This essentially means that the story won’t upload and it’s been like this for a while. In August last year, Instagram introduced stories which allowed you to film or upload videos to your ‘story’ from the last 24h so people know what you’re getting up to.

A lot of people have been complaining that they have problems with stories uploading.

Turn Your WI-FI off then on

Before you start to read through the article for possible solutions, the quickest way you could try and fix this is to restart your internet connection by turning your WI-FI off then on.

Sometimes your device may lose internet connection, and this can stop your Instagram story from uploading.

Once you’ve done this, the story should upload after a while.

The Reason your Stories aren’t Uploading

Instagram stories won't upload

The first reason as to why your stories won’t post is because of your internet connection.

Instagram stories require a strong internet in order to be uploaded.

Even if you have an internet connection, it may not be strong enough for the story to be upload.

Down below is a solution if you think this is the reason.

The second reason is due to a bug that’s causing your stories not to upload regardless of if you have a good internet connection or not.

A bug is caused by a failure in the system and this causes unexpected results.

Down below are some steps to get rid of this.

1. Restart the app

Close Instagram

The first way to combat this problem would be to restart the app.

When you restart the app, it refreshes the page which allows any glitches that were causing the story not to upload in the first place to upload.

After you’ve restarted the app, you can try and post the story again.

If this doesn’t work, go to the next step.

2. Delete and re-upload the story

Delete Instagram story

The first way you can try and fix this glitch is by reuploading the story.

Before you try and do this, make sure you save the story if you recorded it live.

Once you’ve done this, you need to delete the story that’s not uploading and try to re-upload it.

If you were experiencing a glitch, the story should upload this time.

3. Switch from WI-FI to Data

If you’ve tried the steps above and you think it’s related to an internet issue, the next step you should take would be to switch from Wi-Fi to data vice versa.

If you’ve already restarted your Wi-Fi connection, this would be a good step to take.

If you found that switching didn’t work, this means that there’s a problem with your router.

In this case, you would either need to restart your router or reset it if restarting it doesn’t work.

From here on, your story should be able to upload.

4. Update Instagram

The last step to take if the steps above haven’t worked for you would be to update instagram.

If the steps above didn’t work, it looks like the app has a bug.

From here on, you would need to go to the App store and check if Instagram has an update.

The point of an update is to fix bugs and add new features to the app.

If you look at the description, you’ll see the term ‘bug fixes’.

There’s a very high chance that this would fix the bug that’s causing your story not to upload.

Once you’ve updated the app, you can check to see if the story updated.