Why Does My iPhone Charger Get Hot?

iPhone cable getting hot

If you’re noticing that each time your lightning cable charger is plugged into your iPhone for a while, it starts to get hot to touch.

Usually, it’s the iPhone charge cube that gets hot – this is the plug plugged into the socket. Sometimes it is the cable itself that gets hot alongside the connector itself.

You should know that it’s not normal for your cable to get hot or even the cube. If you’re in a hot climate, then your cable might be ever so slightly warm to touch but if you’re not in an extremely hot climate, then you shouldn’t be experiencing a hot cable.

This problem would have happened to most iPhone and iPad users while using their iOS devices.

Why Does My iPhone Charger Get Hot?


Your iPhone cable is overheating because of the actual USB itself.

There can be all sorts of problems wrong with the internal electronics of the lighting cable but since your cable is covered by an insulator, you can’t open it up to see if there’s anything wrong with the cable.

Your iPhone’s lightning cable may be fake which is another reason why it’s going to start heating up when you charge your iPhone or iPad. This problem can easily be fixed so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The last reason your charger is getting hot when you charge your device is water damage. If the cable of your iPhone has come into contact with a lot of water, this can cause it to get hot when you charge your device.

If you notice that your charger and cable get very hot when you’re charging your iPhone, it’s a sign that you should stop using that cable and get it replaced. If you continue to use that cable, it could warrant some serious problems down the line such as a sparking socket or the cable melting which isn’t something you want to happen.

1. Cable is Faulty

Your iPhone lightning cable could be the reason why your charger is getting hot. Normally, the charger should be able to stand the current flow all through the charging period without any issues.

The cable becoming hot means it is not able to hold the current. This may be a result of broken or loose connections within the cable and you may not know.

To be sure that the cable is faulty, try charging with another cable. You can borrow a friend with an original cable and if it does not get hot, then your cable has a problem.

Fix – Replace Cable

When it comes to a cable that is getting hot, unfortunately, there is no other solution other than replacing it. Do not try to repair the cable. iPhone charging cables are very thin and delicate.

As a result, the chances of repairing it successfully are minimal. When replacing ensure that you get the original one. You can get an MFI certified charger (view on Amazon) to replace your faulty cable.

2. Your Socket is Faulty

Your power socket could be the reason your phone charger is getting hot. This is not good and needs an immediate fix. When a power socket is faulty, it will send irregular power levels to the phone charger hence causing overheating.

In this case, is that the current flowing is more than the required and that can easily lead to an explosion or even damage your phone.

You can find out and confirm it is the socket if you notice cracking, popping, or buzzing sounds coming from your socket. If you also see some sparks from the socket then know that it is faulty. Another way to know is if you smell burning materials from your socket.

Fix – Change Socket

The first thing you need to do is switch off the socket and remove your charger. A faulty socket can electrocute you or damage your phone hence you need to stop using it immediately.

The next step is to call a professional electrician who will work on replacing the power socket. It must be replaced for your safety and better performance.

3. You’re Using an Extension with Too Many Plugs Plugged In

Ever heard of a warning not to overload a power extension? Then this could be the reason your iPhone charger is getting hot. When you overload a power extension beyond its maximum current, then there are problems. One of them is that it will cause the socket on the wall to overheat and this can cause a fire.

Another problem is that it will interfere with the plugged-in appliances or devices especially those with a low current rating. In this case, it will be your iPhone charger receiving excess current leading to overheating.

Overheating your iPhone charger will lead to damaged wires which can easily cause a fire.

Fix – Disconnected Other Plugs

To know that your extension is overloaded is very simple. Touch any part of your extension cord and feel the temperature. If you notice the cord is hot, then know you are overloading the extension and you need to act immediately.

Start by unplugging connections to heavy appliances. Also, read the extension current ratings to know how many plugs and how much current rating should be plugged in.

In case you are not able to find the current ratings, then reduce the devices plugged in until the extension cord cools and your charger does not get hot.

