this feature has also been known to cause connectivity issues like random disconnection from the Wi-fi. If you use Simplink to control all of your HDMI devices, this could be the cause of your issue.

How To Fix LG TV Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Now that you are aware of some of the most common causes of LG TV Wi-Fi connection problems, you can take steps toward troubleshooting your specific issue. There are several different methods, depending on your particular problem. You will likely find a way to resolve your LG TV connectivity errors using one of the troubleshooting methods below:

1. Restart Your LG TV

The first thing you should do when encountering any type of connection issue while using your LG TV is to try a full restart. Turning your LG TV off and on again will give it a chance to rectify errors and start over with a clean slate.

This is a good first step when troubleshooting connection errors, as the issue could quickly resolve itself after a restart. You could save yourself time and a headache, so try restarting your LG TV first.

2. Connect Directly Via Ethernet Cable

Using a direct connection from your router to your LG TV with an ethernet cable can help determine the roots of your connectivity ailments. When using an ethernet cable, your connection is transferred through the direct line, rather than over Wi-fi.

If you believe the issue is with your LG TV onboard Wi-Fi receiver, then you can use this method to determine if the problem lies instead with your internet connection. If you connect via ethernet cable and can access your LG TV’s network features, then it is safe to assume that the problem stems from some sort of Wi-Fi connectivity problem with your TV.

You can also use an ethernet cable to combat slow, or choppy connections. An ethernet cable is generally able to transmit data faster than Wi-Fi, so if speed is a priority consider using a direct connection with an ethernet cable to enhance your speed.

3. Move The Router/Modem Closer to Your LG TV

If you are experiencing connection issues, moving your router or modem closer to your LG TV could solve your problem. Wi-Fi strength is ultimately determined by your type of router and placement, but all signals have their limits.

If you place your router too far away from your LG TV you will find that you have trouble staying connected to your Wi-Fi, due to the weakened signal.

The less your Wi-Fi signal has to travel to reach your LG TV, the stronger it will be, and more consistent.

This is especially pertinent to LG TV owners who use a 5GHz connection frequency to enhance their network speed. The range for a 5GHz connection is considerably lower than a standard Wi-Fi connection.

4. Get A Wi-Fi Extender

If moving your router or LG TV is not an option that you wish to consider, then you can consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender (view on Amazon) to expand the range and signal of your Wi-Fi. A standard Wi-Fi extender can help strengthen your internet connection in places in your home or office where your router alone could not reach.

A Wi-Fi extender can also improve your general connection speed and consistency, so it is a great choice even for those who do not have issues with connectivity.

Using a Wi-Fi extender allows you the freedom to place your LG TV wherever you like, without worrying about proximity to your router.

5. Restart the Router

If you suspect that your LG TV Wi-Fi connectivity issues are due to a problem with your internet connection or router, consider restarting your router and see if that helps resolve your issue.

A router is generally left on at all times of the day, giving users easy and instant access to their network on demand. It is only natural that now and then the machine needs to be reset.

If your router is hung up or overloaded, it could affect internet connectivity and cause you to be disconnected from the Wi-Fi while using your LG TV. How to reset your router can vary depending on your brand.

Generally, there will be a reset button on the router that refreshes your connection. Unplugging your router for 60 seconds will also reset your router and refresh your network.

6. Correct The Date and Time on Your LG TV

As previously mentioned, having an incorrect date and time on your LG TV can cause network connectivity issues. This includes being disconnected from your Wi-Fi while using your LG TV.

The network features included with your LG TV depend on accurate representations of time. If there is too large a discrepancy, you can expect to have connection issues.

Correcting the date and time on your LG TV is a simple process. All users must do is navigate to their LG TV settings and find the Time and Date settings. There they can update their LG TV’s time and date.

7. Allow Network Full Access

If you find that you are experiencing connection issues only on your LG TV, consider checking that you have given the device full access to your internet connection. Limit access can affect the accessibility of some applications on your LG TV, and also cause intermittent disconnects.

You can access your network setting from the Settings menu on your LG TV. There you see the permission level that has been granted to your device and make any changes that you might need.

8. Disable The Quick Start Feature

If you have Quick Start enabled on your LG TV, then that could be the cause of your connection problems. Users have reported problems with connectivity when using the Quick Start feature. Disabling it is simple and can help solve your Wi-Fi connectivity problems when using your LG TV.

To disable Quick Start on your LG TV, simply navigate to the settings options and click on the General tab. There you will find the option to toggle the Quick Start feature on or off at your discretion. To ensure that your settings are reflected, it is recommended to restart your LG TV.

9. Disable Simplink

Simplink is an innovative feature offered by LG to its users. It allows you to control all of your HDMI-connected devices with one remote. This feature can be extremely useful and is a great quality of life application for its user.

It has unfortunately been known to cause connectivity errors. Users have reported being disconnected from their Wi-Fi while utilizing the Simplink feature. If you use Simplink and are experiencing these problems, consider disabling Simplink in your LG TV settings.

Disabling Simplink is simple. First, navigate to the settings menu on your LG TV. From there, select the General tab. There you will find the option to toggle the Simplink feature on or off whenever you please.

