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Figuratively speaking; the internet has become as important as oxygen for many people. Business deals, job interviews, shopping, assignments or whatnot, every aspect of life has become heavily dependent on the internet. Your cellular service provider allows you the option of mobile data to access the internet on a go as free Wi-Fi service isn’t available everywhere.

Nothing infuriates you more than a slow internet connection. Given that users spend a decent amount of money to buy mobile data packages, they always expect their internet speed to be on a higher side. You are bound to get upset if the service isn’t up to your expectations. Well, it is not necessarily your service provider’ fault always. It could be your phone or its settings that could be the reason for slow internet speed.

No matter how familiar you are with your iPhone, a software update is always going to puzzle you a bit. Whenever Apple introduces a new iOS, there are always some significant changes to the interface and settings of the iPhone/iPad. Now if you are using mobile data and think that your phone is the reason why your internet speed is slow then you can check it and increase it through different methods.

1. Restart your Phone

Before looking for any other option, simply restart your phone to check if it helps your internet speed. Sometimes, your phone is running so many apps in the background that it starts to take a toll on your phone’s processor. Restarting your phone will shut down the apps, cool down your system, and help the internet speed.

You can restart your iPhone by press-holding your sleep/wake button for 10 seconds. Slide Power Off as soon as it appears on the screen. Press-hold your sleep/wake button for 10 seconds to switch your phone on. For iPhone X and later, press the sleep/wake button simultaneously with volume up/down button. Select Restart or Power Off option to turn it off.

2. Change Location

Weather, network congestion, and geography are some of the factors that can affect your internet speed. iPhones always have an issue with the internet speed whenever the user is triggering any of the factors mentioned above.

It is not the technical side to address the issue but moving few steps away from a certain location, changing rooms in the house, or using the internet in a comparatively less crowded place can help you with your internet speed.

3. Re-insert your SIM Card

It is good to check your SIM card before entering into the technicalities. It is just a simple process, pull your SIM Card out and insert it back. To do so:

1. Switch off your iPhone.

2. Locate the SIM card holder at the right side of your iPhone; just below the sleep/wake button.

3. Now open your SIM holder by a pointed needle.

4. Take the tray out, pull the SIM Card out, and place it again.

5. Now switch on your iPhone back.

4. Use 4G Cellular Network

Now, this is the first technical method you can use to accelerate your internet speed. Usually, when you switch on your mobile data, it doesn’t automatically switch on 4G. It keeps working on a minimal speed to save data and battery both.

You can change this in settings by enabling the 4G option. It will eat your data quicker than usual but it will provide extra speed. Here is how you can do that:

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Now tap on the option Mobile Data.

Mobile data

3. Toggle On the option Mobile Data.

4. Now go to the options Mobile Data Options.

5. Tap on the option Enable 4G.

Enable 4G 6. Tap the option Voice & Data. You mustn’t select the options Only Voice or Off.

5. Disconnect your Phone from VPN

Using VPNs will certainly allow you privacy and anonymity, but it will massively decrease your internet speed. The technicalities involved in this process is a different story but disconnecting your phone from a VPN whether connected via third-party apps or a web browser will instantly accelerate your internet speed.

Moreover, if you cannot live without a VPN then it is highly recommended that you should look out for the VPN services that fast, effective, and reputable. They might cost you some money, but it is much better to pay a little money instead of living with a slow internet connection.

6. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Since you know that your iPhone keeps on running some important apps (if the feature is turned on) in the background and they consume a small chunk of your internet. Turning this feature off could massively help you increase your mobile data speed. This feature is good to be switched on when connected to a Wi-Fi, but not so much on mobile data. Here is how you can turn it off.

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Tap on the option General.

Background app refresh3. Locate the option Background App Refresh.

4. Tap on the option Off or you can also tap the option Wi-Fi.

5. You can also individually switch off this feature for some unnecessary. Toggle off the Apps which you don’t want to be refreshed in the background.

Once done, you will see your mobile data’ speed improved massively.

7. Reset your Network Settings

Sometimes your mobile network starts creating issues for no apparent reasons. Not only concerning the internet speed, but your network issues could impact your calling and texting as well. Apple provides a quick fix to restore your network settings. You can do it by:

1. Go to the Settings.

2. Tap on the option General.

3. Scroll down and tap on the option Reset.

4. Tap on the option Reset Network Settings. Enter your passcode and let the process complete.

Just keep in mind that you only have to reset your network settings. This option will not delete any of your data and you will not have to create a back-up either. Tapping Reset All Settings will also deliver the same results, but it is unnecessary here.