How to Invert Colors On a Picture on iPhone

How to Invert Colors On a Picture on iPhone

Colour inversion on a picture is essentially flipping the colours so that the bright parts become dark and the dark parts become bright, the most common being turning white to black, and black to white.

But it also means that for coloured images, the colours are inverted from one end of the RGB (Red Green Blue) spectrum to the other end of it. So, an image with a predominantly blue colour turns orange, and a picture with a predominantly green colour turns purplish red.

Now that you understand what colour inversion is and what to expect out of it, let’s have a look at how to invert colours on a picture on iPhone.

How to Invert Colors On a Picture on iPhone

1. Use iCloud Invert Image Shortcut

Invert Image is an excellent tool that you can use to invert images of all colours and hues from one end of the colour spectrum to the opposite end. Some great things about Invert Image include:

  • It is extremely lightweight and does not install as an application. Instead, it runs as a shortcut in your iPhone shortcuts menu
  • Invert Image does not require an internet connection to work. You can even have your phone on Airplane mode while you run it.

To get started with Invert Image and use it for picture inversions, follow the simple steps below:

At this point, if you do not already have Shortcuts set up on your iPhone, follow the steps below to do that so that you can easily access it on your Home screen

1. On your iPhone or iPad, touch and hold the background of your Home screen. That is, an empty space on your Home Screen.

2. Hold until the apps on the screen start to wiggle

3. Now, tap the Add sign (+) at the top of the screen to open the iOS Widget Gallery

4. Scroll down the option and find Shortcuts. Then, tap on it.

5. Swipe to choose a size for the Shortcut widget

6. Finally, tap on Add Widget, and then tap Done

7. Now, Shortcuts will appear on your Home Screen. So, after you have installed the Invert Image shortcut, you only need to tap on the Shortcuts widget on your Home Screen and it will give you direct access to Invert Image.

Next, you need to add Invert Image to Shortcuts because it runs as a shortcut and not an app

1. To do that, go to the Invert Image shortcut URL on iCloud using a web browser on your phone

2. When the page opens, click on Get Shortcut at the bottom of the page

3. This will add the Invert Image shortcut on your iPhone, and you can now access it through Shortcuts on your iPhone

4. Now, when you want to invert a picture using Invert Image, click on Shortcuts on your Home Screen

6. When Shortcuts opens, select the Invert Image shortcut, which we have now added as a shortcut on your phone

7. When Invert Image opens, click on Select Photos

8. You will also see Select Multiple with a toggle next to it. Tap on the toggle to turn it on if you want to select multiple images at a time to invert their colours. If not, ignore this option

9. Next, your photo gallery will be open. Navigate to the photo that you want to invert the colour on and tap once on it

10. This will load the photo on Invert Image and start the inversion process

11. Give it time to go through each module on the app until the inversion is complete and the inverted image is displayed on your screen

12. Tap on Done at the top left of the screen

13. You will then be presented with the options to Save or Share the inverted photo. Select your preferred option to complete the process.

Note: iPhone does not allow adding shortcuts that are not in the Shortcuts gallery. Invert Image is hosted on iCloud, so you should not have issues adding it to Shortcuts on your phone. However, if you are prevented from adding it to Shortcuts, follow the steps below to fix the issue:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone

2. Click on Shortcuts

3. At the top of the Shortcuts settings page, click on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts

4. Now, go back to the Invert Image link and try adding the shortcut again.

2. Use iPhone’s Native Invert Option

iPhone does have a native feature that inverts images on your phone. However, there is a catch: it inverts the colours of everything on your phone, including the screen, your apps, your saved images, your new captures, your videos…everything.

You could give it a try to see if it’s something you may like. The display is pretty cool and very vivid. If you want to try this feature, follow the steps below:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone

2. Scroll down and select Accessibility

3. If Accessibility is not available as a menu, you may find it inside General, depending on your phone model and OS

4. When you open Accessibility, tap on Display and Text Size

5. Next, scroll down to Classic Invert, and toggle to turn it on

6. You will see Smart Invert above it, but this option does not invert the colour of images, which is what you are looking for in the first place. So, you can ignore that

7. Once you have turned on Classic Invert, the colour on your iPhone screen changes. All your pictures have their colours inverted. And if you open the camera app, you will see the image in inverted colours.

3. Use An Online Tool

There are plenty of online tools for picture colour inversion; the one you use is pretty much up to you. They are mostly free, too, so you do not need to pay for some fancy subscription to invert the colours of your pictures.

One catch, though, as the option implies, is that you need to be online to perform the inversion. That is, you must be connected to the internet when you want to invert the colours of a picture on your iPhone. If you don’t mind this, then check out some of the great options below:

We have chosen this online service because of its speed, sharpness, and vividness of the images after inversion.

1. To use this service, simply go to the web address in the link above

2. When the web page opens, click on Upload Image

3. This will open your phone gallery. Navigate to the image that you want to invert the colours on and tap once on it. Note that you can only select and invert one image at a time.

4. After the photo has been uploaded, click on Convert Image, and the image colour will be inverted in about 1 second if you have a strong internet connection

5. Then, click on Download Image under the inverted picture to download it to your iPhone

Another great online tool to use is Wtools. Wtools is also free, quick, and produces excellent inversion results. The process is pretty much the same as with ImageOnline. However, with Wtools, you get to choose whether you want to download the photo in PNG or JPG format.

