So, you look into your Instagram Dms and you see an account named Instagrammer.

Unfortunately, when you go on the account, it reveals nothing.

You then started to wonder why they’re named Instagrammer.

In this article, I’m going to show you what Instagrammer means in your direct messages so that you know what’s up when you see the name again.

What Does Instagrammer Mean


The term Instagrammer is a term used for people who use Instagram.

If you have DM’d someone in the past and their account has been disabled, you’re going to see the name Instagrammer instead of their name.

When their account is active again, the name Instagrammer goes back to their previous username.

Does Instagrammer in my DMs mean Someone Blocked me or Deactivated their Account?

When you see the name Instagrammer in your Dm’s, it means that the person has temporarily disabled their account.

Temporarily disabling your account means that your account has been removed from Instagram until you activate it again.

When your account is disabled, Instagram changes your name to Instagrammer and this is what people see.

If you see Instagrammer, it doesn’t mean that someone blocked you.

When someone blocks you, you can still see their account but not their photos.

So, you’ll see their names in your DM, but you can’t interact with them.

When someone deletes their account, all their data is wiped from Instagram, therefore, you won’t be able to see their name anywhere because their footprint on Instagram has been wiped.

Bottom Line

That’s everything you need to know about the term Instagrammer.

If you have any questions, comment down below.

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  1. Hi so I am trying to enable my account which is seen as instagrammer by my friends. How do i reenable it.

  2. So if someone used instagrammer meaning we will not be able to communicate again. He won’t be able to read my DM”s or his DM’s.
    And, what is his purpose of using instagrammer?

  3. My instagram says instaggrammer idk why i tried logging in and it said user changed password then i got logged out then my account said instagrammer i tried contacting instagram but nothibg worked i tried filling out forms nothing worked plz help

  4. my instagram is disabled yesterday, and name turned into instagrammer, what should i do to enable again…. 🙁

  5. my instagram got disabled today and my name turned into instagrammer for my friends, can someone help me ?

  6. What does it mean when it says, instagrammed, along with user not found & ‘follow’ does that mean I am blocked from a disabled account?

    Also does this take effect to being unfollowed because before I was following the person and now I’m not.

    If I press follow and it doesn’t work does that mean I’m not being followed or allowed to follow once account is reactivated?? Thank u

  7. I was having some chats with instagramer account n that all wiped out is thier any way of getting them back..

  8. Ok. I still have the previous conversation that me and someone had in our DM even though he has temporarily deactivated his account. I sent him a message today. When he reactivates his account, will my message show up for him to read?

  9. thanks for the info.I thought I was being blocked after informing the person’s account that photos has been stolen for scam..then, until I saw to my DM that the person was İNSTAGRAMMER…the person decided to disabled the account so that the scammer wont able to steal photos..but the problem was the fake one is still active in İG.

  10. So I’ve been following someone for a long time but I see the term Instagrammer in my dm’s but when I click on her profile it says “no posts” have
    I been blocked?


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