Instagram Private Account Post Count Wrong? Try These 7 Fixes

Instagram Post Count is Wrong

Why Does Instagram Show Wrong Number of Posts

Instagram appears to be experiencing a glitch with the Post Count. A large number of people have reported it. Additionally, if your account shows an incorrect number of followers, there may be a flaw in the Instagram program. To determine whether or not Instagram is aware of the present follower count issue, it would be prudent to email a report or visit one of their social media accounts.

It appears to be either a caching issue or a problem with the Instagram servers not correctly updating your profile. It is relatively simple to resolve issues caching by navigating to your settings and emptying your cache. You might also want to try reinstalling the program.

1. Caching Issue

Caches could be the reason why your Instagram account is showing the wrong number of posts. For example, if you open your Instagram and realize there are fewer posts than the ones you have uploaded, there is a high chance you have not cleared your caches for a long time.

When using a platform that uses images, such as Instagram, there is a continuous build-up of caches. As a result, caches can prevent a browser from showing the latest or all the information on your Instagram account. This means that until you clear all the caches, you will not be able to get the right number of posts on your Instagram account.

How to Fix Wrong Post Count on Instagram – Clear Your Cache

Any application that displays photos is likely to have a cache. The cache saves information about the images to be loaded more quickly in the future.

Because of this, Instagram’s cache may grow tremendously vast over time, as you might anticipate. Fortunately, you can delete the cache on Instagram on both iPhone and Android devices.

To clear the cache on an Android: When using an Android phone, you don’t have to remove the Instagram app or even log out of your account to complete the process. The cache may be cleared using the Settings app, which comes pre-installed.

Open the Settings app and choose Storage from the drop-down menu.

Select Other Apps from the drop-down menu, locate Instagram in the list of apps, and press it.

Select the option to Clear Cache from the drop-down menu. The Clear Cache button should get grayed out, and the Cache section beneath the Space Used part should decrease to 0 B.

To clear the cache on an iPhone: Delete and reinstalling the Instagram app on an iPhone is the only method to remove its data cache altogether.

1. The Instagram app icon may get found on your Home screen or in the App Library on your device.

2. You may continue to tap and hold your finger on Instagram’s symbol until a menu displays or until all of the applications begin to vibrate.

3. Remove the app, which is represented by the minus sign in the top-left corner of the icon, is selected.

4. Confirm that you wish to remove the application from your device.

Afterward, you may reinstall Instagram for free from the App Store and connect to your account to complete the process.

Fix 2 – Reinstall Instagram

Reinstalling your Instagram app will work to fix the wrong post count problem. This will work if caches and bugs cause the problem in the current app you are using. It is an easy and fast method to follow.

Here are the steps to follow.

1. Go to your phone and select settings.

2. Then navigate to apps and tap to open.

3. Scroll until you find Instagram and tap to open it.

4. Tap on Uninstall

5. Now go back to your phone home and visit the Google or Play store.

6. Reinstall Instagram and log in. Now you can recheck the posts.

2. Servers are Down

Like all other internet systems and social media platforms, Instagram has servers. In some cases, these servers may go down and affect the functioning of Instagram. One of the most affected areas is access to data during such times.

Remember that for your posts to be shown, and the account should be able to fetch that data from the server.

As a result, it is possible that you do not see the right number of posts because Instagram servers are down. Although this is a rare thing to happen, it can happen once in a while. The bad part is that there is nothing users can do when this happens.

You will have to wait until Instagram fixes the system for you to access it again and see if the posts will be updated correctly. To check if their servers are down, go to

3. There’s A Bug on Instagram

A bug refers to a technical problem in a system, software, or application. Instagram is not different. Certain functions are affected whenever there is a bug or an error in the system. A bug may not affect the entire system but just a small part of it.

This means you may be using your Instagram normally and still get the wrong number of posts. If you notice this, it means that the bug in the system has affected that function and not the rest of it.

