On your iPhone, you’re able to send more than just texts, you can send pictures to friends and family. Usually, when you send a picture, it should send to your recipient in just a few seconds without any problems whatsoever.

But sometimes, messages don’t’ send and you can get a message saying that the picture message was undelivered. Or, the picture just gets stuck halfway through sending. There are a few things that you’ll need to check if you’re experiencing this problem.

Picture Message not Sending as Text or iMessage

Each time you send a message to someone, it either goes through as a regular text message or as an iMessage. When you send a regular text message, it shows up in green and when you send an iMessage, it shows up in blue.

Although the recipient receives the message, either way, different technologies are being used depending on which type of message you send. When you send a regular green text or picture message, the message will be sent using the text messaging plan you set up with your carries. When you send iMessage’s, they’re sent using data or WIFI.

So, if your picture messages won’t send, you’re either using a text message which is green or you’re using iMessage which is blue.

Check if Picture Messages aren’t Sending to Everyone

You’ll need to check if your picture messages aren’t sending to anyone or just to specific people. If you’re using regular text messages and your picture messages aren’t sending to everyone or only a specific person, then the problem is likely because of them. But if your picture messages aren’t sending to everyone, then the problem is likely because of you.

1. Check if it’s in your Plan

When you get your text messaging plan, you can opt into picture message or choose only text messages. Opting into a picture messaging plan is more expensive so you can try and remember back to when you agreed to the plan whether you chose to opt out of picture messages.

If you notice that you can’t send picture messages via regular text message to anyone, then you mostly opted out of the picture messaging service. If your picture messages won’t deliver to a specific person, then it’s most likely because they didn’t opt into a picture messaging service.

Or, it simply could be because you haven’t turned on MMS Messaging on your iPhone. This means that normal text message will go through, but picture messages won’t go through.

To turn on MMS Messaging:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Messages.

MMS Messaging

3. Click on MMS Messaging. From here, you can try and send the picture message again.

2. Make Sure you have an Internet Connection

If you’re using iMessage’s and your picture messages won’t send, it’s likely because you haven’t got a good internet connection. If you’re using WIFI and you can see the WIFI icon in your status bar, this doesn’t mean that you’re connected to the internet.

If your router or modem isn’t connected to the internet, your iPhone can still be connected to it, but your iPhone won’t be connected to the internet. To fix this, you’ll need to restart your router or modem in order to get it to connect to the internet.

3. Make Sure the Other Person has iMessage’s Turned on

If the recipient you’re trying to send the picture message to hasn’t turned on iMessage then they won’t be able to receive the picture message. You need to tell the person to turn on iMessage so that they can receive any messages you’re trying to send them.

4. Reset Network Settings

Your network Settings include settings like WIFI, Bluetooth, and carrier settings. When you reset these settings, they’re taken back to factory default and wiped from your iPhone. After configuring these settings again, you should be able to send picture messages.

To reset network settings:

1. Click on Settings.

2. Click on General.

3. Go to Reset.

reset network settings

4. Click on Reset Network Settings.