Handheld gaming consoles are rising in popularity as more and more people want portability. Playing games on the go, whether you’re traveling or just have some free time, is why people turn to handheld systems. Handheld systems aren’t a new piece of technology.

For many years, Nintendo was well- known for its handheld DS devices, but many might have fond memories of the Sony PSP. The Sony PSP is a gaming console that offers users ways to make the device their own. One unique way of customizing your device is by changing the theme.

What is a PSP theme?

PSP themes are used to change how the background of your device looks. It works the way that changing the wallpaper of your smartphone would. You can use the official themes provided, but these might get boring. Custom CXMB themes are popular because their unique and usually super funky. If you’re interested, here’s how you apply the CXMB themes to your PSP.

Installing Custom CXMB Themes to your PSP

1. Download CFW on your device.

2. Once you download CFW, make sure that you extract the file.

3. Move the folder that says “SE Plugins” to the section in your file manager that says “This PC.”

4. Select “Replace Files in this destination.”

5. Move the folder that says “Themes” into the folder on the left panel of the file manager labeled “PSP.”

Applying the Themes to your PSP

1. Hook up your PSP to your PC. You can do this with a Mini- B USB cable. The larger end goes into the PC and the smaller end goes into your PSP.

2. On your PSP, launch the settings menu by selecting the tool box.

3. On the settings menu, scroll down to the place that says “Theme Settings” and select it.

4. Once you enter the theme settings screen, then you need to select the option that says “Theme” and you’ll see a menu emerge from the right side of your screen.

5. Scroll down the menu and select the icon with the musical note to the left of it.

6. Hit “Apply.”

7. Restart your device.

8. Navigate to the settings menu again.

9. Go to “Theme Settings.”

10. You’ll see all of the custom theme options on the side and you can pick and install any of them.

Hopefully this helped you get the cool theme that you wanted on your PSP.