So, you’re using your iPhone and you want to make it rotate so that you can get a better view of your screen. However, your screen orientation isn’t working for some reason.

This can be a mystery especially if you don’t know how to fix it.

The Reason your iPhone Won’t Rotate

Your iPhone isn’t rotating because of a bug on your device.

This bug is stopping the screen from responding when the liquid inside your device is turned.

A bug is a failure in the operating system that causes unexpected results.

Down below are different methods that are going to show you how to fix this.

Let’s get started…

1. Put your iPhone in Sleep Mode

Put iPhone in Sleep mode

The first and quickest thing you should try is to put your device into sleep mode.

This isn’t a long process and you do it to your iPhone all the time.

You simply need to click on the lock button and wait for your device to sleep for a few seconds.

After that, you need to unlock it by clicking on the power button.

After you’ve done this, you should check to see if the rotation is working.

If it doesn’t, go to the next step.

2. Turn Off orientation Lock

The first thing you need to do is to turn the rotation off then on. After you’ve done this, you need to restart your device.

To restart orientation:

  1. Swipe up to access the control centre
  2. Click on the rotate icon to turn it off
  3. Restart your iPhone/iPad
  4. Go to the Control centre to turn rotation on
  5. Rotate your iPhone

After following these steps, you should see that your iPhone is able to rotate.

If this step didn’t work, go to the next step.

3. Hard Reset your iPhone

hard reset iPhone

If there’s a deep software issue causing this, you’ll need to eliminate it by hard resetting your device.

When you hard reset your iPhone, this is basically going to fully shut down the operating system.

Doing this is going to get rid of any bugs that are causing your rotation not to working.

To hard reset iPhone 6s or older:

  1. Press the home button and power button together
  2. Do this for 20 seconds
  3. Wait for the Apple logo to appear

To hard reset iPhone 7 models:

  1. Hold the power button and volume down button
  2. Do this for 20 seconds
  3. Wait for the Apple logo to appear

To hard reset iPhone 8 or above models:

  1. Quickly press & release the volume up button
  2. Press & release volume down button
  3. Then press & hold the home button or side button on iPhone X

After you’ve done this for your iPhone, you need to test out the orientation.

If the iPhone doesn’t rotate, then it looks like there’s a more serious issue that’s causing it.

4. Back up & Restore

Backup and restore

To get rid of this deep-rooted issue, you need to back up and restore your iPhone.

This is going to wipe all the information from the device and put it back on again.

This technique helps to get rid of bugs that’s causing problems on your iOS device.

If you have a recent iCloud backup on your device, you’ll only need to restore your iPhone.

If you don’t have a recent backup, you’ll need to back up in iCloud or iTunes as I’m about to show.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on the Device symbol at the top left
  3. Go to Summary
  4. Under Back Up and Restore, Click on Back Up Now
  5. After Backing up, Click on Restore iPhone at the top
  6. Wait for your iPhone to Restore and Turn on

After you’ve done this, you should check if you can rotate your device.

If this does work, you’ll need to restore the backup that was made in iTunes.