4. You’ve Been Charging Your iPhone for Too Long

Although it is not advisable to let your iPhone battery drain completely, there are instances where charging it for too long can have issues. Charging your iPhone does not mean charging it 100%.

It basically means doing actions that may make your phone stay longer in charge. If your phone was almost empty, then you plug in the charger and start heavily using it, it will take longer than normal to fully charge.

Due to this prolonged charging period, your iPhone lightning cable will experience some current weight that can make it hot. However, this is a temporary condition that you can fix.

Fix – Only Charge Your iPhone When It’s Not Fully Charged

To avoid overcharging your iPhone and making the cable hot, only charge your phone when it is not fully charged. This means that your phone can be 80% or 40% and you still charge it.

By doing this, it will not take a long time to charge hence the cable will not become hot. Note, although this is the best way to do it, do not allow your phone to drain power completely as it is not a good thing for your battery. It makes your battery degrade easily.

5. The Plug is Defective

Your iPhone plug is the huge device that the cable is plugged to and then it is plugged into the power socket or the extension. Charging plugs also fail and when that happens it can make your iPhone become hot.

Your iPhone charger plug can fail or become defective due to many reasons. However, all the reasons lead to internal mechanical failures. As a result, the plug may be sending the wrong amounts of current to your cable hence making it overheat.

To know this is the cause, you have to ensure all the above-discussed reasons are ruled out. You can also try using a different plug and see if the cable gets hot or not.

Fix – Use A Different Plug

The easiest way to fix this is to use a different plug. If you have several iPhone plugs, you can use a different one that is not faulty and your iPhone cable will stop getting hot. You can also borrow a plug from a friend and use it until you can fix yours.

Fix 2 – Replace Plug

When the plug is defective, this is the last solution you have. When you arrive at this, it means that you do not have an extra plug, or someone to lend you one.

When replacing your plug, ensure you get the original one, preferably a fast charging plug (view on Amazon) since it can charge your iPhone. Do this by visiting an iPhone shop, buying from an authorized dealer, or placing a direct order.

6. Incompatible Charger Adapter

Your iPhone adapter is the huge device that the cable is plugged into and then it is plugged into the power socket or the extension.

Charging adapters are crucial when it comes to charging an iPhone and you must use the right one to get the correct current flow.

When you use an incompatible charger adapter it will easily release the wrong amounts of current that will make your cable to overheat. You should check the details on the charger adapter and compare them with those on the cable to see if there is much even in terms of current ratings.

7. Placing Connected Chargers On Cushioned Surfaces

Unknown to many is that where you place your connected chargers and devices greatly affects their behavior and performance. Like many other electronic devices, there is a need for sufficient airflow when in operation.

As a result, when charging your iPhone, and you place the charger on cushioned surfaces, you will restrict sufficient airflow to cool the device.

Some people will even charge their phones under the blankets in bed which can be really dangerous. As the current flows, the charger or the device will not have a flow of air to cool the temperatures.

As a result, the air is trapped inside and greatly accumulates, This will easily be transferred to the cable and it becomes hot.

Note, in some cases, people have reported accidents related to poor charging or handling of phones when charging. If you cover your charger or phone in materials that do not allow heat flow, the build-up of heat can even cause a fire, a case that has been witnessed before.

Fix – Put it on A Hard Cool Surface

You can do a quick fix on this to cool down the charger by placing it far from cushioned surfaces.

Another thing to do is ensure your charger is placed on a flat surface or platform where there is sufficient flow of air to cool it down.

8. Device Malfunction

Your iPhone device malfunction could be the reason your cable is becoming hot. When a device malfunctions, it means there are certain systems that have failed and are not working as expected. In this case, it means that the electrical systems have malfunctioned and are causing the cable to overheat.

There are some signs you should look at to know whether your iPhone device is malfunctioning.

These signs may include the following.

