The Letgo app is like being able to have a yard sale right on your phone to get rid of old or unused items that you don’t want around the house anymore. Letgo is a great way to connect with people around you to buy and sell used items. The app does not have any built in payment methods just like your yard sale probably doesn’t either.

If you are interested in buying or selling something on Letgo, then you will have to figure out how to handle the transaction on your own. You will have to talk to the person selling the item you are interested in buying about how the payment will take place and come up with a plan between the two of you. There are a few different methods you could go with, such as:

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Paypal
  • Check

Every option given here has good and bad things about them, and the Paypal and Check methods can be extremely risky. A lot of sellers won’t accept a check because of the simple fact that they can be canceled or bounce leaving them with no money for the item that they don’t have possession of anymore. Online payment methods like Paypal can be dangerous if you don’t receive the payment before you give the buyer the item you are selling.

It is a nice thing to think that everyone is honest and will stand behind their word, but it just is not true. There are people out there that are not honest and are just out there trying to rip people off to make a dollar themselves or get an item without paying for it. It doesn’t matter what payment method you use, there are downsides and risks involved.

Letgo Recommendation for Payment Method

The people behind Letgo say that you should only accept cash during transactions and only do them in person. They say that this is the best way to make sure you get paid for your item. It is also a good idea to not only meet in person, but to do it in a public place so all parties feel safe and comfortable.

When you think about it though, this can be a risky way of paying, especially if you are buying an expensive item like furniture or a nice big piano for example. Usually for these items, you would have to meet at the seller’s house, which means you will be in a private area and have already told the person you would have a large amount of cash on you. Not the safest thing to do after all.

Using a Credit Card Reader

If you are planning on selling a lot of items off through Letgo or a just a few items that have a large price tag, you may want to look into getting a credit card reader since so few people carry cash now.

This is probably the safest bet in public places for sellers to get their money without having to exchange large amounts of cash. If you are a buyer, you could recommend the use of one to the seller, or even offer to pay for one to secure your large purchase while maintaining a level of safety for yourself.

If you are already spending a good amount of money, what are a few more dollars. There are even free card readers out there that you would only have to pay a transaction fee for. No reason not to at least try this method as a seller or a buyer of high dollar items.