How to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number on WhatsApp


The sting of losing a friend is one that everyone feels at some point in life; the fact that it was done through Whatsapp doesn’t lessen the blow. Believe it or not, there are a few you can see if someone has deleted you on Whatsapp and all of these signals can give you a concrete way to know.

How to Know if Someone Deleted Your Number on WhatsApp

1. Try Sending a Message

Sending a message to someone will allow you to know if they have deleted you on whatsapp. There are certain hints that WhatsApp give you when you send someone a message that’ll let you know if they deleted you or not.

1. Locate and launch the WhatsApp application.

2. At the top, where your tabs are located, select CHATS. All ongoing conversations, including group conversations, will be listed below.

3. Locate and select the conversation that you have suspicion someone deleted you.

4. Go ahead and send a message, anything or even an attachment will do, too. But, here’s the kicker, if you send a message in the conversation unsuccessfully, which means it wasn’t delivered, there will only be a single small checkmark to the right of the message.

Before you question it, there’s one thing you should know: it’s possible the message just wasn’t sent. Double-check by using a secure and safe network connection, rather than your cellular data.

Any and all successful messages sent to others in conversations will have two checkmarks to the right of the message, rather than one.

2. Checking their Profile Picture

You can further confirm if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp by the revealing of their profile picture. If you don’t see their profile picture, then it’s more than likely someone deleted you on WhatsApp. Here’s how to check that:

1. Locate and launch the WhatsApp application.

2. At the top, where your tabs are located, select CHATS. All ongoing conversations, including group conversations will be listed below.

3. Locate and select the conversation that you have suspicion someone deleted you.

4. At the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see their profile picture. But, if you don’t, and it has been replaced with a grey figurehead, then it’s more than likely you were deleted on Whatsapp.

However, it’s possible, but unlikely, that WhatsApp is just having a moment. Try restarting the Whatsapp program and performing Steps 1 through 3 again. It’s also possible, but again, unlikely, that they removed their profile picture. Using their profile picture to find out if they deleted you isn’t the best way to know if someone has removed you because people remove their profile pictures all the time.

3. Checking Their Contact Information

Whatsapp gives you the ability to create a status. However, if you’ve been deleted by someone on Whatsapp, you won’t see their status. The same can be said if you aren’t in their contacts, which can be another tip that you’ve been deleted on Whatsapp. If you know for sure you were in that person’s contacts, and now you can’t see their status, then it’s likely you were deleted on Whatsapp.

1. Locate and launch the WhatsApp application.

2. At the top, where your tabs are located, select CHATS. All ongoing conversations, including group conversations will be listed below.

3. Locate and select the conversation that you have suspicion someone deleted you.

4. At the top left corner of the screen, select the person’s name. You’ll open their contact info. If there’s no additional information that was once there, you’ve likely been deleted on Whatsapp.

4. Check Their Last Seen Info

If someone deleted you and blocked you on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see their Last Seen info. The last seen info allows you to know when someone was last and whatsapp and if the person you think deleted you always had this on, and it suddenly is no longer there, there’s a chance they have deleted your number and blocked you. Using this along with the other methods is a good way to know if someone deleted you on WhatsApp.

5. Asking a Friend of a Friend

Don’t use this solution if you’re aware of a recent conflict. Being confrontational with friends of the person who deleted you is only going to lead to trouble. If they want to delete you on Whatsapp, they’re going to delete you on Whatsapp. It’s best to respect their wishes, rather than confront them.

However, it’s possible that the other person simply deleted Whatsapp and hasn’t mentioned it to you, yet or hasn’t had the time. Simply calling them or getting in touch with a mutual friend can help clear the air and avoid a confrontation.

6. Asking The Person That You Think Deleted Your Number

Another good way to know if someone has deleted your number on WhatsApp is to simply ask them. When someone deleted your number, this is usually done from the contacts app on their phone which translates into WhatsApp. If you want to know if they’ve deleted you or not, simply send them a message on Whatsapp asking if they’ve deleted you.

What Will I See on WhatsApp If Someone Has Deleted Me?

When you delete a WhatsApp contact in your chat list, their name is replaced with their phone number. The same rules apply for WhatsApp groups in which both you and the removed contact are participants. If you erase a conversation with a deleted contact, you will not be able to contact them again unless you can recall their phone number from memory. If someone has deleted you from their WhatsApp, you will not see their status updates and their profile picture, depending on their settings.

If Someone Deletes You on WhatsApp, Can You See Their Status?

