iPads revolutionized the tech industry when they were first released in 2010. When you’re going on a long commute, planning to watch a movie, or when you simply want to browse the web, iPads provide the perfect environment as they bridge the gap between smartphones and computers. For many tasks, such as enjoying a movie, your smartphone’s screen is considered too small, and your laptop or desktop computer, is considered too bulky. IPads, on the other hand, are the perfect size and weight for commutes, movies, or for simply browsing the web for a few moments.

Though iPads have received countless updates since 2010, it’s not uncommon for users to experience problems every now and then. Many users have reported problems with their iPad screen not rotating. This can be quite frustrating, especially if you want to view photos or watch a movie. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to this problem. It’s possible your iPad’s screen isn’t rotating due a lock placed in Control Center or due to you accidentally pressing on your side switch.

Whatever the case, the problem is very easy to fix and only requires a few moments of your time. There’s no need to rush to the Apple Store or tech support. You can easily solve this problem from the comfort of your home. Once you learn how to properly fix this problem, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the problem occur again. In order to get started and make your iPad rotate screens normally, follow the instructions below.

iPad Side Switch

The side switch on your iPad can control either rotate or mute, depending on how you’ve configured the settings in your device. Whichever option you don’t assign to the side switch will appear in Control Center, where you can turn the feature on or off. If your iPad has a side switch, you should check and see if the rotation setting is assigned to it or in Control Center. In order to get started, follow the instructions below.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Tap on General.

Lock Rotation

3. Under the Use Side Switch heading, check to see whether Lock Rotation is checked or Mute.

4. If Lock Rotation was checked in the step above, toggle your side switch in order to rotate your iPad.

It’s as simple as that. You’ve now rotated your iPad’s screen. For future references keep in mind that your side switch controls the screen rotation on your iPad. You can, of course, change this setting anytime you’d like by following the directions above, and checking Mute instead of Lock Rotation. Once you set Mute to be controlled by the side switch, the Lock Rotation feature will appear in Control Center.

If Lock Rotation wasn’t checked in step #3 and Mute was checked instead, then follow the instructions below to rotate your iPad’s screen.

1. Pull down from the top right corner of your iPad (or pull up from the bottom if you have an older software version installed).

2. Locate the Lock Rotation icon. It has an icon of a standard lock on it. Tap on the icon.

Your iPad should now have rotated. If you find that your iPad still isn’t rotating it’s possible that you’re using an app which doesn’t support screen rotation. Navigate out of the current app that you’re using and check to see if your iPad is rotating appropriately in other apps or on your Home screen. If your iPad rotates in other apps, then you know the problem wasn’t with your iPad, but rather with the app you were using.