If you delete a contact from WhatsApp, will they know? That’s a burning question that many users of WhatsApp are always asking, but can never seem to get a straight answer. And, frankly, WhatsApp doesn’t offer one. But, to answer that question, no. WhatsApp won’t notify the contact that they were deleted. However, they can find out indirectly.

WhatsApp does a lot of “beating around the bush,” as the saying goes. It’s true that WhatsApp won’t notify the unfortunate individual that probably deserved to be deleted, but there’s hints that WhatsApp drops that can tip a person off.

How Would They Know They Were Deleted?

A recently deleted contact goes through stages of hints that eventually lead them to the realization that they were, indeed, deleted as a contact from WhatsApp. Quite frankly, the hints left behind by WhatsApp are like bad foreshadowing. In fact, that person would need to know what certain icons mean.

Where’d Your Profile Picture Go?

Here’s the thing, when you delete a contact from WhatsApp, you are still listed as a contact on their list. WhatsApp isn’t set up like Facebook where you unfriend someone and that’s it; you’re no longer friends. They can still see the conversation you two may have had. However, this is where the hints start to drop.

When a newly deleted contact opens the conversation between you two, they’ll first notice that your profile picture is missing. All they’ll see is a blank profile picture, a blank figurehead; the sign of someone without a profile picture. But that’s the very first hint. Most people might brush that off as WhatsApp simply not working, completely missing the hint. Again, WhatsApp beating around the bush.

Did You Get My Message?

The realization doesn’t hit for the recently deleted contact until they send a message to you. This is where knowledge of the icons come in handy. When you send a message, there’s a series of checkmarks next to each message, indicating the results of a message sent.

Is there a single grey checkmark next to the message or attachment? The message or attachment wasn’t sent. Are there two grey checkmarks next to the message or attachment? The message was sent successfully. Are there two blue checkmarks next to the message or attachment? Then the message was sent and the person has read the message.

What does that have to do with a deleted contact? Because if they send you a message, it will always show up as grey. If they were blocked, it will block the message. They can send message after message until their fingers turn red. It will always show up as a single grey checkmark. And yet, it still isn’t a definitive answer to the question. A deleted contact could just be experincing network problems.

Your Contact Information is Missing

A recently deleted contact will, for sure, get the best answer to their question by visiting your contact information, where your status is and your last known online session. When they check it out, it’s void of information. They won’t see your status, nor your profile picture, and they won’t see the last time you were online.