Viber, brought to you by the Japanese company, Rakuten, gives you the ability to instant messaging and video chat other users of Viber. But it isn’t just stuck to an app on your phone; you can install Viber on your Windows PC, provided you have a Viber account already.

Before you can go ahead and install Viber to your Windows PC, you’ll need an account with Viber in order to access its features. Download and install the Viber mobile app and create an account, then move to your Windows PC for installation computer-side.

Install Viber Windows PC

Now that you have a Viber account, you can make use of the features Viber offers on its desktop counterpart. But first, you have to download and install it to your Windows PC.

1. Launch your preferred web browser.

2. Head over Viber’s download page.

3. Once you’ve been redirected, click on the purple option Download for Windows. The download will begin immediately after clicking it. The setup you’re downloading is, at the time of this article’s publication, labeled “ViberSetup.exe.” You’ll see it at the bottom of your web browser.

  • According to Norton Security Online, it’s safe to download.
  • If you noticed above the download links, Viber mentions Viber for your desktop has to sync to your account. It can’t do so without an active Viber account on a mobile device.

4. Open ViberSetup.exe once it has finished downloading. You can open it by clicking the download box at the bottom of your web browser or clicking the small arrow and, in the menu it produced, select Open.

5. When you open the downloaded setup, a small box appeared. Click Run. That window will close and another will appear.

6. In the new window, click Install. It will immediately begin installation. Take note to Viber’s Terms & Policies. Once you’ve selected “Install,” it means you’ve agree to their Terms & Policies.

7. After a few short moments, Viber will be installed on your Windows PC. Once it’s finished, another window will appear for a free offer on Avast Antivirus. If you’re aren’t interested, you can click Decline.

8. After accepting or decline Viber’s free offer on Avast Antivirus, yet another window will appear. On it you’ll see a QR code. Take out your mobile device and locate and launch the Viber app.

9. Like the window says, open the menu screen by tapping the three horizontal lines or three horizontal dots.

10. In the menu, there should be a QR code reader. Select it. And, afterwards, point your camera at the QR code. It will scan it.

11. If the QR code worked, Viber will let you know it was a success and you can then launch Viber.