The Notes app is one handy feature on the iPhone. During its early days, users were not entirely satisfied with its functionality but continuous improvements have now made it one of the best features on the phone. However, even with all these improvements, there are still some unhappy users who have to face a few glitches while using the app.

One of the common issues that many users face is that of duplicate notes. The problem with duplicate notes is that users are afraid that deleting the duplicate will also delete the original one too. Additionally, some iPhone users have limited 8/16 GB storage space and duplicate notes (no matter how small in size) make them feel bothered.

The reason why this duplicate notes’ issue happens is simply down to a sole reason. If the users sync notes both over the iCloud) and iTunes then duplicates are bound to happen. In this case, users can do two things; the first one is to delete the duplicate notes while the second is to adjust the apps’ setting in a way that it cannot create a duplicate. Here is what you will need to do:

Deleting the Duplicate Notes:

Deleting duplicates will not affect the original notes. The users think that deleting the duplicate will make them lose the precious note they created but, fortunately, that is not the case. There are two methods through which you can get rid of duplicate notes. Have a look at them.

1. Open the Notes app on your iPhone.

2. Watch out for the notes that are duplicated.

3. Tap on that note to enter a new screen.

4. You will be able to locate the delete option on the bottom left of your screen. Tap on it and your note will be deleted.

5. The alternative way to delete a duplicated note is to swipe over it. Swiping over will prompt three options and one of them would be delete. Simply hit the option delete and your duplicate note will disappear.

6. Additionally, you can tap on the option Edit located at the top-right of the screen. doing this will enable you to select duplicated notes and then delete them altogether. This method is convenient if the number of duplicates is too many. However, do not mistakenly select the original ones in the list.

How to Stop iPhone Creating Duplicates:

Deleting the duplicates will temporarily do the job for you but there is no guarantee that this duplicate thing won’t happen again. Several iPhone users have reported that whenever they create an offline note (without internet connection) they usually end up with a duplicate when the iPhone connects to the network. What this tells is that the problem is due to syncing. It could be either iCloud syncing or iTunes syncing.

iCloud Sync:

if the issue is happening due to iCloud Sync then you can simply disable the sync for a few seconds and enable it back. Doing this usually settles the problem permanently. You can do that by:

1. First of all, login to your iCloud ID on the computer to check if the duplicates exist there too. It is just a double-check to avoid any confusion.

2. Now go to the Settings on your iPhone.

3. Tap your Apple ID.

4. Hit the option iCloud.

5. Locate the option Notes and toggle it off. Toggle it back on after a few seconds gap.

Doing this will normalize the syncing process which may well address the duplicate notes’ issue too.

iTunes Sync:

it could be your iTunes Sync instead of iCloud sync that may be causing the issue. To address that, you need to:

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes via a charging cable.

2. Now click on your device from the menu bar.

3. Click on the option Info.

4. Next, scroll down to locate the option Sync Notes and then deselect this option. Choose Delete Notes tab to finish the process.

Doing this will likely address the issue and you won’t see any duplicate notes on your iPhone anymore.