If You Delete a Comment on Facebook Can Others Still See It?

If You Delete a Comment on Facebook Can Others Still See It?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to delete a comment on Facebook, but there may be some things you are wondering about it.

If You Delete a Comment on Facebook, Can Others Still See It?

No, they won’t see the comment after you delete it. They might see the notification that there was a comment through. This is because the notifications show up the minute the comment is made, and there is little you can do about it.

Sometimes the comment notification is a little slow, and you might be able to beat it. This will depend on how fast you are deleting it and if the person has notifications on.

Does Facebook Notify When You Delete a Comment?

No, they don’t notify when a comment has been deleted. They only notify the original poster when you post a comment. This doesn’t always happen, but when it does, the notification could stay in their alerts for a while.

When they click on it, they will not be able to see the comment, but they will know it was there at one point.

Facebook Deleting Comments Notifications?

No. There is no notification that comes up when a comment is deleted. This is because it only shows on your end.

The comment is just gone for everyone else. They might be able to see the notification there was a comment if it comes through at a fast pace, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes it takes a while for the comment to even come through the notifications. So, it is possible that they will not see what you wrote or that there even was a comment, to begin with.

Will Someone Know If You Deleted Their Comment on Facebook?

It is possible they will know the comment was deleted. If they have their Facebook set up where they get a notification for their account, they might get that, and then they would see there was a comment that was there but isn’t now.

This can cause confusion, but they won’t see the comment itself if it’s done at a faster pace. This is going to be up to you and how fast you delete it. If it was there for a certain period of time, then they might have seen it before you could delete it.

If The Initial Notification of the Comment Disappears, They May Notice. This is because they could follow the notification and then see nothing in the comments.

They may question this and wonder what happened or what was said. If they check their post quickly, they might see the comment and then know that you deleted it when they go to respond to it.

This can cause confusion, but also could make them mad because they are unable to respond since the comment was deleted.

If Someone Tells Them that might see the comments at the same time, you do. They may not have seen the comment right away, but someone else may have. They may let them know what you said, and then it won’t matter that you deleted the comment.

They will still know something was said and probably what it was. If you said something that was rude or that could be taken in a way that isn’t good, they might talk to you about it, or worst case, they may block you from seeing their Facebook.

This can happen when a comment is not appropriate and you hurt someone’s feelings. This can also happen with political comments because people are very passionate about this topic.

The best thing you can do is just not comment about things like this if you are concerned. They may not like what you are saying and don’t want to end up blocked by them.

How to Make Sure They Can’t Find Out You Deleted Their Comment

There are ways that you can make sure they don’t see the comment or at least try to keep someone from seeing the comment after you have posted it. They are never full proof, but they can help keep them from being seen by the other person.

1. Do It After a While

You can wait to delete your comment if you want to keep them from knowing you deleted the comment. This way, they will potentially see it, but they won’t know that you deleted it later.

You should be ready for any reaction that they may have or others that might see the comment and then respond. Sometimes that happens, and then the comment will blow up again even after it’s been a little while.

2. Make Sure You Didn’t Like the Comment Before as When You Delete the Notification Will Disappear

If you like the comment, then it will be more visible, and more people may see it. They will also get notifications if the comments are getting likes. You will also get these notifications and will have to deal with them later.

If you don’t want someone to read the comment, then you probably will need to delete it as soon as possible. The more likes the comment has, the more it will be visible to the community.

This means that more people will see it on the post, and it’s possible it will be displayed on the Facebook page when people are scrolling their Facebook. This can make a comment you’d rather not everyone will see very visible.

If you don’t want to have this happen, then you should not like the comment and may just want to delete it together. If you don’t, more people will most likely see it, and you will have to deal with that issue on your end.

This way, the likes won’t cause any new attention to the comment, and fewer people will see it in the end.

3. Block Them

This will keep them from seeing any comments you have made and any you will make in the future. They won’t be able to see your profile or anything once this happens.

It’s best to use with people that make nasty comments to your comment and that cause you stress that you don’t want to deal with in the end possibly. You can also do it for the person that posted the original post.

This is only good if you get a response that wasn’t good and that you didn’t like or that was threatening. You don’t want to deal with people that are not going to have a good conversation instead of just lashing out.

The ones that lash out are going to be the ones you might want to consider blocking, even if you go ahead and delete your comment.

If you choose the block people, you might just block that one account. This is common if they are a bit account or if they are a troll account.

It’s possible you will get another comment that will be from the same person on a different account that you will also have to deal with. You can block them as well, but it will take a lot of time to block them all.

Sometimes it’s just easier to delete the comment and go on from there.

How to Delete Your Comment on Someone’s Facebook Post

You can delete your comment pretty easily. You go to your comment and either click on it or hold down your finger on the comment. Then a little box will pop up that will ask if you want to edit the comment or delete it.

You hit delete, and then it’s gone. No one will see the comment from that point on. This will help you to keep the comment hidden if you want that.

You might have decided that the comment wasn’t a good idea or too many people are reacting in ways you don’t want.

This is a good reason to delete your comment and move on. It also might be because you are getting threats or things have gotten dangerous, and you want to just move on with your life and forget the comment.

All of these are valid reasons for you to want to delete the comment.

How to Delete Someone’s Comment on Your Facebook Post

There are ways you can get rid of a comment on your Facebook post, too, if you want to. You will click on the comment, and there is an option to hide the comment. You can also choose to block the commenter if it’s a really bad comment.

This can help clean up your post if the comments are nasty or if they are not what you want on your post. You can also choose to take comments off of posts that might be related to your business or something like that.

If that is the case, then you can hide the comment, or you can choose to respond to the comment and see if they make a new one.

If they do, then you can delete the entire thread, and it will be completely gone. This is going to depend on what is the most comfortable for you.

If you don’t want to delete the comment but see where it will go, you can do that as well. The comment will be visible to everyone, and there is a chance that more than one person will comment on it in one way or another.

Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes, it will just get a mind of its own and take off in a direction you don’t want. If that happens, you can still delete the comment and any past that you don’t want people to see.

There are a lot of reasons you might want to delete a comment or one you have made. You can do it very easily, and you can do it for your posts or for others that you have made.

There are times when you might want not to have your comment shown to everyone, and you made the mistake of posting it. The good news is that you can delete it and move on without much issue. You only need to go through the motions to do it.

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