Many people believe that Apple runs the table in the modern market of high-tech devices, so everyone who wants to keep up with the times or just show off purchases their devices. It is not a secret that an iPhone is the most popular gadget, but a few users know how to get the best out of it.

Indeed, most people are satisfied with the standard set of features found almost in all smartphones, so it is unclear why they choose a more expensive brand. Well, the Apple company is associated with high quality, status, and success, and people want to get closer to all these things, at least through owning their gadget. Some students even search for trustworthy services that can provide them with Essay Help, so they can make room in their schedules for part-time jobs.

They try to save every penny to get a chance to renew their smartphones, even though they have no idea about a wide range of iPhone hidden characteristics that can move their user experience to a completely different level.

Your Keyboard Can Become a Trackpad

Almost every iPhone user tried to navigate a text message by tapping on the screen where they wanted to put a cursor. When typing fast, you can hardly avoid mistakes and misprints, but making corrections becomes a real challenge. Fortunately, advanced users who possess iPhone 6S or newer models can easily cope with the issue. You should just firmly press down on the keyboard to switch on your trackpad. At such a moment, the keys will vanish away, and you will be able to slide your finger around to move your text cursor wherever you need. If you press harder a bit, you will be able to highlight the text. You may need some practice to get used to this function, but it will come in handy when writing emails or just replying to a message.

You Can Check Whether a Surface is Even

Many people utilize their smartphones for interacting on social networks, taking pics, and making plans. However, your iPhone can become a great helper at home when you need a leveling tool. For instance, if you want to hang the paintings correctly, you can use its built-in function. You should find a pre-set Measure app, open it and tap ”Level” on the right. Thus, you can utilize the leveling tool with your iPhone laid flat or placed on its side in a landscape mode, for instance. If you need to determine the difference between surfaces or measure a set uneven surface, you should tap the screen to set the angle to zero. Moving your smartphone, you will see the difference thanks to the red area. Of course, this tool is not as good as a well-designed bubble level, but it can also work out when you don’t have an alternative.

You Can Keep Your Private Photos Secret

Everyone has something they want to keep secret, especially when it comes to some intimate photos. Even though your smartphone is protected with a password or Face ID, you may hand your iPhone over to friends when sharing pics or a few videos in a row. It is when an awkward situation may arise if you have sensitive images among the rest. You can protect your private space and hide your secrets from view. Open Photos, pick images you want to protect, tap the Share button, and select Hide. The chosen pictures will become unavailable for ‘unauthorized’ users who view your library. Nonetheless, you will have access to them through the Hidden folder among your Albums.

You Can Arrange Your Sleeping Schedule

One of the biggest problems of modern people is a spoiled sleeping schedule. They sacrifice their sleep for the sake of another episode on Netflix, overdo it with their gadgets before bedtime, and give in to procrastination more than necessary. Thus, it can be hard to build a well-tailored schedule without help. However, you can utilize your smartphone to meet this challenge since the iPhone can help you adhere to a suitable bedtime. You should find the Health app on your smartphone, click Browse at the right bottom, open up Sleep and move to the Your Schedule part. It is necessary to start with setting a sleep goal since all other things will depend on it.

To do it, you should click Full Schedule & Options and make the required adjustments. Click Add under Your Schedule and select the desirable days of the sleep plan activity. Utilize sliders to set times for bedtime and wake-up. If the chosen times don’t match your sleep goal, the slider will become orange. Set your alarm. Your smartphone will remind you about your sleeping schedule and will track your progress in achieving sleeping goals.

You Can Teach Siri to Distinguish Contacts

Your contacts may contain many people with the same names, so it can be hard to utilize Siri to reach out to the right person. However, you can teach the program to distinguish your contacts by adding suitable nicknames like ”dad,” ”Johnny,” ”Dakota” to your contacts. A few people pay attention to a special field created in the Contacts app for this purpose, and Siri can utilize it to distinguish people. To make these changes, you should open a contact card, click Edit, select Add field, and choose Nickname. You can also specify your relationships with some contacts to simplify the task.