Only if you have their phone number in your phone’s address book and if they also have your phone number saved will your status updates be visible to them. You have the option of sharing your status updates with your contacts or with only a subset of your contacts.

If you cannot see the status updates, your number may have gotten erased unless they have changed their visibility to “My Contacts” in their preferences. Deleted numbers from a person’s contact list prevent you from accessing their personal information, such as their profile photo, status message, and the last time they were seen. Consequently, you will be unable to assert that you have been deleted from their contact list due to a settings issue.

Am I Blocked Or Deleted on WhatsApp?

Someone can still send you messages on WhatsApp, and they can view your profile, status, and last seen (depending on your account privacy settings) even if you delete their phone from your contacts list. However, if they are blocked, they will no longer be able to message you and will no longer be able to view anything relating to your account.

When you are blocked, you can’t:

View the last seen – This is a message that is updated every time the user logs into WhatsApp, and it also displays the date and time the person last used the service to help you find the individual. If you don’t see one, it’s conceivable that you’ve been prohibited — though it’s also possible that the individual has just deleted the feature from their account.

Your message won’t deliver – With the use of checkmark symbols, WhatsApp keeps track of your communications with others. Your message has gotten sent if there is a single check mark symbol next to it, and it has been received if there are two checkmark symbols next to it. When you message someone who has blocked you, that second checkmark will never display in your message list again. With a high possibility that you’ve gotten blocked, your message won’t make it through to the intended recipient. The message will get sent, but it will not be delivered to the intended recipient because you are blocked.

The WhatsApp call won’t go through – When you try to call someone that has blocked you, their phone will not get answered. The phone will continue to ring on your end of the call, but the person who has blocked you will not receive any notice that you have attempted to contact them.

You cant add the person to a WhatsApp group – When you try to add a person that blocked you to a WhatsApp group, you will not succeed. You will very certainly receive an error message stating that you are not permitted to include them in your group if you receive this message.

When you are deleted, depending on the person’s setting, you can’t:

View status updates – Status updates are reserved for people that appear in your contact list on WhatsApp. When someone deletes your phone number, you will no longer have access to their status updates.

View the person’s last seen – When someone deletes your number, they may choose not to display their last seen activity to you. Unless you have been removed and blocked by someone on WhatsApp, you will not be able to access their Last Seen information. There’s a reasonable probability that the person who you believe deleted you always had this information on their phone, and it suddenly disappeared, that they have removed your phone number and you cant view their last seen anymore.

View profile pictures – The absence of their profile photo provides additional confirmation that you have been erased on WhatsApp. If you don’t see their profile picture, someone has probably deleted you from their WhatsApp. In addition, it’s conceivable, but quite improbable, that they have changed their profile image. Using their profile image to determine whether or not they have deleted you is not the most effective method of determining whether or not someone has deleted you because people remove their profile photographs all of the time.

On WhatsApp, it’s impossible to know whether someone has removed your number. Because WhatsApp does not include a delete option for contacts, there is no way to tell unless the individual informs you directly. You can erase someone from WhatsApp without them being aware of it. The individual’s contact information will need to be deleted first from your phone’s address book, and then the person will need to be removed from your WhatsApp contacts list. The same applies if you have been blocked, you will not receive a notification. There will be hints that you have been blocked, but sometimes these are similar to when someone deletes their WhatsApp. The most significant way to differentiate if you have been blocked or deleted is to see if messages deliver.

Can You Tell If Someone Has Deleted Your WhatsApp Conversation?

WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to delete messages you have already sent. You can choose to delete only on your end or delete for all. When you “delete for all,” the recipient of the message will see that you deleted the message you had sent. Unfortunately, you only have a short window to delete for all, and there is no guarantee that by the time you delete the message, the recipient will not have read it. If someone deletes your WhatsApp conversation on their end, you will not see that your WhatsApp conversation got deleted.

One of the only ways to know that the person you are talking to has deleted the previous conversation is to ask them what it was about. You should not highlight the message and reply to it as it will remain visible to the other person. It will give the person into what the conversation was about. If you ask about the previous question and the person does not answer, you will know they deleted the last discussion.

The Takeaway

Whatsapp is one of the few applications that allow you to control who may contact you and view the information you share. It is also one of the few apps with privacy settings that enable you to choose who can contact you and see the information you share. The WhatsApp privacy settings are now separated into three categories: Everyone, My Contacts, and No One. It is possible to restrict access to your Last Seen, Profile Picture, and status on the messaging platform by configuring this setting.

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