If You Delete a Comment on YouTube Can Others Still See It

If You Delete a Comment on YouTube Can Others Still See It

This guide will help you determine if you delete a comment on YouTube whether or not others can still see it.

If You Delete a Comment on YouTube, Can Others Still See It?

No. If you delete the comment before the channel owner reads it, he will not receive a notification through the Youtube service or application.

However, whether he sees your comment at all is solely dependent upon whether he receives email notifications for comments.

In certain cases, the first couple of lines of the message is sent with the email notification for a comment. With shorter comments, it is common for the entire message to be revealed through email.

Does YouTube Notify When You Delete a Comment?

No, YouTube does not send a notification through the application if you delete a comment on someone’s post.

However, if the creator has email notifications enabled, it is likely that he or she will be able to see at least the first couple of lines of what you commented and then deleted.

To delete a comment, go to Comment History. Then, beside the comment, click More. Then select Edit or Delete. This will give you the option to either edit the comment and change the initial message you commented or fully delete the comment.

If you edit what you initially said, the email notification that was sent does not change from what you initially said.

Therefore, if you said something nasty or vile and then suddenly changed it to something more polite, the creator will still have a great chance of seeing what you originally wrote if they have email notifications enabled.

Further, the creator does not receive a separate notification upon you editing something you have commented.

YouTube Deleting Comments Notifications?

As of right now, there is no notification for YouTube deleting comments. YouTube usually deletes comments that appear to be spam or you post a link, for links are counted as spam by YouTube.

The only way someone would receive a notification upon their comment being deleted would involve the creator directly telling the individual that they were deleting their comment.

There are reasons why a creator may tell someone they are deleting a comment on their page. For example, it is possible that someone comments on something that was obviously intended to be on the immediately previously posted video.

This can easily happen when an autoplay is utilized. The channel owner may simply want to let the poster of the comment know so they aren’t wondering about the disappearance of their comment. It’s more of a common courtesy than anything.

There are also many reasons that YouTube may delete your comments on its own. Previously mentioned is that your comments may have been flagged as spam.

This is highly likely if you leave the same comment in multiple videos or share a link. The same applies if multiple users mark your comments as spam.

This is bad because if this occurs, you can lose certain privileges. An example of such is commenting on videos. YouTube’s algorithm will consider subsequent comments to this initial finding span and automatically delete them.

Another reason YouTube may delete your comment involves a comment containing explicit language.

This does not always get your comment deleted, but YouTube does strive to be a family-friendly platform for the most part.

One of its guidelines includes not tolerating vulgar or explicit language, making it likely that the platform will delete your comments if they contain explicit language. It is also highly unlikely that they will consider the context of your comment containing vulgar language.

If your comment is classified as hate speech, YouTube will definitely delete the comment. YouTube has stepped up its personal efforts to combat hate speech all throughout their platform.

Through these efforts, YouTube is deleting comments that reek of racial prejudice or otherwise glorify a group that engaged in widespread oppression of another race, like Nazis for example.

YouTube expands its personal definition of hate speech to include discrimination based on age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion – among various other things.

As a result, if your comment violates any of their anti-hate speech guidelines, the comment will be removed and there is a possibility that you will face other repercussions.

Will Someone Know If You Deleted Their Comment on YouTube?

By default, no one will not know if you deleted their comment on YouTube. However, this is not a conclusive answer because there are options that could allow someone to know that you deleted their comment on YouTube, whether it be via the browser or the application.

Two of these options are described below.

1. If The Initial Notification of the Comment Disappears, They May Notice

It is possible that the creator is already on the YouTube application. They may have already received the notification for your comment, but the notification immediately disappeared.

This is typically a sure sign that someone deleted a comment and typically the sole explanation for this phenomenon.

This is different from how other applications handle situations like this. For example, if you have already viewed the notification on Instagram, the notification does not go away. It simply will not, however, allow the creator to view the comment if he or she clicks on it.

Upon clicking on it, they will simply see a message that tells them the comment cannot be found.

