How to Use Bochs on Android

Bochs (pronounced as “Box”) is an x86 emulator that can work on your Android device. This means that you can create a virtual machine on your smartphone with a computer environment.

It may be pretty hard to grasp but you can imagine it like the more popular emulators in game titles. For instance, you can play Gameboy advance games on your Android phone through an emulator like My Boy! GBA Emulator.

The program, like Bochs and My Boy! GBA, creates the environment which allows you to use the phone like the machine it emulates.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you the detailed steps on how to install Bochs on your Android phone and see if it was successful for you.

1. Get the Bochs App via Google Play Store

If you’re already on your Android phone, a quick Google Play search on “Bochs” will immediately pull up this result. So you can download Bochs app here and have it installed straight to your phone.

2. Install Bochs App through its APK file

If you don’t have Google Play or you’re having a bit of a difficulty with getting apps installed through the first method, you can consider downloading the APK file of Bochs.

bochs apk

  1. Find the Bochs.apk file available for download. After a quick search using the term “Bochs” you’ll quickly pull up the download bochs apk
  2. Click on download and save the Bocks.apk file on your computer. Make sure you have a mobile phone plugged in and have allowed file sharing between your computer and your handheld device.copy bochs apk file
  3. Locate the Bochs.apk file. You can locate the Bochs.apk file from the directory where you saved it in.
  4. Right-click the Bocks.apk file and choose readable storage
  5. Open the readable storage of your phone and paste the Bochs.apk file. You could use your internal storage or removable storage (SD card).
  6. Remove your phone from your PC. From here, you’ll be ready to install the app. Make your way to the file manager of your phone and find the Bochs.apk file.install bochs on your phone
  7. Tap on the Bochs.apk and install it on your phone. Once the app has been installed, you’ll see it on your home screen or menu selection screen. When the app has been installed, either through Google Play or through the APK file, you’ll see the app icon available on your menu selection bochs
  8. Open up Bochs after installing it. You’ll see the home dashboard which you can use to set the specifications of the operations you need or want to run. For a detailed list of values and configurations, you can check the User Manual disk images
  9. Tap on the “down arrow” after configuring. This is a download key for basic disk images that would represent operating systems.
  10. Tap the START button at the top right. You’ll see the app boot up a bios and your configured system.

Bottom Line

In the previous sections, we outlined the simple way to install the Bochs program on the Android platform.

This is quite beneficial for debuggers and operating system development, as well as running computer dedicated programs and software on handheld and portable devices.

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