If You Block Someone on Telegram, Can They See Your Username?

If You Block Someone on Telelgram Can They Still See Your Messages

If I Block Someone on Telegram Will They See Your Username

Unfortunately, yes, they will still be able to see your username. While they will not be able to see your profile picture they can still see your username or display name.

Telegram would like you to believe that they are more secure than they really are, this is quite evident in this case. So, if you are someone who values security, you may want to consider other apps such as; WhatsApp.

It used to be that you would find someone on Telegram by their phone number, but that has changed to having usernames which is your display name that is public to anyone who is looking.

With that said, if someone you have blocked is searching for you, they will see your username; however, they will not be allowed to video call you or send you a message.

Seeing your username or display name is the extent of what they can do from the Telegram app. Telegram may not be the most secure platform, though it will block the “blocked” person from interacting with you.

This is up to you if you think that the Telegram app is secure enough for your messaging activity, and of course, you can opt for the Telegram Premium program as this is more secure with end-to-end encryption and other features such as.

No more ads disturbing your activity, faster download speeds, voice-to-text converter for hands free easy messaging, unique stickers and reactions to better express yourself in the Telegram app chats, premium badges, and icons to show you are indeed a premium member.

Also, animated profile pictures to (again) express yourself with your profile pic and better chat management features. With all of that stated, the premium upgrade may suit you.

If You Block Someone on Telelgram Can They Still See Your Messages

To put it short, no, if you have blocked someone on Telegram they will not be able to see your messages. See, Telegram being a; globally accessable freemium, cross platform, cloud based instant messaging service, you can opt to pay for end-to-end encrypted chat and video calling, hence; the “freemium” part.

With that said, Telegram puts a hard focus on its security and aims to provide secure audio and video calls to its impressive 700 million user count.

There has been much debate over which is better Telegram or WhatsApp, with WhatsApp usually taking the cake since they offer more free of charge services while still maintaining a emphasis on security.

When You Block Someone on Telegram What Do They See?

They won’t be able to see when you were last online, nor would they be able to see your profile picture. So it’ll be clear to them that you blocked them if they are proficient in Telegram. 

If You Block Someone on Telegram Can They See Your Bio

Unfortunately, yes, when you block someone on Telegram, it will only block certain options such as your profile picture and messages. This can be annoying, impractical, and problematic as Telegram is supposed to be secure and safe.

However, it offers little to this unless you are to invest in their premium features that could possibly be more secure.

Telegram has also announced that it will “keep implementing free features” for regular users. In the regular version of the service, public groups can enable join requests, and admins will be able to review new members before approving them.

If I Block Someone on Telegram Can They See My Last Seen

Luckily, in this case, no, the person you have blocked will not be able to see your “last seen time”. Before the new implementations that Telegram relatively recently introduced, blocked users could see your “last seen time”; however, this was luckily changed.

While unfortunately, anyone you have blocked can still see your likes and comments on posts that were shared by public accounts or accounts that the blocked individual follows, though if the account(s) are private, these will not be visible to the blocked individual.

A blocked user won’t see your updated last seen. Telegram only shows them a “Last seen” (a long time ago) tag usually displayed when you haven’t been active for more than a month, irrelative of whether you are currently active or recently were.

Also, remember that a fairly recent update made it to where if an account is inactive for six months, it will self destruct; therefore purging any inactive account that has been inactive for said six months period.

This is important to know if you only occasionally use the Telegram service, as if given long enough (six months) you could lose your whole profile and have to essentially restart on the Telegram service.

This is good and bad, seeing as clearing unused space can always help servers; however, this is not helpful to occasional Telegram users, seeing as they lose their profile it can offer an opportunity to quit the service in all and possibly seek out other services such as WhatsApp, which is most likely the best option as far as secure messaging apps go.

If I Block Someone on Telegram Can They See Your Profile Picture

As previously mentioned no, so long as you have blocked the person(s) they will not be able to view your profile picture. Rather they will only see the initials of your username in the profile picture bubble.

When you block someone on Telegram, they would not be able to contact you anymore, they would not be able to view your profile picture, and your ‘last seen time’ will also not be shown to them.

The same applies to when someone blocks ‘you’ on Telegram. These signs can be a telltale to if someone has blocked ‘you’ on Telegram, if that is ever a concern to you.

So, feel free to change your profile picture to almost anything you would like, as the blocked person will not be able to see it.

If you’re someone that uses Telegram as your cloud storage platform and has been longing for larger file uploads, the introduction of Telegram Premium could be great news. The premium plan is worth it if you also value exclusivity and an ad-free experience (nobody loves ads).

If I Block Someone on Telegram Can They See Your Number

This one is a little more complicated, but no, under normal circumstances, the person you have blocked will not be able to view your number.

The only way they could possibly view your number is if you have their number saved in your agenda and you send them a message or call them (as if they received an SMS or call from you).

They won’t see your number under any other circumstances, such as if you are found using the global search or in a group chat. So, rest assured unless you are essentially directly contacting them, your number will not appear visible to them.

If I Block Someone on Telegram, Can They See Me Online

No, so long as you have indeed blocked them on the Telegram app, they will not be able to see if you are online. This remains true while you are in chats.

Including your profile picture, your number, and your messages, then adding in your online status; all of these will be unavailable to the person(s) you have blocked on Telegram.

Also, keep in mind that if you are using the regular Telegram app (in contrast to Telegram Premium), all of your chats and messages are only encrypted while in transit to Telegram’s servers; it is not end-to-end encryption.

This means that you would have to opt for Telegram Premium in order to enjoy certain services and features, and depending on your location, it can vary from $4.99 to $6.99 (at the time of this article). So, while it is not a steep price for the extra features and more possible app abilities, it is up to you if it is really worth it.

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