10. Use Your Phone as A Hotspot

If you are experiencing an internet outage or router issue that is causing connectivity issues while using your LG TV, connecting your TV to a mobile hotspot could help you regain access to network features. This can also be a good way to determine where the root of your problem is coming from.

If you can connect to the mobile hotspot while using your LG TV, your problem is likely not with the TV, but with your home internet connection or router. If your outage is temporary, you can use a mobile hotspot to connect your LG TV to Wi-Fi in the meantime.

11. Power Cycle Your Router

Your router is just like any machine and can become overworked or overheated. The nature of routers dictates that they are left on constantly, so users have quick access to their internet networks. Sometimes your router can encounter internal errors while communicating your internet signal to your devices.

If you have tried resetting your router to regain a stable connection and it did not work, you could try power cycling your router. The process is simple. All you have to do is unplug your router for a few minutes and give it some time to be inactive.

After you plug it back in, it will begin the process of updating your connection status. This is a good solution to many router-related problems and can be the answer to your LG TV Wi-Fi connection issues.

12. Remove USB from TV

Many USB devices that are compatible with LG TVs use the internet to access their features. Some of these devices could cause interference with your TV’s ability to connect to the Wi-Fi. Removing these devices from your LG TV can sometimes solve connectivity problems.

When purchasing USB devices to use with your LG TV is it important to do your research to ensure that they are safe and compatible for use with your model Smart TV. Devices that are not optimized for use with LG TVs can cause you to be disconnected from the Wi-Fi.

13. Check the Location of Your Device

If removing a USB device is not an option, you can try repositioning it further away from your LG TV. Devices that access the internet can cause significant interference when trying to use your LG TV with Wi-Fi. Depending on the proximity of your device, moving it further away could help alleviate your connection issues.

If you find that your LG TV or router is in an area with a substantial amount of clutter, then consider tidying up the area to remove some of the obstructions in the path of your Wi-Fi signal.

While Wi-Fi is not a tangible object, it can still be affected by any mass in its path. The overall strength of your signal determines to what extent this affects your connection.

14. Change Your Network Band

Your network band influences the frequency that your connection is processed. Most people will find that they are using a standard 2.4GHz band, while others use the faster 5Ghz.

Your network band will influence the strength and reach of your Wi-Fi connection. Users with a 5Ghz connection will find that they have a significantly limited range compared to a 2.4GHz band.

Consider changing your network band to 2.4GHz if you require additional Wi-Fi range to reach your LG TV. Sometimes a router will not be compatible with 5GHz. In that case, switching to a standard 2.4GHz band can help solve your connection problems while using your LG TV.

15. Check For System Updates

If you have only recently begun to experience issues with being disconnected from the Wi-Fi while using your LG TV, then you might be due for a software update that can help solve your issue.

Keeping your LG TV up to date is important for ensuring intended functionality. LG is always making improvements on their software and devices, so if you have neglected to update your device, then you can expect bugs and glitches to arise.

These bugs can cause you to be disconnected from the Wi-fi, among other issues. Updating your LG TV is a simple and automatic process.

To check for an update on your LG TV, all you have to do is navigate to the settings menu. From there you will see an option to Check for Update. Click it, and your TV will automatically search for and install any recent updates. Keep in mind that you need an internet connection to update your LG TV.

16. Use the Internet for Help

The internet can be your greatest resource in tracking down the root of your LG TV Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Articles and guides like the one you are reading are filled with information and solutions to any number of problems you might encounter.

This guide has detailed lists of all the known causes, solutions, and preventative measures relevant to LG TV Wi-Fi connection problems.

If you are fine with a little research, you can often find the answers you are looking for using the internet. Guides like this provide a valuable service, informing users of simple solutions to their problems, without having to deal with technical support over the phone.

17. Contact LG

If you are having serious problems with your LG TV disconnecting from the Wi-Fi, and none of the above solutions have worked, you can contact LG customer service and they will put you in contact with someone from their technical team.

From there, someone certified from LG will walk you through any additional troubleshooting that you may have missed, and also suggest any plans of action. This is the next logical step after exhausting all of the methods for resolution in this guide.

It can be frustrating dealing with technical issues over the phone, but rest assured that you are getting the best possible help from someone qualified and well versed in the matter.

18. Contact Your Network Provider

If you are experiencing widespread connectivity issues across all your devices, then you can consider contacting your network provider for further assistance.

While they will not be able to help you with any problems stemming from your LG TV, they can help inform you of any internet outages or hardware problems that your router might be experiencing.

Since your LG TV network features depend on a stable connection to function, it is important to determine if the problem is with your base connection.

Final Thoughts

LG is one of the leading companies in the Smart TV market. They have several successful lines of products and satisfied customers all across the world. You will rarely find someone who has not encountered an LG product at least once in their life.

Like any device that uses a Wi-Fi connection to access features, it is subject to disconnects caused by a variety of different factors.

These factors include router issues, incompatible devices or settings, or weak internet connection. No matter where your issue stems from, this guide provides detailed explanations and solutions so you can troubleshoot your specific issue.

If you want to stay proactive and avoid this error in the future, you can take steps like making sure that your LG TV is always updated to the latest version and keeping your router load light when using the Wi-Fi network features on your Smart TV.

Keep this guide in mind next time you encounter any problems with the Wi-Fi while using your LG TV and you will be prepared to tackle the issue.

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