Every handheld device, from tablets to mobile smartphones, have a small chance of refusing to turn on, and the Amazon Fire Tablet isn’t any different. The reasons for your Amazon Fire Tablet protesting are far and few; it could be a problem with the software; it could be a problem with the hardware or it could simply be your battery gave its last breath.

Being unable to turn on your Amazon Fire Tablet can be, well, words that reside in the realm of “vulgar” usually comes to mind. It’s the unfortunate nature of the little components that go into the beloved tablets and smartphones, which can be easily broken by simply dropping the device. You may have installed an app that switched a setting or two and bricked your device.

If you are experiencing this problem, then look no further. Here you’ll learn the various reasons for why your Amazon Fire Tablet is refusing to turn on and how you can go about rectifying the problem. Let’s start with the most likely scenario.

Your Battery is the Culprit

That which gives your Amazon Fire Tablet a reason to live is the most likely of reasons for your problem. With that being said, in most cases, you simply forgot to put your tablet on the charger and it went from dead, to really dead; you aren’t the first to forget. When that happens, your Amazon Fire Tablet will refuse to power on, not even showing any charging notifications on screen. In other words, your battery’s life force has been completely discharged and constantly pressing the power button will do nothing but make your finger sore.

To be clear, though, after you’ve performed the steps below, but the issue hasn’t resolved itself, then it’s likely that your battery is completely shot; you’ll need a new one. However, before you do that, consider the other steps below before wasting your money on a new battery. If you have a warrant, a dead battery is usually covered. Let’s get started.

1. Locate the correct charger for your Amazon Fire Tablet and plug it into a spare power outlet.

2. Plug your charger cable into the charging port of your Amazon Fire Tablet. If you see a green light, then you’re good to go and the Amazon Fire Tablet will charge up after a few hours, however, if you see a red light, then continue on with the steps.

3. If you see a red light on your Amazon Fire Tablet, then you need to remove the charger from the tablet. Hold the Power button for at least 15 seconds. This will ensure that the Amazon Fire Tablet was completely shutdown.

4. Plug the charger cable back to the tablet’s charging port and leave it be for a few hours. After a little while, the red light will change to green and charge as normal. However, if the red light stays put, then continue on with the steps.

5. So the red stuck around? In that case, you need to double-check the integrity of the battery by plugging your charger cable into a computer, rather than use an outlet to charge the tablet.

6. Try holding the Power button, yet again, for another 15-20 seconds, forcing the tablet to shut down and reboot.

After all that, and nothing has worked, then the charging port itself may be damaged or your battery is completely dead with no chance of revival. If the charging port is damaged, it isn’t recommended by any means to jam a charging cable into it; you could cause a nasty spark. Double-check that you, indeed, pushing the charging cable all the way in.

If your battery is completely dead, then obviously you’ll need a new one. However, consider the steps below before making the journey for a new battery.

Hardware Problems Can Spell Doom

Unfortunately, if you’re aware of any hardware issues, there isn’t much you can do except take it to a professional. Repairing an Amazon Fire Tablet yourself, without proper training, can result in more damage to the device and, frankly, it’s beyond the scope of this article. It isn’t recommended by any means. Not to mention, trying to repair hardware issues yourself is a one way ticket to voiding your warranty, which can actually come in handy in case of any hardware problems.

Software is Causing Problems

When it comes to hardware problems, it’s very hard to diagnose without the know-how. However, when it comes to software issues, that can be easily handled, even by individuals who aren’t as tech savvy. There’s a few caveats to understand beforehand.

If you did manage to turn your Amazon Fire Tablet on through the first method–charging your tablet–and you’re having problems, like freezing or the tablet isn’t responding correctly, then the problem may not have been your battery, but the apps you have installed.

Start Deleting Recent Apps

Your Amazon Fire Tablet is a tablet after all and every tablet uses apps, regardless of the manufacturer. In other words, it’s susceptible to all the same problems as every other device that uses apps, like hiccups in the software or not being optimized well for your tablet. Whatever the reason, the app needs to be removed and that may seem daunting at first, but all it requires is a little recalling.

Think back to when your Amazon Fire Tablet started having problems. Did you install any apps before problems revealed themselves? If so, it’s entirely possible an app is starting fights with your tablet. There’s two avenues you can take. You can 1) delete one app at a time until the problem disappears or 2) delete every single app that was installed around the same time.

The second option is a little drastic, but the good news is you can write a list of apps beforehand and simply restall one at a time. And if the problem reveals itself again, you’ll have located the problematic app.

Forcing an Update

So, you’ve thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that you did not install any apps before the time issues cropped up. In that case, your Amazon Fire Tablet could be due for an update. A forced update.

This method is very similar to refreshing a tab in a web browser or rebooting a modem that hasn’t been turned off in awhile, giving the Amazon Fire Tablet a chance to configure itself. Forcing an update is the last of your options, aside from factory resetting, but if your tablet won’t even turn on then factory resetting is useless to you. Any any rate, here’s what you do:

1. Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Power button together.

2. When you see “Installing the latest software,” then you can let go of ONLY the Power button. Keep holding the Volume Up button. Let the Amazon Fire Tablet install any software updates needed before letting go of the Volume Up button.

3. After any software updates, you should be able to boot your Amazon Fire Tablet again.

A dead Amazon Fire Tablet can be frustrating to witness, especially if it was recently bought. Hopefully you were able to pinpoint the problem and solve it with the steps above. If you did, leave a comment below on what worked for you and perhaps shed some light on a method you used that wasn’t listed here. After all, sharing knowledge is the best way of coming to a conclusion on this issue.