Instagram is the number one image sharing app, and for the most part, runs without a problem. There is, however, a problem you could face when you are using Instagram. You can run into this issue when you are trying to reload or refresh your feed. A message will appear on your screen saying Couldn’t Refresh Feed. There are ways to fix this issue, but not all methods will work for everyone.

2 Possible Main Reasons Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

The first main reason people that people see this error message is that the network carrier that they go through is throttling their internet speed. What this means is that when you are reaching your data limit in the month, your phone carrier or internet provider will actually slow your internet down on purpose. If you are not just having issues with Instagram, then you should contact your provider to see if they may be able to help solve your internet issues.

The second main reason is that the total amount of mobile data users are on the network and it slows or weakens your internet connection. This is called congestion and it is when the network you are on is being bogged down by too many users trying to access the network all at the same time. If you are in a crowded or highly populated area or on crazy popular times to be on the network like New Years Eve when everyone is saying happy new year, this can become an issue. If you think this may be the case, you should connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, and it should solve the issue.

Other Problems and Solutions to Try

This is a list of problems that caused real users to have this error message pop up saying that Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed and how to fix them. If your network isn’t the problem, you can try these methods to fix seeing this error message.

1. Updating Your Instagram App

If you don’t have the newest version of an app you can run into all sorts of issues, and it is no different with Instagram. You should check that your Instagram app is updated to the newest version so that you can avoid as many issues as possible. The examples will be for Android, but iPhone is not much different, and the concept is the same.

1. Open your Google Play Store

2. Tap on the menu button on the top left corner that looks like Three Horizontal Lines

My apps & games

3. Now, tap My apps & games

Update Instagram

4. Here is where you can manually update your apps

5. You can scroll through until you see Instagram an update only it by tapping update next to it, or you can tap the UPDATE ALL button at the top of this list

6. If you needed to update the app, the update may fix the error message saying Couldn’t Refresh Feed

2. Network Connection

Make sure that your internet connection is good enough to access the app fully. Make sure that you have 3G, 4G, or now 5G so you have a good enough connection to your mobile network.

3. Restart Your Phone or Device

Before you freak out on your mobile device because of this issue, you should try to restart your device. What this does is disconnect your device from your network and then restart with a fresh connection to the network.

4. Uninstall Instagram and Reinstall

If your Instagram is the only problem app you have, your internet connection is strong, and you have updated the app to the newest version and you are still having problems with the Couldn’t Refresh Feed error, then you might want to try this. Uninstall and Reinstall your Instagram app.

1. On your home screen or app drawer tap and hold the Instagram icon until you see a pop up menu appear

2. Then, click uninstall in this menu

3. After you have uninstalled the app, you need to open your Google Play app

4. Search for Instagram and install it again

5. After reinstalling the app try to open it and see if the problem continues

5. Avoiding Double Hashtags

A large number of Instagram users have reported that when other people comment with hashtags it can cause the Couldn’t Refresh Feed. For some reason double hashtags can cause the app to not work properly. To get rid of these double hashtag comments you need to login to Instagram on a browser and find the comment and delete it.

6. Re-login to Instagram

If you are still having issues you can log out and log back into your Instagram account. Log out and login on your mobile device and on your computer. Wait a few minutes and then log back in. your Instagram feed should go back to normal after doing this.

7. Deleting Unwanted Symbols in the Comments on Your Posts

Just like comments with hashtags in them, there are apparently other symbols that make Instagram not function properly for some reason. There isn’t a list of these, so you just have to go through your posts and see if there are any recent posts that have symbols in the comments section.

8. Contact Instagram

If none of these other methods fixed this issue for you, then the last option you have is to tell Instagram about it. You can go to the Play Store and find Instagram and then report a problem directly to the developers. This is the last resort to try and fix this.