So, you look into your Instagram DMs and you see an account named Instagrammer. Unfortunately, when you go on the account, it reveals nothing. You then started to wonder why they’re named Instagrammer.

If a profile has its name changed to Instagrammer, this can be weird because it’s not commonly seen on Instagram. The person didn’t choose for their name to be changed to Instagrammer. Because they have deactivated their account, Instagram has changed their name to Instagrammer.

What Does Instagrammer Mean


The term Instagrammer is a term used for people who use Instagram but their account no longer exists on Instagram’s database so you won’t be able to visit it. If you have DM’d someone in the past and their account has been disabled, you’re going to see the name Instagrammer instead of their name. Also, you might be in a group chat and someone’s name may have changed to Instagrammer; all this means is that their account no longer exists.

If you visit an account in general that no longer exists on Instagram, then you’ll see the name Instagrammer at the top, along with the notification User Not Found. This lets you know that the account doesn’t exist but Instagram will change its name to Instagrammer to show you that it was an active Instagram account.

Why Does It Say Instagrammer?

When it says Instagrammer instead of their name, it means that the account has either been temporarily disabled, or their account has been suspended by Instagram. When their account is active again, the name Instagrammer goes back to their previous username.

1. They Have Temporarily Disabled Their Account

The first reason why the Instagrammer error will appear is that the owner of the account has temporarily disabled their account. When an account has been disabled, it’s taken off Instagram’s database temporarily, so others won’t be able to view the account and unfollow it.

Since the account is no longer in their database, you won’t be able to find the user which is why you’ll see Instagrammer when you check their profile in your DMs.

2. They Have Deleted Their Account

Similar to them temporarily disabling their account, they could have also deleted their account. If you try and visit a deleted account or check your DMs for an account that’s been deleted, because this account is no longer in their database, Instagram will display the name Instagrammer instead of their username. Once someone deleted their Instagram account, it’s taken off Instagram’s database which means that the profile is no longer existing.

The problem with concluding the problem down to this is that you don’t know whether they temporarily disabled their account, or if they’ve been suspended by Instagram, it’s pretty much a guessing game.

3. Their Account Has been Banned/Suspended

If you’re seeing the term Instagrammer instead of someone’s username, chances are that their account has been deleted or banned by Instagram.

On very rare occasions, Instagram bans people’s accounts when they haven’t been following their guidelines – they’ve been posting content that’s explicit for example.

If you do come across an account that has been banned, because you’ve had a conversation with them and Instagram can’t delete this, instead of seeing their name to know who you’ve had the conversation with, you’ll see Instagrammer instead.

If they do manage to get their account back, then you’ll be able to see their account normally again without the message at the top.

4. You Have Clicked the Wrong Tag

When someone tags someone on Instagram, sometimes they tag them in the caption rather than using the tag feature on the actual post. If the person’s account name has changed and you go to click the tag in the caption, you’ll either be taken to another person’s Instagram, or you’ll be taken to an account that doesn’t exist which is why you’ll see their name as Instagrammer.

When you’re taken to an account that doesn’t exist, you’ll also see the notification User Not Found. If you want to find the person’s account, you can go to the search bar and search their name in an attempt to find out their account.

Does Instagrammer Mean You’ve Been Blocked?

When you see the name Instagrammer in your Dm’s, it means that the person has temporarily disabled their account. Temporarily disabling your account means that your account has been removed from Instagram until you activate it again.

When your account is disabled, Instagram changes your name to Instagrammer and this is what people see. If you see Instagrammer, it doesn’t mean that someone blocked you.

When someone blocks you, you can still see their account but not their photos. So, you’ll see their names in your DM, but you can’t interact with them.

When someone deletes their account, all their data is wiped from Instagram, therefore, you won’t be able to see their name anywhere because their footprint on Instagram has been wiped.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

If someone blocked you on Instagram and you check your DMs to find the conversation you had with them, you won’t see the term Instagrammer because Instagram deleted the conversation that you had with someone once they block you.

Sometimes you won’t be able to find the account that blocked you once they’ve blocked you. It’s only possible to find the account again if they were tagged in a post, or you still have their name in your search history. Finding them once they’ve blocked you is tricky.

Can You Unfollow an Instagrammer Account?

There’s no way that you can unfollow an account that has the name Instagrammer in your DMs. Accounts with the name Instagrammer don’t exist so there’s no way that you can unfollow them. If the account was suspended or disabled, but you know that you’re on the right account, then you’ll need to wait until their account is no longer suspended or disabled so you can visit their profile again. Once their profile is back up, then you’ll be able to unfollow them.