If You Mute Someone on iMessage Will They Know?

If You Mute Someone on iMessage Will They Know?

This guide will provide you with information regarding whether muting someone on iMessage will notify them.

If You Mute Someone on iMessage, Will They Know?

No, however, if you do happen to meet someone on iMessage, there are ways for them to find out. In this article of information, you are about to discover ways that you can find out if someone has muted you on iMessage.

Also, you are going to learn about what happens when you meet a contact as well as what the other person sees when they are muted on an iPhone.

So, this is essential information for you to consider if someone has muted you or if you have intentions of muting some of your contacts yourself. Let’s dive in! 

Does Muting Someone on iMessage Notify the Person?

No, the other consumer will not know that you have muted them. As we dive into this next question, there are many consumers who have asked this question for so many reasons.

Some users and consumers that use social connection applications, such as iMessage, use them to connect with certain people. However, there are moments when they don’t want to hear from a particular contact and don’t want the other person to know they are muted.

iMessage does not allow this type of information to be accessible to its users and consumers.

Whether you are the one doing the muting or you are the one that is muted, there is no accomplishable possible way for you or anyone to have access to this information or action.

This is something that can strike serious cases of paranoia in a lot of users and consumers. If you are muting someone in particular, you don’t want the other person to know that you have muted them.

You could be muting the contact of an annoying friend that calls with constant drama, or you just want some quiet time, and you decide to mute your contacts on all applications you utilize on the regular.

Whatever the case, this is something that will cause more confrontation than confidentiality.

If you have muted someone who you don’t want to find out they have been muted, and they discover you have muted their contact on iMessage, this may spark an unlikely yet uncomfortable conversation between both parties.

There is a reason for why iMessage does not allow people to know if they have been muted on the app. And maybe, just maybe, this is one of those reasons.

How to Know If Someone Muted You on Message

For this next part of our conversation, you are about to find out how to know if someone has muted you on iMessage. The ways to find out are quite simple and will allow you to pay close attention to your contacts on iMessage.

Some things to adhere to would be to see if they take too long to respond to your message or if the duration is longer than usual between each message.

And if you get curious and want to know if they have needed you, you may want to reach out and ask them directly.

However, if you have experienced any of this, you might want to consider the fact they have do not disturb enabled on their device. Moreover, let’s go ahead and dive into the first alternative.

1. If They Take Long to Respond to Your Messages

Typically, when you are messaging someone on iMessage, just as you are texting someone through the standard texting application on your device, you often pay close attention to how long it takes for them to actually respond back to you. 

If you notice they are taking forever in a day to respond back to a message that you have sent them previously, there is a possibility they may have muted your contact on their list.

Of course, there are some other aspects to consider for why they are taking forever to respond back to your message.

They could be at the gym, on a date, or simply resting. And if they are doing any of these things, this could be a possible reason for why they have muted your contact.

And if they are occupied, you may also want to consider the possibility that you are not the only contact that is muted.

Usually, when individuals are occupied with other obligations, no one is exempt from being blocked, ignored, or muted.

2. If The Duration It Takes Between Each Message Has Randomly Got Bigger

As it was stated in the previous alternative, when you message someone on iMessage, many of us who use this application pay close attention to how long it takes for someone to respond back, just like when we are using the standard texting application that is on our devices.

But what if the conversation you’re having on iMessage starts off strong but starts to lag as it progresses?

Let’s say that you and one of your friends have been messaging on iMessage for approximately 30 minutes. At the beginning of the conversation, you begin to notice it takes them three to five minutes to respond to each message that you send.

As you progress to the 15-minute mark, you notice it takes 10 minutes for them to respond. After you have reached the 30-minute mark, you realize that you haven’t heard anything from that individual until 30 minutes later.

Overall, you are noticing that the duration it takes for them to respond back to each message has been growing larger and larger by the minute, literally.

If you notice that the duration between each message has expanded, there is a slight possibility that the individual may have muted your notifications on iMessage. 

Normally, when you meet someone’s contact, you would not be able to hear nor be notified of the other individual chiming in to message you. So, you might find yourself getting to the message whenever you have time.

Normally, when someone is unmuted, and you receive a message, you will be able to respond to the message immediately after receiving the notification.

However, if the individual is muted, you probably won’t be able to respond to their messages in time.

So, if you are on the other end of the stick and it’s taking forever for that individual to respond to you, you may want to consider that they might have muted your contact.

