You may think that your screen is broken but this isn’t the case. It’s actually a lot simpler to fix this issue than you’d think.

The Reason your iPhone or iPad Screen is Yellow

The reason your iPhone or iPad is Yellow is because of the feature called Night Shift. Night shift is the iOS 9.3 feature that automatically adjusts your screen and makes it warmer. So, your screen isn’t damaged, it’s just yellow because you’re in a dark environment and your iPhone screen is adjusting to the light. You can go to the next section to see how to turn off Night Shift.

When the Nightshift mode is on, it uses the geolocation of your phone to know whether it’s daytime or night time. This allows your screen to change to yellow. So, if you’re in the dark, your iPhone or iPad screen is going to be a lot warmer than when your surroundings are bright.

The reason Apple introduced Night Shift was so that people would have a better experience sleeping. The cool blue colours you see on your screen can trick your brain into thinking that it’s daytime, therefore, not allowing you to sleep. Your iPhone is basically like a “little window of artificial daylight”.

During the day, you soak up light from the sun which suppresses the amount of melatonin you have. As the sun sets and it starts to get darker, the amount of melatonin in you starts to increase. During the night, the melatonin in us is at its peak and this is what helps up get to sleep.

When your iPhone or iPad is turned on during the night, the blue light suppresses the melatonin which prevents you from sleeping.

This was proven by an iPad study done in 2014. Here’s what they found out, “volunteers who read on an iPad for four hours before bed reported feeling less sleepy, took an average of 10 minutes longer to fall asleep and slept less deeply compared with those who read paper books at night”.

How do I turn Night Shift Off

To turn Night Shift and to stop your screen from looking Yellow:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Display & Brightness
  3. Tap on Night Shift
  4. Make sure all of the buttons are automatically turned off
  5. If you want Night shift to be enabled at another time

How to Schedule Night Shift for Another Time

If you want to set Night shift for another time, you can do just that. The ‘Manually Enable Until Tomorrow’ button will turn on Night Shift, for now, then from tomorrow, you’ll have to manually turn it on yourself.

Turn off Night Shift

You can schedule the Night Shift app to turn on at certain times if you wanted it to. For example, if you want to set it to turn on in the night only, you can do this for sure. All you have to do is to tap on the ‘Scheduled’ button, then you can set the times for it.