You’re probably here because you woke up and you tried turning your iPhone on, however, your device is just stuck on the Apple logo and it won’t go back to your normal home screen.

There are several reasons why you’d be stuck on the Apple logo. This problem usually happens when the operating system prevents your phone from booting up normally.

It’s going to be hard to pinpoint the exact reason why your phone is not booting up properly but, here are a few common causes:

1. You’re in the process of jailbreaking your iPhone

2. Your device isn’t updated, or your device is nearly out of storage.

3. Running a beta version of the iOS that has expired

There 2 methods in which you can get out of the boot loop. One of the methods will only include your iPhone and the other method will involve using iTunes. Before using any of these methods, make sure that there is some battery life on your phone.

1. Boot up Your Device in Safe Mode

Booting up your device in safe mode is one way you can try and fix this problem. Typically, this method will fix devices that were involved in a jailbreak tweak, or it can also work because of reasons I mentioned above, but jailbreaking is the biggest reason.

Note: The other method is going to involve iTunes.

The problem with this method is: If your iPhone is jailbroken, you’re going to lose your jailbreak which isn’t good. In order to use this method, the first thing you want to do is:

1. Hold the power button and the home button together until the device shuts off (it’s basically a hard reboot)

2. Once it shuts off, you can just release your fingers right away. If you continue to hold it, it’ll try to boot back up.

3. Once you’ve done that, your device is should power off. Now, hold the power button once again to get your device to power up.

4. As soon as the logo shows up, click and hold the volume up button on your device and let go of the power button straight away. That’s basically going to allow it to boot up in safe mode.

It will take up to a minute to actually boot up so keep in mind that you’re going to have your finger held there for quite some time. After you’ve held the volume button for over a minute, you should notice that your device should start booting up in safe mode.

If you jailbroke your device, all your tweaks will be completely disabled. Once you slide to unlock, your device should start to work. You can basically do anything on your device, it’s just in safe mode.

2. Put Your Device into Recovery Mode

To fix this problem using this method, you’re going to need the original cable which comes with the phone and iTunes installed on your PC. If you haven’t got iTunes on your PC, you’re going to have to download it. After you’ve downloaded iTunes, just install it.

First of all, you’re going to need to power off your iPhone. You can do this by:

1. Holding the home key and the power button for 10 seconds or 15 seconds.

2. Connect the USB end of your cable into your PC

3. After you’ve done this, hold the home button on your device while connecting the other end of the USB into your iPhone.

4. Keep holding the home button until your iPhone has gone into recovery mode (this will take up to 10 seconds).

Once your device is in recovery mode (iTunes mode), you can go into iTunes on your PC and check whether your device connected properly. If you receive a pop up telling you that there’s a new iTunes update, make sure you UPDATE your iTunes unless this method will not work.

iTunes Recovery Mode

You’ll receive a pop up saying “There is a problem with the iPhone “devices name” that requires it to be updated or restored”. Make sure you click update. You’ll receive another pop up asking if you want to confirm the restore and update, click, ‘Restore and Update’.

You’ll also have some terms and conditions you’ll need to agree to. The firmware file of the phone will start to download. The file will take around 30 minutes-1 hour to download.

After the update has been implemented to your iPhone, it should start to restore the phone. You will know this is happening because there will be a bar below the Apple logo and it should start filling up.

Your device should now be restored and it should turn back on.

Note: Your iPhone will be fully wiped but if you managed to do an iCloud backup before your device was stuck on the boot loop, then you can easily restore the back up during the setup of your phone.