If You Call Someone and Hang Up Right Away on WhatsApp

Did you ever call someone on Whatsapp by mistake and wondered if that person got notified? WhatsApp provides voice calling through its app, but it is not immediately clear if this feature works similarly to ordinary phone calls. If you are using WhatsApp to talk to somebody who doesn’t have an internet connection or a smartphone, then your phone will connect with the WhatsApp servers for you to be able to speak through Whatsapp.

There may be an issue with WhatsApp understanding that you wish to disconnect from your friend’s WhatsApp number if they don’t have an internet connection themselves. When this happens, the standard procedure would be that both of your cell phones would receive a notification that you tried to make a phone call and failed because the other person wasn’t available.

Let’s look at some common WhatsApp scenarios.

Will Someone Get a Notification If I Call and Hang Up?

It is a scenario that many people are used to. You may be going through a conversation and mistakenly dialing someone without the intention of calling them. You panic and hang up the call, but you are unsure if the person will get notified of your call. Moments later, the person calls you back, and you have to explain that it was a mistake. Whatsapp users servers, and almost always, when you butt dial or call someone by mistake, they will get a notification that they have a missed call from you.

To make a call, you connect to the WhatsApp servers, which is why even when you have no internet connection, you will see the notifications of all the calls you missed. When you call and immediately drop the call without connecting to the servers, the person you contact will not receive any notifications. Calling and not connecting to the servers is rare unless you have a connectivity issue; that is the only time the person will not get a notification that you called them.

They Might Not Have Received A Notification

Another time when they possible won’t receive a notification when you call them and hang up the call is when they have no internet, they have deleted the WhatsApp app or their phone is off. Both situations are rare but when someone doesn’t have any internet, they won’t be able to use WhatsApp, therefore they won’t get a notification when you ring them then quickly end it. The same goes for if they don’t have the app. If you ring them whilst they no longer have the app, there’s no way that they could receive a notification.

The Takeaway

Whatsapp is evolving, and it tries to give all users autonomy over their devices. If you make a WhatsApp call and the other party disconnects the call, you will receive the message “Call declined.” The phrase “call not answered” refers to the person’s not answering the phone. They could be extremely busy or in a difficult-to-reach location. Whatsapp communicates with both the caller and the recipient, and the recipient can decide whether they want to answer or decline calls.