If you are not sure what’s different between JPG and PNG, we can skip the technical stuff and tell you that:

  • With JPG, you may lose a bit of image data (and by extension, image quality) when processing and downloading the image. Whereas PNG preserves all the data in the image and prevents quality loss.
  • JPG usually shrinks image size, making it have a smaller file size, while PNG has a larger file size of the same image
  • JPG is ideal for photography, while PNG is ideal for icons and created images
  • JPG does not support image transparency, while PNG supports transparency.

With this clarity, it is up to you to decide in which format to download your inverted image on Wtools.

4. Use PhotoDirector App by CyberLink

PhotoDirector is one of your iPhone’s best free photo editing tools. Although there are in-app purchases that grant you access to some extra features, the function of inverting colours of an image on the app is entirely free. PhotoDirector is also available on Android, making it accessible to most users.

To get started and invert the colours of images on your iPhone using PhotoDirector, follow the steps below

1. Install PhotoDirector using the link provided above and then launch the app

2. First, you will be prompted to accept the Privacy Policy. Click on Accept and Continue

3. On the next page, you will be shown some of the features available on the app. You can keep clicking Next to view these features or just click on X at the top of the page to exit the window

4. Next, you will be offered the chance to pay to unlock all the features on the app. You also have the option to try PhotoDirector for 7 days. You can select a payment plan of your choice or choose to try for 7 days.

5. Note that if you try for 7 days, the fee will be charged 24 hours before the trial period ends if you do not cancel before then

6. Again, you do not need to pay to use the colour inversion feature. However, using the free version will come with ads. So, if you don’t mind that, then continue to the next step.

7. If you want to use the free version, you can click the X at the top of the page to leave the payment window.

8. When the app fully launches, you will see a screen with lots of options including Edit, Camera, Collage, Live, and so on. Click on Edit

9. When you click Edit, you will be prompted to grant permission to the app to access your photos. Allow the permission

10. Then, select the photo from your gallery that you want to invert the colours on

11. On first use, you will be shown a features guide for editing the photo that you are uploading. Tap on any part of the screen to remove this guide

12. Once the photo is loaded, click on Effects from the menu at the bottom of the screen

13. Then, select Invert from the options that pop up. Again, a guide will appear showing you the functions of each tool on the page. Note them and then tap on any part of the screen to close it

14. You can see now that your picture colour has been inverted. Now, here is where the fun begins. With the iPhone native inversion and the online tools, you cannot play around with the inversion output. But you can on PhotoDirector.

For example:

At the top of the screen, the first tool from left has two objects that resemble bells, one filled and dark, the other hollow and light.

If you click on it, the colour inversion of the image will change to the opposite end of the colour spectrum. To undo the change, click the Undo icon several times until the original inversion appears again.

When you are done, click Done at the top of the screen to save the newly-inverted image to your phone.

5. Use Negative Me App

While PhotoDirector is a comprehensive photo editing tool with many functions, negative me does one thing alone: to invert colours.

However, Negative Me does not present colours in as much inverted detail as converting to the opposite end of the colour spectrum. Instead, it inverts the photo from negative to positive and vice versa.

1. Go to the link above to get Negative Me on your iPhone

2. Install the app and then launch it

3. Simply select a photo from your library or use the camera on the app to take a new one

4. Because it is dedicated to inverting photos, you do not need to perform any extra actions. Once you upload or snap the picture, it becomes inverted automatically.

5. To undo the change, just tap the reset button

6. Click Save when done.

Do not expect too much from Negative Me. But it does exactly what it promises. Users are happy with it because it is free and does not contain ads, inversion is automatic, and image resolution is maintained.

6. Use Photoshop Express App by Adobe

Photoshop Express is another application that does more than just invert colours on your iPhone. But, for iPhone colour inversion of an image, there are few better.

Photoshop Express is free but also has some in-app purchases. However, you do not need to pay to use the photo inversion feature.

1. Just head to the link provided above and install Photoshop Express on your iPhone

2. Next, launch Photoshop Express on your phone

3. Click on Edit. The app will access your photo gallery. Select the photo you want to invert

4. Under the Looks tab, tap on Basic to open simple settings for changing the looks of the photo without changing its structure

5. You would need to swipe to the right to find Invert. Tap on Invert

6. You will not immediately see an option to save the photo after inverting. Instead, you will see Share at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on Share

7. Then select Save from the Share options to save the photo on your iPhone.

7. Use Lightroom Photo and Video Editor by Adobe

When an app has a 5-star rating, you know it must be doing something right. Even though Lightroom is also from Adobe, we have included it because of its sophisticated features and the stunning inversion display it offers.

Lightroom provides a more accurate inversion from one end of the colour spectrum to the opposite end of it.

However, unlike with Photoshop Express, Lightroom does not have an Invert button. Instead, you would have to adjust some settings to get the perfect inversion…which is a good thing because you have more control over how you want the inverted image to appear.

1. To use Lightroom, go to the link provided above and install the app on your iPhone

2. Launch Lightroom on your phone and click Import

3. This will open your photo library. Select the photo whose colour you want to invert

4. On the editing page, tap on Light at the bottom of the screen

5. Then, tap on Curve from the Light options

6. Now, in Tone Curve, drag the bottom-left point to the top left. Then, drag the top-right point to the bottom right. You have just done to invert the colours by moving the RGB spectrum of the colour to its opposite ends.

7. As we said earlier, you can decide the degree of inversion by dragging the sliders to certain points on the line instead of to the opposite ends.

8. There is also no direct Save option on Lightroom. To save to your phone, you need to click on the Share button at the top right corner of the screen and tap Export to Camera Roll.

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