Social dating apps are one of the new things that have come up since smartphones have become one of the vital gadgets that you carry around every day.

This means that phones are used for pretty much anything like work, entertainment, games, and meeting people. Tinder is an app that allows you to meet people within your area for the purpose of casual dating.

How Tinder Algorithm Works (Elo Score)

Tinder uses an algorithm which ranks your profile and gives it an elo score. This score is a hidden numerical ranking which will determine the matches you’ll have, the profiles you’ll see, and to which profiles yours will be shown.

The higher your score, the more desirable the system will tag you. If you have a low score, you’ll only be shown to those who are in your score range. Talk about dating within your league.

Another thing you ought to consider is that Tinder gives you points for good behavior and takes it away if you behave badly. There’s also a thing called shadowban where you don’t realize you’ve actually been tagged as invisible to other profiles.

You won’t notice it because you’ll still see other profiles but they won’t see you.

Here are 8 ways to use the Tinder Algorithm to get more matches:

1. Swipe Right Responsibly

The first thing to consider is swiping right on Tinder. Common thing that occurs is you’re going to keep swiping to the right in order to get more chances of matches. Turns out, this is likened to spamming so you could even be detected by the system as a bot. This would reduce your elo score and move you down, or worse, result in a shadowban.

What to do:

In order to improve your elo score, you’ll need to swipe right only on the profiles you actually think are attractive. Be more selective and picky. Swipe right when you actually find yourself attracted and interested on the person.

What not to do:

Don’t do a massive swipe right when you’re browsing. This will only result in a lower elo score.

2. Construct a Better Profile

Tinder is an online dating app which means you need to put the best foot forward. This factor influences the system and the people who are able to view your profile.

The more swipe rights you receive, the higher your ranking will be. Make your profile more interesting and honest.

Complete the bio and if you’re adding things that you don’t normally do, consider making it a regular activity so you’re actually improving yourself during the process.

What to do:

Complete your bio, use better words, and look at it from a third person point of view. Be unbiased and ask yourself, would you date you. The idea is highlighting your best qualities.

What not to do:

Don’t go for cheesy one-liners or don’t brag too much. You only need to be authentic and true to who you are.

3. Upload an Attractive Photo

People on Tinder will behave the same way you are so it’s normal for you to respond to a more attractive photo.

What to do:

Upload a better, clearer, and more attractive profile photo. Make sure it looks clean and the photo is taken by a better camera.

What not to do:

If you’re a guy, avoid selfies, half-naked photos, unless you actually have the abs.

4. Frequency is Key

Tinder looks at your activity and there’s a higher chance to be more visible when you’re using the app more frequently.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should swipe right every chance you’re going to get. When you’re online, you become more visible to your score range within your location so it’s better for you and your profile.

What to do:

You can try spacing out your activity throughout the day so this means you can be online more frequently. For instance, you can be online in the morning, or a few times in the afternoon and the evening.

What not to do:

If you’re trying to get matches, don’t just spend an hour or two a week on the app.

5. Respond to Matches

If you’ve already done half of the things I’ve mentioned, you probably have matches already and that’s a good thing. You may or may not like the matches you have but consider your profile rank when you’re ignoring matches that you don’t like.

What to do:

Respond to matches and send appropriate messages. Spark up a conversation, you won’t know how things will go.

What not to do:

Don’t just ignore the matches you don’t like. The purpose of Tinder is to connect people and have a better social experience.

6. Get More Swipe Rights Versus you Swiping Right

As I mentioned previously, you need to have more swipe rights as compared to your swipe rights. This type of statistic allows the system to recognize that you’re more attractive and should be in the higher rank range.

What to do:

If you’re not naturally attractive, find a way to look so. It doesn’t mean that you should change entirely how you look but consider a new haircut, a clean shave, a healthier lifestyle, and a better photo.

Also, review your profile and bio so you can do some tweaking. But make sure to add the tweaks in real life.

What not to do:

Don’t do a massive swipe right behavior. This is a repetition of the first advice because it’s important. It’s hard to resist the impulse to do it, especially when you’ve gotten used to doing it.

7. Watch your Behavior

When we’re on Tinder it’s hard to think about other things but dating or the potential of dating the profile we’re seeing.

This just means that you should watch your behavior like the messages you send when a match comes up.

What to do:

Craft a good first message. There is plenty of advice online when it comes to the first message you send.

What not to do:

Don’t send bad messages like ones with malicious meanings and innuendos. You don’t want to get marked as spam which will result in hurting your ranking or worse, getting shadowbanned.

8. Don’t Reset your Account

New accounts on Tinder are fresh so they have high visibility across rankings. There’s advice online that you can reset your account to get this high visibility again.

However, Tinder’s system is taking precaution against accounts that have been reset multiple times.

What to do:

Try to take time and build up your profile instead of doing the reset. You’re much better off improving your profile with a more attractive and pleasant photo, and an interesting bio. Leave off resetting your account as a last resort.

Bottom Line

Tinder is a great way to meet people and do a little casual dating. It takes a little effort but you’ll be able to create a great profile and get a good set of matches.

This can lead to good conversations and the possibility of taking things to the next level.

If you’re out to improve your profile, you should also improve the way you are now. It’s not about changing yourself but a healthier and active lifestyle would do wonders for you.

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