On Instagram, you can watch videos that followers and people you follow post, but how do you fix videos that aren’t playing? It could be a situation where videos aren’t autoplaying when you scroll past them on your Instagram feed or videos won’t play at all. Whatever problem you’re having, there’s several root causes and their fixes that can get Instagram videos playing again.

Your Network Connection is Spotty

This is the likely reason for Instagram videos refusing to play. There’s a certain expectation that your network connection will work 100% of the time and be as strong as ever. Unfortunately, that expectation isn’t realistic, at least not in that way. Network connections aren’t perfect. They’ll certainly work most of the time, but like many things, it degrades over time. When this degradation starts to settle in, it only gets worse and when it does, your connection suffers because of it.

Your network connection isn’t in trouble, per say, or in any real danger. What your network connection needs is a reboot, a restart, a clean tablet to work on. By rebooting your modem and router (if you have a router), you’ll flush any corrupted data or lost packets that were causing problems. This method isn’t generally known by the average customer, but boy, it can come in handy when your network connection is being spotty. Here’s what you do:

1. Locate your modem and router (if you have a router).

2. In the back, find the power cable for both your modem and router. Follow the cords until you reach the power outlet they are both plugged into.

3. Pull the power cords from the power outlet and give the modem and router at least 2 minutes.

4. After 2 minutes is up, go ahead plug them back in and reconnect your device to your network connection. If the problem was solved, then you discovered the source of the problem.

That should fix your connection problem, if that’s what it is. However, this solution isn’t going to work if your equipment has been damaged recently. That’s a hardware issue, not a software issue.

Power Saving Mode Has Been Enabled

Power saving mode is great if you’re looking to conserve your battery, unfortunately, it can halt the playing of videos on Instagram. All it takes is changing it in your settings.

1. Locate and launch the Settings app. Its icon is a gear. You can the Settings app somewhere on one of your home screens or inside your App Drawer, where all currently installed apps are housed.

You can launch the Settings app from your Quick Settings Menu, too. To find it, open your notification shade. Tap your taskbar or tap and swipe down to open it. Once the notification shade is open, swipe down again to reveal your Quick Settings Menu. You’ll find the Settings app their as a gear icon.

2. Scroll down the Settings menu to Battery and select it.

If you have an Android 7.0 and above, locate Device Maintenance and then choose Battery.

3. In Battery, open the menu located in the top right corner of the screen. You can find it by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen. It will open a drop down menu. Select Battery saver from the drop down menu.

If you have an Android 7.0 and above, locate Performance Mode instead. Afterwards, choose High Performance. When prompted, choose APPLY.

turn on battery saving mode

4. In Battery Saver, turn it off by tapping the slider. Make sure it’s placed on the left.

Clear Instagram’s Cache Data

1. Locate and launch the Settings app. Its icon is a gear.

2. Head all the way down to Apps and select it.

3. Find Instagram among your list of apps and tap it.

4. In App Info, first select FORCE STOP. Afterwards, choose Storage.

clear cache

5. In Storage, select CLEAR CACHE. When prompted by a small warning, allow the cache to be cleared.

The Instagram Video Was Deleted

What you’re experiencing could simply be bad timing. An Instagram user can delete any posts they’ve made with a few taps of their finger or a few clicks of their mouse. You could have been viewing it and, suddenly, it isn’t working because in that moment it was deleted from Instagram. There’s nothing you can do when that happens.

A Fresh Install of Instagram

This is a very rare occurrence, but it’s still a suspect in this case. At some point, your Instagram data was corrupted from lost packets (spotty connection) or just from normal use over time.

It isn’t anything to throw tables over and there’s a simple way of rectifying the problem: uninstall Instagram. However, most devices won’t let you uninstall Instagram. Instead, Instagram is disabled and rolled back to its factory version. Afterwards, you can download a clean update, provided you have a solid network connection.

1. Locate and launch the Settings app. It’s the gear icon.

2. Head down the list to Apps and select it.

3. Select Instagram from your list of apps.

4. Select FORCE STOP and then select DISABLE.

5. When prompted, your Android will ask if you want to replace it with the factory version. Select OK.

6. Now, select ENABLE.

update instagram

7. Locate Instagram on your device and start it. Before you update it, make sure you have a solid network connection, then select UPDATE.