1channel is an add-on for Kodi and it is one of the oldest ones out there. This add-on lets you watch TV shows, media content, and live streams on Kodi. 1channel also has a favorites section where you can save your go-to content quicker and without having to search every time you want to watch it.

1channel is stored in a repository just like every other add-on for Kodi. That makes it easy to find it and also makes it easy to update. Before you can install 1channel for Kodi though, you will need to enable the use of Unknown Sources. This allows you to download not just 1channel, but if you want to download any of the third party add-ons for Kodi you will need to do this.

Allowing Unknown Sources to Download Third Party Add-ons

1. To enable unknown sources, start by opening Kodi on your device

2. You need to find your Settings and open them now

System Settings

3. Choose System Settings and then choose Add-ons

4. Find the toggle switch for unknown sources option and switch it to the on position and it should change colors

How to Install 1channel For Kodi Krypton 17

Kodi Kryton 17

1. Open Kodi Kryton 17 on your device

2. From the main screen you need to find your Settings

File Manager

3. In Settings choose the File Manager

Add Source

4. Choose Add Source and then type in this exact URL- kodivpn.co/repo/kodil.zip and then name it Kodil so you can find it later

5. Go back to the home screen and then choose Add-ons from the menu

Install From Zip File

6. Select the open box icon in the top left of your screen and choose to Install From Zip File

7. Look for the source Kodil that you named earlier and select it then select Kodil.zip and wait for it to enable

8. Choose Install from repository, then select Kodil Repository

9. Then choose Video Add-ons and you should see 1channel

10. Choose it and then hit Install

11. Inside your Add-ons tab go to Video Add-ons and you will see 1channel ready to be used

Second Method of Installing 1channel

This second way of getting 1channel might be a little quicker for Kodi. Go to this repository and follow these steps.

1. When you click on the link, you will be asked for permission to download on to your device. Accept by saving.

2. Open Kodi and choose the Add-ons tab.

3. Select the open box icon in the top left and choose Install from Zip file.

4. Look for the file you just downloaded and click OK.

5. Install from Repository and choose the Kodil Repository.

6. Then, select Video Add-ons and then choose 1Channel.

7. Just choose Install and it will be ready to use

GEO-Block and Using a VPN

When you are using 1channel for Kodi you may notice that some links to shows and movies won’t be available to access. It may seem like the links just don’t work, but it might actually be that the uploader has a regional lock on them. What this could mean is that the link uploader lives in a country that has piracy laws that don’t allow access. There is a way around this problem that can help you in more than one way actually.

The best thing you can do to address this issue is to get a Kodi VPN. A VPN will let you bypass the geo-blocking that the link has and will then let you access the link no matter where you are in the world. the other way that a VPN can help you is by hiding your IP address from any government agencies and your own internet service provider which will prevent your internet activity and anything you access on Kodi from being tracked. This can be extremely handy if you are not accessing these links legally.

NOTE – Techzillo does not encourage any illegal activity and doesn’t condone the breaking of any laws by using these services.