On Instagram, if you’ve been blocked, you’ll never be able to be unblocked unless that person chooses to do so. When someone blocks you, the main thing that characterizes and makes your account unique is an ID that Instagram has associated with that account that you wouldn’t be aware of. On the face level view, things that characterize an Instagram account includes your email, phone number as well as your username.

If someone has blocked you and you’ve made a new account with the same email address, you may be wondering if you’ll still be blocked just because this new account has the email address your other account had when you blocked it.

If You Make A New Instagram Account With An Email From Another Account You Were Blocked On, Will The New Account Be Blocked?

If you transfer an email over to a new account and you were blocked on an account with that email, this new account won’t be blocked just because it contains the same email. Instagram has a unique ID for every Instagram account so even if you use an email from an account that someone blocked, you won’t be blocked on your new account. Even if you change the username so it’s the exact same as the old account, you still won’t be blocked so that’s not something you should be worried about.

Beware that if you continue to do this, then Instagram will start to show the error that says that you’ve created too many accounts at once. So before you go ahead and do this, you should be aware that if you continue to create accounts that are similar to other accounts using the same device, Instagram will start to realize and you’ll have to get a new device if you want to create more accounts.

If you go to follow the person that blocked you, then chances are they’re not going to accept your follow request or follow you back because they know that you’re the same person that they blocked… that’s if your account is very similar to the account that they blocked – if this isn’t the case, then there’s a chance that they could accept your follow request or follow you back.

How to Use An Email Address From An Account You Were Blocked With

If you were blocked and you want to use an email address from the account you were blocked with, you need to make sure that you change the email address from the account you were blocked on to another email address. Without doing this, you won’t be able to make another account with this email address. You need to make sure that you swap this out with an email that you haven’t used before. Once you’ve done this, you need to verify it – only then can you start using the old email address with you new account.