2. If Someone Tells Them

It is possible that someone could tell the creator of a video that you commented something prior to deleting it.

Even if you delete the comment before the viewer is able to receive the notification and they don’t receive email notice, it is possible that another viewer saw the comment and told the creator.

This doesn’t have to occur directly through one person seeing the comment and going directly to the creator. It could start off as gossip, and by the time it reaches the creator, it is possible that the initial message will be regrettably skewed.

Keep this in mind when you are commenting, and make sure you really want to say something before you choose to share it under someone’s video.

How To Make Sure They Can’t Find Out You Deleted Their Comment

If you know you’re going to delete something before you post it, there are ways that you can try to ensure that the creator does not see your comment before you delete it. These methods are described below.

1. Do It After A While

Directly after posting the video, it is more likely that the creator of the video is going to be scrolling through the platform or checking analytics on the post.

If you want to more effectively become a sleuth, post a comment, and delete it, then you need to be sneaky. You should wait until it is less likely that the creator is still on the application or website to comment.

Give it a couple of hours, then say what you want to say. If you want to be even more sure, you could even wait a couple of DAYS.

2. Make Sure You Didn’t Like The Comment Before, As When You Delete The Notification Will Disappear

Liking the comment will provide an additional notification that will not be deleted upon deleting the comment, so you need to ensure you don’t like the comment before you delete it.

If they do this, they will not be able to see the comment, but they will be taken to where the comment was posted.

They won’t know exactly what was said, but they may be able to see the first line or so in the notification for you liking the comment.

This could reveal part of your message to the creator, making it more possible that they are able to read some of what you said and making it more difficult for you to remain undetected.

3. Block Them

The most surefire way to ensure that someone does not see that you posted comment is to block them.

Blocking someone on YouTube prevents them from being able to comment on your videos or reply to your comments. They will still, however, be able to view any public content on your page.

There are no ways to keep someone from seeing videos that have been marked as public, but there are a couple of hacks that can limit how much someone can see of your content.

For example, you can make your videos and playlists Unlisted. This will only allow users with a direct link to have access to view your content. Additionally, you can make your videos and playlists Private as another option.

This feature makes it where you can share videos or other content only with specific people you desire, rather than a general link like the aforementioned option. When you share private content with users, you must know their Google Account email addresses.

After you have blocked someone, it is possible to unlock them or a channel you have blocked if you choose to do so. If you would like to do this, use the following steps:

1. Go to the YouTube Creator Studio.

2. Select Settings from the menu on the left side of the screen.

3. Click on Community.

4. You will find the list of users’ profiles that you have blocked in the Add Hidden Users box located under Automated Filters.

5. If you want to reinstate someone’s privileges to comment, you can select Remove or the cross sign beside their name.

How to Delete Your Comment on Someone’s YouTube Video

If the owner of a video has turned on comments, you can post comments and like, dislike, or reply to other comments on the same video.

If you want to delete a comment after you have posted it, use the following steps:

1. Go to Comment History.

2. Click or tap the video link.

3. Next to the comment in YouTube, select the More button with three vertical dots.

4. Select Edit or Delete.

These options will allow you to either edit something that you have commented or delete a comment.

How to Delete Someone’s Comment on Your YouTube Video

If you want to delete comments that have been posted under a video that you shared, open the video page on YouTube and click on the arrow to the top right of the comment.

A drop-down list will display; click “Remove.” This will delete the comment you’ve selected and all replies that are associated with the comment.

You have to be logged in to YouTube to delete a comment. Additionally, you can only delete comments that have been left on your own videos. You cannot delete comments that have been posted on another creator’s videos.


In most cases, if you delete a comment on YouTube, other people cannot see it. In most cases, the notification is deleted, and the history of the comment is along with it.

There are a few cases, however, in which the individual can see the comments even though they have been deleted. For example, they might see the comment or the notification before you delete it.

In other cases, they might receive email notifications that you have commented on their video. Nonetheless, these situations are described in further detail in the aforementioned sections.

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