3. Ask Them If They’ve Muted You

For this next alternative, it requires direct communication and contact to reach a resolution.

In other contexts, if you really want to know if you have been muted on iMessage by a certain individual, the best thing for you to do is to reach out to them directly and ask them if they have needed you.

One way that you can reach out to them, it’s to simply send them a message on iMessage and ask them if they have muted you. You may not get a notification that they have received a message.

However, you will be able to see that you have sent the message to them. If you have sent a message to them and there’s no response, you can attempt to reach out to them via phone if you have the direct contact phone number.

If there is no progress with that alternative, you can contact them via their social media platforms to notify them that you have been trying to message them on iMessage and that you aren’t getting any responses, and that you want to know if you have been muted.

However this proceeds, be sure to have a decent and genuine approach to the conversation.

You’ll never know what reasons the other person may have for muting you if you have been muted. So, go into the discussion with an open mind and a willingness to understand.

4. If You’ve Noticed Any of the Above, They Could’ve Just Put Their Phone on DND

If you have taken heed and acknowledged all of the circumstances that were mentioned and you have experienced them all when reaching out to a particular individual on iMessage, you might want to consider whether they may have put their device in do not disturb mode.

As it was stated in the previous option, there are various reasons as to why someone would enable do not disturb on their device.

Mostly, it’s because the individual is extremely busy and doesn’t want any calls interrupting them as they are handling their obligations. And sometimes, that person may just be resting simply.

When it comes to this part of our conversation, it’s all about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand why they have enabled do not disturb on their device. As you now know, not all of the reasons have malicious or neglectful intent behind them.

This is something that requires a matter of empathy and using your own intuition. 

What Happens When You Mute a Contact?

The first thing that will happen is that you will not be able to receive any alarm or notification from that contact when their messages come in.

Another instance that takes place is that you will still be able to see the messages from the individual you have needed. Although you will not get any notification from that contact, their messages will still be visible.

When you mute someone on iMessage, you can also expect that person to reach out to you on multiple platforms. If that individual has your contact information, you may receive a phone call from them.

If that individual has friended you on social media platforms, you might just receive an inbox from them asking where you are or, rather, if they have been muted.

And last but certainly not least, when you meet someone on iMessage, and they have become aware they have been muted, the other person may mute your notifications instead.

This is something that can contribute to a misunderstanding. If you have muted the contact or multiple contacts due to being super busy with obligations, the other person may not know that. So, they may take this action as a form of neglect or dismissiveness.

Does Muting Send Calls to Voicemail? 

No, muting your messages on iMessage does not affect your phone calls in any way. If someone has an issue with reaching you on iMessage after you have muted their notifications, the first initial action that person will proceed with is to give you a phone call. So, if that muted contact decides to give you a ring, then your phone will, of course, ring.  

If you have muted a particular contact on iMessage and you don’t want any form of contact with that individual, if you want to remove all forms of contact, the best thing for you to do is to not only mute their messages on iMessage, but to block the individual altogether.

You won’t be able to block the individual’s phone calls through iMessage. So, the only way to block the person or persons, if you want to block them, is to proceed with blocking the contact through your device settings. 

What Does the Other Person See When You Mute Them on iPhone? 

When you mute someone on iMessage, usually, nothing really happens.

The only thing that happens is after you have muted the person you wanted to mute from your contacts, when you search for the person’s name in iMessage, you will see that you have blocked them.

So, in other words, you will only have a paper trail of the person or people that you have muted.

No notification will be given to the other person after they have been muted, nor will this information be released to the public.

The roster of people that you have muted will be for your eyes only. Even after you unmute the contacts, the other person will still not see anything. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are the person who is proceeding with this action or someone has taken this action against you, muting someone on iMessage can be a sticky situation.

In the process of wanting complete quietness, this is also something that can lead to conversations and explanations of why you have muted an individual or why someone has muted you. 

Overall, in this article of information, you now have a complete understanding of reasons why someone would mute their contacts on iMessage, as well as methods to find out if someone has muted you.

If you ever get curious and want to know if someone has muted you on iMessage, pay extremely close attention to the duration of each message as well as how long it takes for them to respond.

And if your curiosity is becoming overwhelming, you might want to reach out to that individual in more ways than one to see what’s going on. Who knows? They may not have muted you but have their device on do not disturb.

Muting a contact on iMessage can be considered a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on your intentions and your actions that contributed.

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