iPad Mini is perhaps the most popular gadget among the children. The primary reason why iPad is insanely popular is the fact that it is comparatively a cheaper option than the iPad. Additionally, the functionality and features are almost the same which makes it a bargain option. However, some iPad Mini users have been found complaining about a major issue in the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini won’t turn on; it appears to be frozen with a blank screen. in other words, you can say that the iPad Mini goes dead for no particular reason. Well, that’s at least what users think. In reality, it is just a bit of carelessness that could be prompting the fault. The good news, in this case, is that there are quite a few troubleshooting techniques that can be helpful to address the issue.

Charging Issues:

One of the reasons why the iPad Mini won’t turn on is its battery. If the battery is fully drained then the device wouldn’t turn on. Place your iPad Mini on charging and give it 5-10 mins to accumulate enough power to switch on. If this method doesn’t work, inspect the charging cable for any damages. You can also try changing the charging cable.

Moreover, if you are charging the iPad Mini from the PC/Mac then try not to use them. PC/Macs do not provide similar power as a power socket does, and it further reduces if you keep using them while charging the iDevices. You should also avoid using the old PC/Macs for charging purpose.

Reset iPad Mini:

Another reason why your iPad Mini won’t turn on could be the software issue. iOS has a nag of crashing whenever a new update is introduced. It is just a temporary crash, and very few users get affected by it. So, if you think that your device was working fine until you updated the iOS then you can fix this issue by a simple reset method.

All you would need to do is to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds. Many users confuse this method as Restore and fear hence losing their data and content. Do not be worried, reset doesn’t affect the data and content, and you mustn’t be worried about the backups.

Try iTunes:

You would think that what iTunes would do when the device is dead and won’t sync. This is another misconception as iTunes is a powerful tool in addressing various issues within the iDevices. Try connecting your iPad Mini to iTunes, there is a slim chance that iTunes would recognize your device and it would turn on.

If nothing happens upon connecting the device to iTunes, perform the reset (mentioned above) while your device remains connected to the iTunes. This often helps, but if it doesn’t, leave the device connected to iTunes for half an hour. It may automatically switch on within that time frame. If iTunes fail, move on to the next step.

Physical Damages:

Many people (especially Android users) would repeatedly tell you how notoriously fragile Apple devices are. To be honest, they aren’t wrong. Apple devices demand the user to be cautious while using them. The physical damage could also be the reason why your iPad Mini isn’t turning on. You will need to perform a physical check. Consider checking the problems in the features mentioned below:

1. Watch out for cracks on the screen. The cracks on the screen can internally damage the display.

2. Inspect the charging port. Use a soft cloth or a toothpick to clean it.

3. Inspect for liquid damages. Make sure there is no liquid stuck between the layers.

4. Make sure the Sleep/Wake button is functioning right. It shouldn’t be too soft or too stiff.

The DFU Restore:

This could be your last trick in the sleeve. However, do not panic as the DFU Restore has a staggering 80% success rate. This method is usually used when the issue is major. Apple describes this process as a deeper restore mode to their normal recovery mode. A major drawback with this method is that it can make your device dead if it is not executed properly.

At this stage, you may have nothing to lose and therefore the decision to utilize this method makes sense. Have a careful look at the steps below as you need to execute them to perfection.

1. Connect your device to laptop or PC via charging cable.

2. Press-hold the Home and Power button for exactly 8 seconds.

3. After 8 seconds, release the lock button but not the home button.

4. Do not press the power button for longer than 8 seconds.

5. Your iPad Mini’ screen would be completely blank once the device is in DFU mode.

6. Your iTunes will notify you that your device has gone into a recovery mode.

7. If your screen tells you to connect your device to iTunes then you would have to repeat the process.

8. Repeat the process until DFU recovery successfully works.