So, you’ve gone into the settings app so that you can download the new iOS update. You’ve checked for an update and luckily enough there’s one available.

After following the steps to download, you see a ‘verifying update’ pop on the screen just before the download is about to start. However, this message is staying on the screen for ages and it doesn’t seem to go away.

The Reason this Message is Stuck

Verifying update message

Generally speaking, this message should only stay there for a few seconds or up to a minute. If it’s taking too long to verify the update, you’ll know that there’s definitely something wrong.

When a new update has arrived, and you try and install it instantaneously, you’re more likely to see this message. This is because there are a lot of people trying to download this new update as well and the high volume of network requests crashes the server.

Down below are the steps you need to follow in order to get rid of this message.

Make Sure you have Update Requirements

Update requirements

There are a few requirements Apple says you need to have before you can try and download/install a new update. Here is a list of the update requirements:

  1. Above 50% battery power
  2. Connected to a strong Wi-Fi network
  3. Available storage space

If you don’t have any of these things, you shouldn’t be surprised if the update is taking a long time to verify.

If you have got these requirements, its time to go to the next step.

Hard Reset Your Device

The first thing you need to try is a hard reset. This is a powerful version of restarting your device.

To hard reset your device:

  1. Hold down the home and power button simultaneously
  2. Continue to do this until the iPhone powers off and the Apple logo appears
  3. Once you see the logo, let go and wait for the device to turn on
  4. Go to settings and try to download the update again

After following this step, the verifying update message should have gone away, and you should be able to download and install the new update.

If this didn’t work for you, comment down below.

Update With iTunes

update iPhone via iTunes

The next step you should do is to try updating the iOS device with iTunes.

If you have a desktop device and you have iTunes installed on it, you should be familiar with this.

To update your device with iTunes:

  1. Connect your device to your computer
  2. Open iTunes and select your device
  3. Click Summary, then click Check for Update
  4. Click Download and Update
  5. If asked, enter your passcode

After you’ve followed this step, you should have the new update.

If for some reason this step didn’t work, you need to go to the next step.

Restore your From DFU mode

The last method you can try is to restore your device from DFU mode. DFU stands for device firmware update and it’s the harshest type of restore you can put your device through.

A DFU restore wipes all of the code from your device, updates the OS, then puts the code back on. This gets rid of any issue that the idevice is facing.

Before you do this, make sure that your device is backed up in iCloud