When you can’t call a specific phone number but they can call you, it can be annoying and you might feel useless since your phone isn’t able to do what it’s meant to do. Usually, someone calls you and when you try to call them back, your call isn’t able to connect to that specific number.

Before you can conclude that you’re not able to call someone when you’re able to call them, you need to make sure that this is the case and there isn’t something up with that number or their phone that could be preventing the call from connecting.

Why Can’t You Call Someone But They Can Call You?

Usually, when you can call someone but they can’t call you, it’s because there’s something going on with their device that’s preventing you from connecting your call. Usually, this is a momentary thing so you’ll be able to reach them at some point. If you can figure out what’s up with their device, then this can give you peace of mind.

Their On Do Not Disturb

If someone is on Do Not Disturb, they’ll be able to connect calls to you, but you won’t be able to connect calls to them unless you call them more than once. Do Not Disturb is an iPhone feature and it prevents calls from connecting at the first call – but once you call them again, you’ll be able to connect the call. If the person has their iPhone on DND, calling them again should allow you to call them.

They Have No Service

If you’re unable to connect the call to them but they have to you, during the point you wanted to call them back, their phone could’ve lost signal. When someone’s phone rings once then goes to voicemail, this could mean that they have no service. If a phone has no service, it can’t connect to its carrier therefore you’re not going to be able to reach them.

You’ve been Blocked

Another thing that it could mean when you call someone and it doesn’t connect although they’re able to connect to you is that they’ve blocked your number. They couldn’ve done this between the point that they last called you to when you’ve tried to reach them. When someone has blocked your number, you wouldn’t be able to connect calls with them as the call always goes to the answering machine after ringing once.

You’ve Typed In The Incorrect Number

If you’ve been unable to connect a call, you may have been told that the number you’ve dialed doesn’t exist by the answerphone, then chances are that you have typed the wrong number. Number check that you’ve entered the right amount of characters for numbers in your area and make sure that you’ve double-checked that the number is correct. If you’ve never called this number before and someone just gave it to you, make sure that you double-check that number with the person that gave it to you. If you’ve called that exact number before and it went through, then there could be a problem elsewhere.