Instagram Stories are the little circles that you see at the top of your Instagram home screen. When you open these Stories, you’ll see whatever that person posted. You can post videos, phones, and even music that you’re listening to in these Stories.

This content is only available for 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about this content having a permanent imprint on your profile. If you’re super creative, you can add stickers, filters, and drawings to the content you post on your Stories. One of the worst things, however, is when what you post on your Story is cut off or warped.

What are the Dimensions?

The dimensions for all Instagram Stories are 1080 x 1920, which means that the images or videos that you take into the app should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall.

Why do you need the Dimensions?

If you take a photo or shoot a video in the Instagram app by using the camera, then your video or photo will look the way that you intended it to look. The media that you want to transport into the app, however, you’ll have to use the correct dimensions for. If your dimensions are incorrect, then you’ll have blurry, oddly cut off images, which won’t be pleasant to view by everyone who follows you.

Instagram might even choose to zoom in on your media, which can just make the quality worse. Anything that you post or share will automatically be forced into the required dimensions, so you’ll want to make sure that you find a way to make sure that your images are framed correctly.

How to make sure you have the right dimensions

If you’re constantly creating content that’s creative and transporting it into the Instagram Stories feature, then you’ll need to know how to get the right dimensions. One of the things that you can do is use a different program to put together your Instagram Stories posts so that they look high quality and have the right dimensions. Canva is a program that is often used for this. You can use the Canva website or you can download it from your app store.

Using Canva

Canva is a professional media editor that’ll make your posts high quality. It’s free to use and all you need to do is make an account. Log in and you’ll be able to use what’s available to use for free. It isn’t necessary to pay for the extra features, however if you find yourself wanting to upgrade, you’ll be able to collaborate on projects, have a Brand kit, and create animated graphics. If you just want to casually compose Instagram Stories, then here’s how you use Canva.

1. Tap the blue button in the left upper side of the screen that says, “Create a Design.” Once you do this, a menu will drop- down with suggestions on how you should proceed.

select “Custom Dimensions.”

2. From the menu, you can select “Custom Dimensions.”

Enter 1080 x 1920 in the corresponding boxes

3. Enter 1080 x 1920 in the corresponding boxes, or you could select one of the preset designs. 1080 must go in the box labeled “width” and 1920 must go in the box labeled “height.” Leave the measurement in px or pixels.

You’ll be presented with a ton of templates at the left side of the screen and a few icons to the left of the templates.

choose a template

4. If you choose a template, you can select whatever you want to change about it. You can change the text by tapping on it and hitting the backspace key on your keyboard to delete it. You can type whatever you’d like into the box. You can increase and decrease the size of the text box. You can ungroup media, duplicate the boxes, or rearrange them.

Once you begin to manipulate the text, you can change the font, color and size of it. In the top left corner of the design box, you’ll even see that you can change the color of the template. Even though you might think that a template is constricting, you can still make it your own. Most of the templates are free.

If you want to add media to the template, use the icons to the furthest right of the screen. You can add text, photos, and a new background if you’d like to. These icons will allow you to personalize your template. You should put all the necessary aspects of your post on the template before you device to start adding elements or a new background. this will make Canva easier to work with.

Once you’re done, you can download your design and post it on Instagram Stories. You’ll have perfect posts without any warped images or cut off parts.