Some bugs will be fixed within a short time, and others can be temporary. However, there is no way you tell the difference as the user.

One thing you can do is to report the bug to Instagram in case it stays for a long time.

Fix – Log Out and Log In

This problem is usually remedied by logging in and out of your Instagram account. Of course, before you sign out, double-check that you have your credentials in hand. You have logged out of your account will destroy any drafts you have saved. Your account will not get impacted in any other way due to this.

Fix 2 – Report to Instagram

This is the last option when you have tried all other options, and the problem is still there. Then, you can report the problem to Instagram and will be able to fix it effectively. Of course, when reporting, you have to make sure that you follow the instructions keenly.

Additionally, ensure that you provide as many details as you can about the problem you are experiencing. You give Instagram’s technical team an easy way of understanding the problem and fixing it to your expectations by explaining the problem.

If you can, you should also include a screenshot in your description. Follow these steps.

1. Open your Instagram application or account.

2. Click on the profile picture. It will open your profile and more information.

3. Now click on an icon with three lines, then open the settings.

4. Navigate and click on ‘Help.’

5. Tap on ‘Report a Problem.’

6. You will be provided with a set of instructions and a room to state the problem you would like to report.

4. Poor Internet Connection

Instagram is all about pictures and videos. As a result, there is a need for a good internet connection for all this content to be loaded effectively. This is not any different from your posts. Your internet connection must be strong for you to see all your posts and for the system to load all of them correctly.

In some cases, you may realize that only a few of your posts are showing. However, more and more posts may start to show with time as you wait on the system. This is a sign that your internet connection is poor. Another way to confirm this is if you cannot view or watch videos on Instagram. This confirms that your internet connection is very poor.

Fix – Check Your Internet Connection

The post count error on a profile page is primarily caused by the website not loading correctly on your device. It is often due to an unstable internet connection, quickly resolved.

After connecting to a Wifi network, reload the page to see any changes. If there are no changes, you will need to report the issue to Instagram.

Fix 2 – Stop Using VPN

VPN is another thing that may be causing the problems you are experiencing wrong post count. As a result, you should stop using your VPN to fix the problem. For this case, it does not matter the type of VPN you are using.

VPNs interfere with your phone or any device’s IP address. As a result, they can also affect the functioning of some of the apps. This is why you should stop using your VPN when you notice a wrong number in the number of posts you are getting on your Instagram.

You can either uninstall your VPN application or stop it. Once you stop using the VPN, launch your Instagram app again and see if there are any changes.

How to Know How Many Posts Someone Has on Instagram

It is necessary to check someone’s Instagram page to see how many posts they have. When you visit their Instagram page, you will see information at the top of the page next to their picture just above their bio.

Instagram’s homepage will display the number of posts, the number of followers, and the number of people they follow, starting at the very top.

1. Because the Post Count Is Only Wrong For Private Accounts, Follow Them

It is possible to know how many posts one has by following them. When you get a wrong post count, it is a problem that is only found on private accounts. As a result, following someone will allow you to see their accurate post count.

Note that when you follow someone who has put their account on private, you will have to wait until they approve your follow request. After that, the request will be sent, and they can choose to accept it or not.

You can also use this method to check your actual number of posts. Ask someone who is following you to check the post count on your Instagram. You can compare it with what you are seeing on your private account to tell if there is an error.

2. Ask Someone That Follows Them

You do not have to necessarily follow a person to know their post count. On Instagram, you can ask someone who follows them to check and tell you. It is an easy method to use when you do not want to follow a person.

You can also use this method if a person has privacy settings on their account which means you cannot see their posts. If you try following a person with private settings and decline your request, you can also use this method.

The Takeaway

If your post count is wrong, you should refresh the page and if that does not help you in any way, report the issue to Instagram. When you visit someone’s page and see the wrong post count, it could also be a bug.

When you notice a post count, but the Instagram page you visit has no posts, the user may block you. So you may think it is an error that there is a post count while it’s just because you have been blocked.

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