1. Slow charging behavior

2. High power consumption

3. Phone apps freezing or crashing

4. Stuck Apple logo

5. The phone overheating

Fix – Get Your Phone Check Out If You’ve Noticed It Has Issues Recently

When you notice that your phone is misbehaving, it means that it has issues and it is crucial you get it checked and fixed as soon as possible. This is because such problems can easily damage your phone’s hardware system.

In case your phone still has a warranty, then you can get it to the iPhone support team to handle the problem or give you a replacement.

However, if you are not able to get an iPhone support team, then you will have to get a professional technician to check the phone and fix it.

9. Electrical System Abnormality

An electrical system abnormality is a rare case but it can happen. This is where is an abnormality with the main electrical system supplying power to your house. Although this is a rare case, it can be quite dangerous since it is coming from the main electric system.

In some cases, it could be the system is providing more power than is required for a specific socket or power outlet. It is also possible to notice that the electrical system has abnormalities by checking other systems connected.

If you notice other devices and appliances connected to the system are having problems or your charger adapter is also overheating, then it means the electrical system has a problem.

Fix – Restart Your Power Supply from Mains

The first thing you need to do when you notice that the power system has an issue is to restart the power from the main switch. In case you do not know where it is or how to do it, consult someone who knows the premises well.

Once you have done that, check again and see if the cable is still getting hot. In case you find out that the cable is still getting hot and there are other signs of an electrical system abnormality, then you have to unplug the charger, and call a professional to handle the situation.

10. Using the Device While It Is Charging

The issue of using a device while it is charging is quite common among many people. People cannot wait for the phone to charge. Although it is a simple action, it can cause your iPhone charger cable to become hot. Basically, when you do this, you are overworking your phone.

Although an iPhone is capable of multitasking, in some cases it can be excessive. As you use your phone, it also keeps up by compensating for the power you are using and charging at the same time.

It also depends on how much you are using the phone. If you have several apps running in the background, and you are using a heavy application such as a game, then it means you are quite overworking the phone.

The charger will start picking that load and this leads to a hot cable.

Fix – Stop Using Phone While Charging

The only thing you need to do in such a case is as simple as stop using your phone while it is charging.

If possible, make sure that you stop all apps running in the background and let the phone charge. As much as the urge to use the phone is there, you cannot risk the dangers of using a phone while the charging cable is overheating.

11. Using a Fake Charger

Have you thought about the quality of your charger? If you are using a fake charger, this can easily be the reason the cable is becoming hot. If you have replaced your charger recently, it is possible that you bought a fake charger without knowing.

The truth is that there are many fake iPhone chargers on the market and many unsuspecting iPhone users end up buying without knowing.

In some cases, it might not be the entire charger but part of it. You may have replaced the cable and brought a fake one. Or you may have replaced the cable and bought a fake one.

Such fake products do not meet all the required guidelines of manufacture as original iPhone products do. iPhone chargers are designed to fit the phones’ operating systems and hardware.

Check if the charger matches iPhone specifications including the serial number. Also, consider comparing it with your friend’s charger or visit an iPhone shop for a check.

Fix – Replace the charger with an original one

For a case where you have a fake charger, the only solution is to replace it with a new one. Visit the iPhone support website to learn how to detect a fake charger. Also, buy another charger from an iPhone authorized shop to get the original.

Can an Overheating Cable and Charger Cause Damage to my iPhone?

It’s unlikely that an overheating charger can cause damage to your iPhone or iPad. Your lightning port can handle pretty much any issue even if it’s the cable heating up. The only thing that can really harm your iPhone via the port is water damage and major physical damage.

There’s only really one way that the cable can harm your iPhone, and this is a short circuit. If there’s a short circuit in your cable, this can cause damage to your iPhone and the lightning port. A short circuit happens when two or wires that are not supposed to come in contact with each other touch.

A short circuit can result in a very high current flowing through the circuit and therefore, damage your iPhone or iPad.

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